Wogger Mini 45
Wogger Mini 45 [subbed by bassman, Spanky McPipebomb, some1, mshapiro99, geek.girl, Mantari, oboeplr & Teakay].

Entry 2573, Saturday, April 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Submachine 4: The Lab
Hot out of my inbox, so much so I've barely had time to open it, is news of Submachine 4: The Lab, from murtaugh, creator of the Submachine Series. Already I can see the sights and sounds are amazing, and I'm sure once we get into it, the point'n'click puzzles are going to be a killer once again. Now, excuse me, I need to go play, I suggest you join me, and in the meantime I'll leave you with murtaugh's game description:

"Submachine. The game in which with every puzzle solved, every chapter finished you fall deeper and deeper into mystery. Fourth chapter takes us to the heart of the submachine, the place where all questions will be finally answered. Or were finally answered. Once again it's time to ask youself - is it possible that you're too late? "

Entry 2572, Friday, April 20th 2007, Filed In Games

I don't have a new big find for Musical Friday this week, so instead I'm going to play "what did you download or buy most recently". For me it's the very funky "You Know I'm No Good" by Amy Winehouse, how about you? What's new for you?

Entry 2571, Friday, April 20th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Dutch Esc 4
More room escaping point'n'click fun from the Dutch Esc Series in Dutch Esc 4 - now with all the episodes collected on one page [subbed by Djozz, U2isdebest, carm, im4noles2, Escaper, GoGz, Ross, r3ff3l, Andiar & Sparky812].

Entry 2570, Friday, April 20th 2007, Filed In Games

The Black Lodge (Coming Soon)
Possibly some news for puzzle fans, although this teaser site is a bit too cryptic to be sure, Grant writes to tell me of his upcoming game The Black Lodge. My guess is it's a puzzle, since that's what his last games Between Something And Nothing and Maladjusted were, but he does say this one "is a bit different" and the teaser does have an intriguing Twin Peaks vibe. Anyway one to watch out for, I'll post further updates as and when I know more [subbed & created by grant].

Entry 2569, Friday, April 20th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Himatubu Escape
Not too difficult for a pro point'n'click gamer like you Himatubu Escape is a simple case of escaping the room [subbed by rzrsedg, im4noles2, winniethepooh & Spanky McPipebomb].

Entry 2568, Thursday, April 19th 2007, Filed In Games

More Bloons
Oh dear. Cancel all your appointments and take your phone of the hook, this is going to take some time. That gaping void in your life created once you had completed Bloons (you did complete it, didn't you?) has been filled. More Bloons has been released to feed your addiction for monkey dart throwing, balloon popping, action [subbed by Djozz, Lisa, Mikhail & Ali].

UPDATE: As requested here's an alternate link with no work unsafe advertising.

Entry 2567, Thursday, April 19th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 44
Weird... no Wogger Mini on the Lazylaces home page? Fortunately Wogger Mini 44 has arrived to fill this disturbing void [subbed by some1, Spanky McPipebomb, Lisa & Mantari].

Entry 2566, Thursday, April 19th 2007, Filed In Games

Feed The Head
Feed The Head is not so much a game as a "thing", but it's fun none the less, albeit surreal fun, and those point'n'click skills will certainly come in useful in getting the most out of it... er... and then putting it back in again [subbed by im4noles2, carm & Ashley].

Entry 2565, Wednesday, April 18th 2007, Filed In Games

I'd forgotten Mastermind , but this was one of my favourite board games when I was a child (way back before point and click games and, er... the internet). So I was delighted when Swiss Thomas wrote to me to say he's produced a DHTML version of the game (meaning it's playable on just about any computer/web browser with no extra software, you don't even have to stay connected to the internet once it's loaded). Anyway if you are as old as me, or even older, and have forgotten "the rules", or you are a newbie to this game, then here they are:

Playing Master Mind requires logical thinking. The computer sets up a code of colored pegs and hides it behind the white circles on top of the board (duplicates are allowed, so even all pegs of the same color might be possible). The aim is to break the code in eight or less guesses. Clicking on one of the colored pegs at the bottom places a peg on the board, starting at the first row, and from left to right. Once the row is complete the game will provide feedback. A black circle on the left indicates that one of the guess pegs is correct both in color and position, a white circle indicates that one of the guess pegs is correct in color but wrong in position.

[subbed and created by Swiss Thomas].

Entry 2564, Wednesday, April 18th 2007, Filed In Games

Tim Tang Test
Time to dust of those over worked brain cells puzzle fans, that's if you aren't still embroiled in solving the devious puzzles involved in some other game you're still playing after several months. The Tim Tang Test is here with 200 levels of url changing, head scratching, google searching, "fun" for you. Time to cancel a few appointments in your calendar I think... [subbed by Ki~chan & winniethepooh]

Entry 2563, Wednesday, April 18th 2007, Filed In Games

THK 5-8
THK 5-8 is a short, but graphically lovely, sci-fi point'n'click adventure, in which you must escape the space carrier by reaching an escape pod [subbed by Absintheur, winniethepooh, Mantari & Hellervon].

Entry 2562, Tuesday, April 17th 2007, Filed In Games

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