Toy Store Escape
Toy Store Escape is a point'n'click game with a self explanatory objective. As always, of course, when trapped in a toy store (or indeed anywhere), you can't just walk out of the door, there are a whole series of objects to find, and puzzles to solve, first. Fortunately we like that sort of thing [subbed by Mark].

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Roman Mysteries
Roman Mysteries is a new series of Roman themed (who would have guessed?) point'n'click games from The BBC. Only part one is available right now, with another 4 levels being released/unlocked over the coming month. The game looks and sounds great, as you might expect from The BBC, and whilst there's quite a lot of text to read through, which their games frequently suffer from, this time it's not too intrusive (imho) and actually adds to, rather than detracts from, the game play. The goal in this episode is to find a ring, good luck [subbed by Biggs].

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Escape Paris
The cunning pun of Escape Paris, a game that doesn't look at all hastily slung together, is that you are trying to point'n'click Paris Hilton out of jail. Geddit? Topical, huh? [subbed by Escaper].

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Before I go any further a couple of warnings about Dekigokoro:

1). I have a strong hunch that at some point there might be something rude hidden in the game, I haven't seen anything like that yet, but the rest of the game is just mad enough to make it a possibility. I suggest finishing the game just to make sure before letting the kids play (there is a strong likelihood that you will never do this).

2). This is one of the most infuriating games ever. It takes ages to progress and it's all too easy to get sent back to the beginning. Don't play this one if you are at all stressed already and are looking for something nice and relaxing.

Right, warnings over. Now let me say that I hate this game. So why post it? I hear you ask. Well I don't see I should be the only one with Dekigokoro inflicted upon them. Share my pain. I keep having to play "just one more go", but it's just horrible. The basic premise of the game is to drag and drop puzzle pieces to complete the jigsaw. But of course it's not just a regular puzzle. It's one where the pieces are blank. Great. Add to that the fact you get skull and cross bones penalties once in a while (I haven't worked out what you get these for but I suspect it's for taking the "logical" approach to a puzzle and doing the edges first - like I have in the pic above) and it turns into a real stinker. Then on top of that it breaks into time controlled mini games once in a while, which have no instructions, and if you loose them it undoes your puzzle and sends you back to the beginning. Arrrrrrgh!

My tips for the mini games: Drag the sumo guys to the green exit at the bottom of the screen, and match up the red & black guys with the corresponding background pics. I've worked out that much but it doesn't stop me hating it [subbed by anon].

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Reunion is a very cute, and epically chilled, platform game, by developer Mike Bithell, in which you play a sleep walking boy trying to rescue his cat. The controls are a bit odd, involving clicking and dragging beads of light in the direction of travel, but you quickly get used to it, and at the sleepy boy's super sleepy slow speed it's hard to go wrong. Although you do seem to be just a little bit too slow to catch the cat. He always leaps out of the way just before you are about to catch him. But with graphics and music this lovely keeping at the task in hand is no great chore. Add to this a great "pre game" thing involving dragging and twirling musical notes coming out of a tuba, and you have a game of total loveliness, although currently I'm also thinking it's a game of total impossibleness. Now if you don't mind, I have to go, I have a cat to (try and) catch... [subbed by Kerry Dyer].

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Way To Morrow
You play a detective in Way To Morrow, a French point'n'click game (note: you need to click'n'drag to turn around), where you are brought into a creepy building to investigate what has occurred there. The graphics and sound build up rather an atmospheric air to the game, which is really quite immersive, even if I had to guess the French here and there to decide what was going on. To start the game, go to the top right-hand corner of screen, click on "Commencor", enter your name at the prompt, and then you're off adventuring [subbed by U25150 & winniethepooh].

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Choice is a point'n'click game/thing with some beautiful, if slightly surreal, graphics, and a very soothing soundtrack. It's a real pleasure to play, even if the goal is not immediately obvious, indeed I haven't worked out if there is one, beyond getting to the next screen on each new "level". Somehow though that doesn't seem to matter, as the trip is worth it in itself.

The game is in Chinese where text is used (there is a smattering of English here and there on the site though), but that didn't stop me at all from enjoying the game. And if you do get a bit stuck the book in the top right provides visual clues on what to do if you click on it a couple of times.

Finally thanks to U25150 who provided me with an English translation of the game description. It doesn't help you at all to play, but it's nice to know some of the game "philosophy" all the same:

Life is just like a game if you still have a choice the game will not stop that's why don't give up your "game" you must have another choice only staying alive can let you understand everything. The game starts... "the price of life is coming from choices".

[subbed by carm & U25150].

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Wogger Mini 52
Wogger Mini 52: Wogger & Tippiti sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G [subbed by Spanky McPipebomb, some1 & HunterThompsonWanabe].

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SSSG14: Search For The Sacred Statue
In SSSG14: Search For The Sacred Statue you have to point'n'click your way around the small island town of Hemptasia, where the townsfolk need your help. They have had their sacred statue stolen from them and it is your job to get it back. Nice puzzles, nice to look at (as always with this series) and the new auto-save is a great idea [subbed by Self Defiant, U25150, MsInterpret, J4zz, KZ, Escaper & U2isdebest].

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AC/BC Escape
Escape the room in AC/BC Escape. You know the drill by now... [subbed by TexasHawkeye, MsInterpret, Boone, COFFEEDELITE & winniethepooh].

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Face Race
Face Race features that oh-so-familiar theme in games of racing little stick figures across a giant face (familiar? Surely shome mishtake?). It's not just the setting that's odd though, the "scratching" control to make the little fellow run is strange as well, kind of like a modern update of the old two key tap you used to have do in old skool running games. Anyway it's a fun little diversion even if that mouse waggling makes it seem to anyone near your computer that you're having some kind of seizure [subbed by HunterThompsonWanabe].

Entry 2623, Friday, May 11th 2007, Filed In Games

Agent J's Mission
At first glance Agent J's Mission would seem to be hyper easy. An escape the room style game where the door is already open when you start? I can do that without even thinking about having my first cup of coffee of the day (although, if I'm honest, I can't stop thinking about that first coffee). Anyway you'll quickly find that you can't just walk out of the door and there's more to this point'n'click game than first meets the eye [subbed by Oo, winniethepooh, Mac & Malia].

Entry 2622, Friday, May 11th 2007, Filed In Games

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