Lottery Escape
Lottery Escape is your regular escape the room point'n'click game, although reading through the comments on Newgrounds it sounds like the game title might be very apt, with some of tasks being more of a lottery than intended... Good luck [subbed by f00].

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Stardust is an upcoming film adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book of the same name. The website for the film is nice in itself, with some pleasant things for you to randomly click around with, but there is also a game for you to waste away a couple of minutes with. Protect the hole in the wall, by wielding your big stick. Cute'n'brutal [subbed by kylea].

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Trinih's Riddle
More URL changing riddle fun for all you riddlers out here in Trinih's Riddle [subbed & created by trinih].

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I haven't done a Musical Friday thing for an age (corporate firewall issues - but I posted this last night at home - ha!)... anyway, I'm particularly enjoying listening to The Fray recently. Let us all know what you're dropping (like it's hot) in the comments.

PS: I'm loving the video browser thing that youtube have added (hover your mouse over the video once you have pressed play).

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Life After Death By PowerPoint
For anybody who works in an office "Life After Death By PowerPoint" is essential viewing, a video about the Micro$oft application I have almost total loathing for... [via m&c].

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The team over at VideoJug dropped me an email to tell me about their new Video Games section, and "How To Beat Your Children At Computer Games" caught my eye as a good one to share. Some great advice for Jen & I in the future (well possibly mainly me), but some of you might find it useful now:)

VideoJug is a "relatively new website where people can go to find, and watch (for free), professionally made instructional, helpful and informative videos on anything and everything in life".

Nice idea. See what you think [subbed by The VideoJug Team].

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Where's Sindy?
Where's Sindy? is a game that is a little different from the norm. The basic idea is that you are looking for Sindy (I bet you couldn't guess that from the game title) who's a spokesperson for Altoids, the game's sponsor, and who has gone missing from their London HQ...

As a side note I'd just like to point out that the HQ building seems to be some kind of huge tower (think evil lair - volcano-esque style) just outside of London's Waterloo Station. Which is a bit odd, as that is actually where I came into London this morning, indeed where I come into London everyday, and I've never seen it before. Although I am normally a bit sleepy on the train before I've had my first coffee. Anyway, I digress, back to the game...

To find Sindy you'll need to track her using the clues from the people you talk to at the different locations she's visited, attempt to figure out the next location, and thus trail her around the world. So you're going to need some geography knowledge too, I'm afraid.

You'll also need a copy of Google Earth (4.1) as, (this is the "little different from the norm" part I was referring to), the game is actually played within the Google Earth application, with the game locations being available as KML files (which produce overlays on the maps in Google Earth). This makes game play a little awkward, as once you reach a location the conversations and investigations have to occur in a web browser window outside of Google Earth, but it does sort of make the whole thing feel like more of an investigation as you have to make a little effort, and the novelty value is good too.

Finally, if you manage to find Sindy, there is also a chance to win a trip to Vegas (which I bet means Sindy has been there at some point), but I think you need to be a US resident to enter for that. Which means I'll be able to enter soon - mwahmwahmwah! Unfortunately not until after the closing date though. Doh! [subbed by Misty].

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Nearly Departed (Demo)

Since What Makes You Tick? proved to be so popular the other day you might also find Nearly Departed (Demo) to be worth a (not quite as long, ~15Mb) download. Just remember to wait to do it at home if you don't have l33t sys-admin rights on your work/school computer.

Nearly Departed (Demo) is another neat point'n'click game, using the "verb disc" control system, that I'm really beginning to like, and is built on the Lassie Adventure Studio platform (which has now brought us such fine items as What Makes You Tick? & Something Amiss, among others). In the game you emerge from a grave as a zombie, with amnesia, and you now must solve the mystery of your demise, whilst resisting your temptation for brains! Despite being just a demo, for now, there are plenty of puzzles to solve here, several locations, and it'll keep you involved for quite a while. I still can't wait to see the full thing though [subbed by Helanren, thruanoxygenlimbo & paolo].

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SimCity Classic Live
When playing Electocity the other day, if indeed, you got it to load at all, if you started pining for SimCity you'll be pleased to hear that you can play SimCity Classic Live on-line for free. But you have to register. Which some people hate. And it only seems to work in Internet Explorer because of some ActiveX control you have to install. Which are two more things some people hate. And on reflection after all these years the graphics suck, maybe they even sucked at the time I can't remember now. Which even more people hate. But if you are a play-ah, and not a hate-ah, head on over and register now [subbed by sean r.].

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Funny Quest
Funny Quest, like Piranahas, manages to combine collecting keys to escape a room, with actually being a point and click game. It's an outrage I tell you! Anyway, see how many levels of this you can complete, by manoeuvring the keys to the locks, before the theme music drives you clinically insane. BTW - turning the volume down is cheating... [subbed by koko].

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Submachine: Future Loop Foundation
Hot off the press from Murtaugh is the absolutely excellent news that a new point'n'click game, "Submachine: Future Loop Foundation", the latest in his Submachine Series, has been released today. Here's the official game description, since I'm too eager to get off and play to write up my own:

In Submachine FLF (Future Loop Foundation) you find yourself locked in a padded room with only an ancient tape player at your feet. From this strange beginning unfolds an amazing mystery that you can solve in a world where memories are the key to the past, present, and future!

Who are you, and why can't you remember how you got here? Who is the Future Loop Foundation? What do they want, and why are they holding you prisoner? Play Submachine FLF and solve the riddle for yourself!

[subbed and created by Murtaugh].

Entry 2695, Wednesday, June 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Leo Himura's No Exit
Like the morning after some kind of crazy house party, Leo Himura's No Exit sees you waking up in bath with no idea of how you got there. Not that I've been invited to that kind of party in many years. Anyway, as you might expect from years of point'n'click gaming the bathroom you are trapped in is curiously complex to escape, with the obvious door option not working, and it's going to take a little bit more effort that simply turning a handle to escape the room [subbed by f00, Nicop & Eric].

Entry 2694, Wednesday, June 6th 2007, Filed In Games

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