Simpsons Avatar Generator
The Simpsons Avatar Generator is, to put it simply, excellent fun. You get to select from a large variety hairstyles, clothes, noses, colours, and a variety of other options to build an avatar that looks like yourself, or whoever, Simpsons-style. My effort is above - compare it with the original picture here. To get to the generator click on the linked page and then find and click "Create Your Own Simpsons Avatar" at the top of the screen [muchos gracias Tom].

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Competitions Galore
If you're a games designer, or a web designer, there are a couple of current competitions currently running which you could enter and grab yourself a prize.

First up is the return of the awesome Casual Gameplay Flash Game Design Competition over at Jay's. This is the third of the competitions they have run and if the entries are anywhere near as good as in the previous two competitions we'll all be seeing some great games soon. The theme of this one is "Replay", and top prize is $1000 + a Flash CS3 Professional license.

Secondly Renegade is running two competitions linked to the launch of the CMSBox service, a web site that lets you create your own Flash Games Arcade for free. There's a games design competition for games developers with a top prize of a Nintendo Wii (or $250 of games) and if you have some artistic web design flare there's also a Theme Design Contest with another Nintendo Wii (or $250 of games) top prize.

Good luck if you're thinking of entering any of these, the rest of us are looking forward to seeing/playing your entries.

[Cheers Jay & Renegade].

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I might have missed Lazylaces Musical Friday yesterday, but tonight, we are going to rock! So wrong, yet so good [via op-pop].

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I haven't done a Musical Friday thing for an age (corporate firewall issues - but I posted this last night at home - ha!)... anyway, I'm particularly enjoying listening to The Fray recently. Let us all know what you're dropping (like it's hot) in the comments.

PS: I'm loving the video browser thing that youtube have added (hover your mouse over the video once you have pressed play).

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Life After Death By PowerPoint
For anybody who works in an office "Life After Death By PowerPoint" is essential viewing, a video about the Micro$oft application I have almost total loathing for... [via m&c].

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The team over at VideoJug dropped me an email to tell me about their new Video Games section, and "How To Beat Your Children At Computer Games" caught my eye as a good one to share. Some great advice for Jen & I in the future (well possibly mainly me), but some of you might find it useful now:)

VideoJug is a "relatively new website where people can go to find, and watch (for free), professionally made instructional, helpful and informative videos on anything and everything in life".

Nice idea. See what you think [subbed by The VideoJug Team].

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I Love The Smell Of Lazylaces In The Morning
The Movie Quote Generator is silly, simple, time-wasting fun. Type in a word, "quotate", and generate your own random movie quote. And once you've been there, and done that, you even have the option of buying the t-shirt [subbed by Tenacious Stu].

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I can't even hope to begin to describe Instinct (not that, that will stop me trying), but suffice to say it's a fun flash thing to play with on a Friday. Imagine a Monty Python animation, but done by a present day Monty Python who work in flash on the internet, rather than in stop frame animation on TV, and who are a Russian advertising agency, rather than an English comedy team. If you can imagine all this then you are a tiny step closer to understanding Instinct. Only a tiny step though [via redferret].

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Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View is the sort of web application to make g33ks shout k3wl (ok - that includes me), and even though you never knew you needed it, now it's here you do. It's a great solution, we just need to find out what the problems it solves are now. If you don't know what it does, just click the link, the video and pictures explain it all much better than words can. Only a limited number of locations are available currently, but I imagine more will be added soon.

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You Are the Mix Mastah!
I've not done enough Homestar stuff recently (shame on me), but I can't not post One Two, especially when you can mix your own. Grrrr! Plenty of guitar (pictured), with a splash of Coach Z, is my advice. Superb [via op-pop].

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Seeds Of Imagination
Seeds Of Imagination is an addicting flash toy type thing with a lot of beauty, but very little point. But since when did having no point stop these things being fun? Anyway, the aim of this thing is to grow a flower, or a garden of flowers if you get keen, by talking to your planted seed, and encouraging it to be a huge healthy plant of beauty. Type in what you want to say to your flower(s), or use the hints if you are feeling shy and don't really know what to say. It's all very bizarre, but very soothing, especially with the blissed out soundtrack [subbed by Sara].

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Google Bloons Gadgets
Whilst you're still waiting for Bloons World to happen (when is it going to be here? Some people - you know who you are - are asking me this every day. Someone give me a break and tell me when the release date is, preferably tell me it's soon) why not add the Bloons gadgets to your funky themed Google homepage so that you can play tiny icle versions of Bloons and More Bloons. And if they're just far too small for you to play (they were a touch on the microscopic side for me) why not add the epically cute Maukie (the Google cat - sound essential for ultimate cuteness) to play with as you peruse your news feeds [all subbed by Merc].

Entry 2617, Wednesday, May 9th 2007, Filed In Stuff

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