Escaping Paris
Avoid the watchful eyes of the guards and escape prison in Escaping Paris, featuring the world's (current) most famous criminal. And if you are anxious to know what happened at the end - don't stress yourself - she got out. Use the cursor keys to move, and [SPACE] for actions [subbed by winniethepooh & vmklover].

Entry 2762, Monday, July 9th 2007, Filed In Games

There's more point'n'click goodness from the team that brought you Dream Electricity in the form of the atmospheric Mist. It's all a bit foggy as you might expect, and has some great music. Also there's a nice dog... [subbed by chacha].

Entry 2761, Sunday, July 8th 2007, Filed In Games

What to experience the iPhone but don't have the availability and/or money to get your hands on one? Then the iSmudginator is just what you've been looking for... [via m&c].

Entry 2760, Sunday, July 8th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Poco2 Escape
Poco2 Escape is a Japanese escape the room style point'n'click game but things are made a little easier as it's presented in "Engrish" which is a damn sight better than my Japanese would be [subbed by Mystery, Escaper, czGeorge, winniethepooh, suki & Dawn].

Entry 2759, Sunday, July 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Taste Air - Dassyutu 3
I'm assuming that Taste Air - Dassyutu 3 is a case of using our point'n'click skills to escape the room. I'm going to have to assume though because this thing has a language barrier the size of a big thing's bigger brother's big hat [subbed by crazylegs].

Entry 2758, Sunday, July 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Little Deviant (Book of Deviants)
Little Deviant (Book of Deviants) is an odd game promoting some kind of car (a Scion SUV I think, in the US). The graphics and sound are excellent, if a little weird, but it's all quite violent, even if the blood shown is green, so you might not want to let the kids play. You play a little deviant monster type creature who goes from level to level disposing of "sheeple", which seem to be a cross between people and sheep, in various disturbing, odd & amusing ways [subbed by Lady Lark].

Entry 2757, Sunday, July 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Bound Bear
Bound Bear is a cute cute cute little arcade game, with some great mellow music for a Sunday, in which you must bounce a little white bear back to it's big white bear parent by bouncing him off some square bears. Reading that back it sounds odd, but it does make sense when you are playing [via nicosite].

Entry 2756, Sunday, July 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Polleke's Garden
New from the creator of the Head-Fi and TLFMER games, comes Polleke's Garden. Not so much a case of escape the room, as escape the garden, but it's the same general point'n'click idea [subbed by EscapeGirl, Mystery, EscapePortal, winniethepooh, Handyrman & ***].

Entry 2754, Saturday, July 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Onda Room
I'm not totally sure, as I'm currently stuck trying to clean the dirty toilet with a brush (it refuses to happen even though I'm convinced it's the right thing to do), but I think the idea of Onda Room is to escape the room (bathroom that is) using your fantabulous point'n'click skills [subbed by winniethepooh].

UPDATE: Several folks have, rightly, pointed out that this "game" is actually a rip-off of part of Diversity, making this not only a con, but buggy too. Apologies to everyone for posting it in the first place, blame my bad memory. Please feel free to give this one a 0% rating and play Diversity instead.

Entry 2753, Saturday, July 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Puppet Five
Puppet Five is a cute little puzzle arcade game in which you must move around cute puppets to make rows of five, or walk over a bonus, to clear the game grid, score points, and progress through the levels. Simple in concept, but exceedingly addictive [subbed by GabbyWTF].

Entry 2752, Saturday, July 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Idiot Test 4
Just in case you're still not quite sure, despite ample opportunities to prove it one way or another, whether you are an idiot or a genius, Idiot Test 4 gives you another point'n'click chance to show your folks and friends that they were wrong about you... [subbed by U2isdebest, Jenny K & chocoholic].

Entry 2751, Saturday, July 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Hammer And Coop
Hammer And Coop, mixing as it does Knightrider with a Mini Cooper, invades my head and plays my daydreams as flash videos for your enjoyment. Excellent fun [subbed by Toby].

Entry 2750, Saturday, July 7th 2007, Filed In Stuff

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