Eye Defence
Eye Defence is a super-late entry to Jay's last Game Comp (some would say fashionably late) that takes the competition's "Grow" theme and mutates it into something that's akin to the illegitimate love child of a shoot'em'up arcade game, meets your pedantically ordered/strategied Grow style point'n'click game. Quandary: It's partly not my bag at all, and partly totally my cup of tea. How does it make you feel? Unfortunately though both parts of my split personality are entirely stuck on level 2 and far too addicted to stop trying to complete it... Arrrgh! [via JayIsGames].

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The Daily Jigsaw
Jigsaw Puzzles are the game element du jour (see here & here) so if you love them (*admits secret personal puzzle craving*) you'll be pleased to hear that you can play a new one on-line every day with The Daily Jigsaw. The only downside with the rather neat flash implementation is that you you won't be able to blame your poor puzzling skills on losing a piece under the sofa/the dog eating it/space aliens spiriting the last piece to another dimension, like you can in "real" life [subbed by Paul Giaccone & paolo].

UPDATE: Rubeczech has retorted (very quickly, which I will allow) to this post with a link to All Star Puzzles, saying:

Speaking of puzzles.... you can play a new jigsaw puzzle online here every day, too. You can also play all kinds of word games and there's a "spot the differences" once a week. Not all puzzles are daily, but there is something new there everyday. I haven't submitted it before because it's not strictly point and click. But if there are others out there who love word puzzles like I do, this site is lots of fun. Thanks! Rubeczech

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2D Depot
I'm sure that many a moon ago I posted 2D Depot under a different name when it was still just a demo. I'll be damned if I can find it now of course. Anyway, this adventure game thing has been around for a while and occasionally gets bits added to it. The goals aren't obvious, but half the point of the thing seems to be work out what you can do, and just experiment. And while you are doing that you can gawk at the lovely graphics and then curse at the fact that it's presented in isometric layout and uses the cursor keys for navigation ([space] for actions), which is a combination of game elements that always seems to elicit lots of curses from Lazylacers [subbed by Leah, Misty, anon & winniethepooh].

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Erik's Escape The Room 5
It's time for Erik to escape another room, or should that be for us to escape Erik's room again? I'm unclear about whether it's the escape, or the room, that belongs to Erik. Damn apostrophes they always were my downfall. Anyway my own personal grammar & punctuation issues aside the news, that I've totally distracted myself from telling you, is that Erik's Escape The Room 5, the latest in the Erik's Escape Series, is out now for you to point'n'click your way out of... and this one has a blue parrot holding a blue key... which is nice [subbed by some1, Sophie & winniethepooh].

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Wogger Mini 55
As seasoned point'n'click game addicts we all know that the golden rule of the game series is that at episode 55 you always have to have a nice jigsaw puzzle. So you'll be pleased to hear that Wogger Mini 55 sticks to the tradition and delivers us a nice little puzzle to figure out. Remember - edges first! [subbed by Spanky McPipebomb & vmklover].

Entry 2653, Tuesday, May 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

Hoshi Saga
Hoshi Saga is a series of mini point'n'click puzzles of varying difficulty (some are hyper simple, some will have you stumped for a while), all with the same goal - to collect the star. Despite being in monochrome the game succeeds in looking very nice indeed, and includes some novel navigation. You can pick and choose which ever order takes your fancy for playing the levels, although some are only unlocked once you have completed a block of the other puzzles. All in all there's plenty to keep you playing for some time, and it's rather a nice experience [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2652, Tuesday, May 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

TLFMER, or The Little Fast Made Escape Room to give it it's full name, continues the long tradition of escape the room style point'n'click games to which we have become so addicted. The graphics aren't great in this one, and there's at least one bug with collecting the little rocks, but neither of these things are serious enough to deter the avid point'n'clicker [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2651, Tuesday, May 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

Doodle is a fun little platform game to play during your coffee break (or whilst you are meant to be working if you are naughty. Shame on you). All the action takes place on scraps of "writing paper", with the game elements doodled (hence the name) on the "page" in "pencil". It's a nice idea, and fun to play, especially when you "erase" a bad guy [subbed by nick s the hamster].

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Viva Voodoo: Launch Party
Viva Voodoo falls into that niche of games best described as sick but fun. Oh what evil pleasures we enjoy. Anyway, this new series of games features a group of voodoo dolls, with episode one ("launch party" - geddit?) involving hanging one of your fellow dolls in the most spectacular way possible. Click once to let the doll, on a noose, drop, then click once again (strategically) to bounce the doll into the sky. The higher you bounce, the more you score (my best so far: 2185, how high did you get?), and once you are up there you get to pick the comedy landing of your choice, with more possibilities being unlocked if you do well. Nice Sick. Add to that a strangely catchy theme tune and you've got some addicting coffee break gaming going on [via Coffre a Jouets].

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I'm totally confused by Ducks'n'Monkeys as it's in Japanese, in fact I'm so confused I've made that name up as the only thing I can understand in the URL, that might be a name, is "game06" which doesn't sound nearly as good as Ducks'n'Monkeys and from I've played you do actually seem to have to collect these two animals so that name will do as well as any other. Anyway, it's very cute, if totally incomprehensible. The idea of the game seems to be to collect ducks (and monkeys) using your cursor keys to move and [space] to perform actions. I haven't worked out what creature we're meant to be. See if you can work out anything beyond my flimsy guesses... [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2648, Monday, May 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Amnesia is an escape the room point'n'click game. Not to be confused with Amnesia an escape the building point'n'click game. Yes - we're recycling game names today - it's the environmentally friendly way of naming games [subbed by winniethepooh & Mantari].

UPDATE: Hang on a minute... do I have Amnesia? Don't I remember this game from a while back under a different name...?

Entry 2647, Monday, May 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Escape Library
Escape Library is a point'n'click game where you have to... well, you know. Not to be confused with the similarly titled Library Escape [subbed by ich & winniethepooh].

Entry 2646, Monday, May 21st 2007, Filed In Games

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