PavlovThe work that made Pavlov a household name in psychology actually began as a study in digestion. He was looking at the digestive process in dogs, especially the interaction between salivation and the action of the stomach. He realized they were closely linked by reflexes in the autonomic nervous system. Without salivation, the stomach didn't get the message to start digesting. Pavlov wanted to see if external stimuli could affect this process, so he rang a bell at the same time he gave the experimental dogs food. After a while, the dogs -- which before only salivated when they saw and ate their food -- would begin to salivate when the bell rang, even if no food were present. In 1903 Pavlov published his results calling this a "conditioned reflex," different from an innate reflex, such as yanking a hand back from a flame, in that it had to be learned. Pavlov called this learning process (in which the dog's nervous system comes to associate the bell with the food, for example) "conditioning." He also found that the conditioned reflex will be repressed if the stimulus proves "wrong" too often. If the bell rings repeatedly and no food appears, eventually the dog stops salivating at the bell.

All this makes for a great Flash animation, although I can't help but feel that the treatment of the real Pavlov's dogs wouldn't be so comicly entertaining. Anyway, that aside, this is a great animation, and the spaces in the site navigation suggest there is plenty more to come.

Entry 26, Thursday, November 21st 2002, Filed In Stuff

Classic arcade game free to play on-line. I can't actually remember this one from first time round although I did have a go on an original machine at Game On. Excellent soundtrack. The bad news if you are near London is that Game On is no longer at the Barbican, but the good news is that it hasn't simply ended, it has moved to Edinburgh. If you are up that way I can *highly* recommend a visit to this superb expo. For about 5 mins you'll ponder the history of the arcade and the console, then another few hours will be spent regressing back to the Old Skool days of gaming.

Entry 25, Wednesday, November 20th 2002, Filed In Games

Available Temping ManAble to create impressive looking spreadsheets with a single click of his mouse it's..The Available Temping Man (and his side kick : Sticky Note Boy). Our super-hero has his work cut out when Gary at Disposable Personell gives a temp job at a Law firm to one of his failed actor friends. Warning: watch out for the language at the law firm if you're easily offended, or if you can't bare to see a badly presented pie-chart.

Entry 24, Tuesday, November 19th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Sonar Keepie-UppieFor some reason I can't work out this wicked game of keepie-uppie is called the 'Sonar Challenge'. Whatever, it's a neat game, especially if you turn the volume down so you can't hear the distracting sound effects. I managed a very poor 29 before my wrist starting hurting. If you don't have RSI you soon will.

Entry 23, Sunday, November 17th 2002, Filed In Games

SazaeI couldn't even tell you what the Sazae Flash is about - possibly a tale of the dangers of being badly drawn. Anyway for some reason I keep going back to this flash again and again, I think it's the bizarrely catchy, but completely imcomprehensible, soundtrack that does it. 'Mr T goes for a drive' on the other hand is totally understandable, if more than a little mad, but the music is hyper-annoying (good to see Mr T finally confessing he wants to be a hippy though). Of course it's not the most annoying song in the world which has recently been established as this, although feel free to mail me any likely contenders you have.

Entry 22, Sunday, November 17th 2002, Filed In Stuff

BMW FilmsA series of films sponsored by BMW. Excellent but with major-league product-placement, but hey, if you're going to be shown a product it may as well be one that looks good. Also at least the tactics are not as sneaky as Merecedes-Benz who really tricked me with the whole Lucky Star stunt.

Follow the fast paced thrills as 'The Driver', Clive Owen, puts BMW's range of motors through their paces in these short films. The latest release, with perhaps the best driving clips, feature the new Z4 which looks class. Still love my Mini though.

PS. Beware the large download sizes ~60Mb.

Entry 21, Saturday, November 16th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Wondering what that music is in the background of your favourite advert? Find it here, along with some sound clips and links to buy the songs. You can search by advert, artist and song title. Fab. The content for this site really is top notch and I've used it in earnest a few times, the only thing that lets it down is the design which is well ropey and doesn't work with Opera at all well.

Entry 20, Saturday, November 16th 2002, Filed In Stuff

NinjaiThe epic tale of Ninjai, the little ninja. Turn up the volume and feast your eyes. Quite simply awsome flash animation, and the music is lushious. Start at the trailer and work your way along to chapter 10, then you can join everybody else in eagerly awaiting chapter 11.

Update: Ninjai has now moved to Atom Films after being off-line for ages. Good that he's back. Bad that we have start right back at Chapter 2. All of which means I'm still eagerly awaiting chapter 11.

Entry 19, Friday, November 15th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Short of parking a 747 in your spare room this must be the ultimate in flight simulators.

Entry 18, Friday, November 15th 2002, Filed In Stuff

PhysicsReally neat site that lets you 'explore the physics around you'. Apart from anything else this is a really interesting and involving way to interface a site with loads of content that at first doesn't seem that interesting. It really draws you in though and makes it's point very well. Maybe I would have enjoyed physics more when I was growing up if I had references like these available; still I managed to get my degree still so I can't be all bad.

Entry 17, Thursday, November 14th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Huge collection of comicbook art for you to search and download. Perfect for that desktop wallpaper.

Entry 16, Wednesday, November 13th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Already loads of Christmas/Winter games knocking round out there; try this one toggan jump. Jump the toboggan thru the hoop(s) without hurting/burning the passengers. Surely people don't jump toggans irl?

Entry 15, Tuesday, November 12th 2002, Filed In Games

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