Destination Death
Destination Death is an educational point'n'click game from The BBC in which you are supposed to be learning French, German and/or Spanish as you play (as far as I can tell, other than the language obviously, the game seems to be the same no matter which language you pick). I choose to play in French and have worked out I'm in an airport (durrrr), and I'm waiting for my sister, but there seems to be some sort of problem with the aeroplane and/or airport. I'm now trying to scrape my knowledge of French from the back of my brain to work out more. What I do know though is that I love the stylised black, white and red graphics [subbed by leah].

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Submit A link Is BackAfter a short absence (caused by some techie changes at my web host that no one there told me about) the "Submit A link" feature has returned (see right hand column). Find a good game, or whatever, on the net, fill in the details on the submit form, and it'll email the details straight to me for inclusion on the site. That's the theory at least. In practise what actually happens is I drown under a sea of emails and spam (current inbox size: 4500+ items) and people get upset because I lose their submissions, but Gmail search and I do try our best. Thanks to all the submitters, whether your links get used or not. All you Evil Spam Monkeys on the other hand I do not thank, despite some of your comical efforts.

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Wogger Mini 47
Wogger Mini 47 [subbed by Mad Dog].

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O Cofre
O Cofre combines some fine graphics and sounds to produce a great point'n'click sequel to O Quarto (select a resolution size on the linked page to start the game). The aim of the game is to escape once again, if only that lady hadn't closed the weird bank vault door thing, and also, you'll soon find out, to be beware of the dog. I've had to restart this one a couple of times already... [subbed by f00].

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Rat Room 3
Rat Room 3, the latest in the Rat Room Series, features a whole labyrinth of rooms to escape, however they all look identical so it feels like you are point'n'clicking around the same room over and over again. Confusing and frustrating [via Nicop].

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Escape Culver
Escape Military School using your point'n'click skills in Escape Culver, be warned though Lisa provides these words of caution:

This game tends to be a bit "buggy" (i.e. some can see the codes and others can't, also sometimes you are unable to go left or right to change rooms) and some may have to restart the game.

Fortunately we all love a challenge [subbed by Lisa].

Entry 2588, Friday, April 27th 2007, Filed In Games

Wanpa Quest Another 1
The latest game in the Wanpa Quest Series shuns the obvious name of "Wanpa Quest 5", instead it's called Wanpa Quest Another 1. Well why not? Why bow to convention? Anyway, whatever the name, it continues the theme of tricky point'n'click puzzles and impenetrable Japanese text [subbed by purdey, laserleaser, carm, Cruzinn, Escaper, Andiar, suki & winniethepooh].

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5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself)
5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself) has an unusual (and somewhat sick) theme, and comes with a huge great big "don't try this at home kids", or indeed "don't try this in the office big kids", caveat. The twisted back story of this point'n'click game is that you are working in an office when a surprise meeting is called for five minutes time (I hate that). Unable to come up with any of the suitable excuses for non-attendance that we all use in real life, the only obvious course of action is to take your own life before the meeting starts. Thus hilarity ensues as you use objects around the office, and bait your co-workers, into doing you some harm [subbed by meltz, JonB & ***].

PS. Oh, I forgot to mention, as well as the whole suicide theme which won't to be everyone's taste, I should also point out that this game is presented in isometric layout and uses the cursor keys for movement, which I know for a lot of you is #1 crime against humanity. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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PACE - Pursuit Accross Europe
Back before I got addicted to point and click games racers were my game of choice, from Pole Position on the Atari, all the way through to Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast, and just about every incarnation of Gran Turismo on the PlayStation(s).

So, anyway (*snaps* out of dreamy like reminiscences), my point is that it was with this in mind that I eagerly loaded up PACE - Pursuit Accross Europe a freebie web based racing game from BMW. And I wasn't disappointed. The racing in the game is pretty good, especially considering cursor keys aren't the most responsive way of controlling this kind of game. And although the "in race" graphics aren't the best (they're fine, just not great) the cut scene graphics are fantastic, with a nice stylised look. Add to that an atmospheric sound track and you're immersed. The only minor down point is that you have to register to progress any further than the first couple of levels, which I know bothers some of you, personally though I don't mind this. All in all a great game [found at Jay's].

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Stealth Hunter
Stealth Hunter come with an array of keyboard commands (no point and click here) and a large dollop of Metal Gear Solid, through 22 levels of stealthy infiltration, neck snapping (possibly not one for the younger kids) and explosive planting [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2584, Wednesday, April 25th 2007, Filed In Games

At World's End
At World's End is a promo point'n'click game/interactive web site thing promoting the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film. The not very difficult goal is to collect the coins from the pirates for Jack, and in the meanwhile (and no doubt this is the creators ultimate goal) you see short trailers and peeks of the film-to-come [subbed by atir].

Entry 2583, Wednesday, April 25th 2007, Filed In Games

Makibishi Comic
Makibishi Comic takes some truly stunning Japanese comic art (I would go so far as to use the phrase visual feast), some nice sounds, and plenty of things to point'n'click, and wraps it all up into a game that's an absolute pleasure to play. I think the goal is to find some hidden characters, but really this game is about the journey, and not the destination. Oh, and crucially for your enjoyment there's a Japanese and an English version [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2582, Tuesday, April 24th 2007, Filed In Games

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