Rally is another Russian point'n'click game (don't worry you can play it without understanding Russian) from the creator's of "Subjugation Of The Mountain". Click on the right things, in the right order, to get a car ready for a rally [subbed by Mystery & Sanara].

Entry 2786, Thursday, July 19th 2007, Filed In Games

Poco2 Escape2.0
The room you have to escape in Poco2 Escape2.0 is remarkably similar to, but not quite the same, as the one in Poco2 Escape. Fight your feelings of deja vu as you try to escape the room [subbed by Mystery & Sanara].

Entry 2785, Thursday, July 19th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 68
Wogger Mini 68 [subbed by some1, vmklover & Spanky McPipebomb].

Entry 2784, Wednesday, July 18th 2007, Filed In Games

Covert Front #1
Some absolutely superb news in my in-box this morning from Murtaugh, creator of the sublime Submachine Series, he's kicked off a completely new point'n'click series, "Covert Front".

"In Covert Front you are a secret agent code-named Kara in an alternate history version of World War I. Assigned to infiltrate the mansion of a German scientist, Karl von Toten, you must discover the secrets that lie within and escape with your life.".

Chapter 1, "All Quiet On The Covert Front", is out to play today, with more to come, although there's no schedule for later chapters as yet [subbed and created by Murtaugh].

Entry 2783, Wednesday, July 18th 2007, Filed In Games

It Finds It 3
Whilst the latest SSSG game is in testing selfdefiant has produced a 3rd It Finds It game to melt our brains and eyeballs. Agh! My eyes! My eyes! Anyway, as before, the aim of the game is to find, and click on, the object that slowly appears in each picture level [subbed & created by selfdefiant].

Entry 2782, Wednesday, July 18th 2007, Filed In Games

Supermarket Escape
Just from the title you should be able to see the goal of Supermarket Escape coming, which makes it odd that you start the game outside the supermarket. You've completed the game with no clicks required at all! However, as we all know, we're suckers for this these things so we will click to enter, and then we will embark upon a lengthy bout of point'n'clickery to try and escape again. As with the other games in this series the idea of the game is to help people out to earn enough brownie points to leave [subbed by Matt].

Entry 2781, Wednesday, July 18th 2007, Filed In Games

A Bark In The Dark
I'm a big fan of Bart's games so it was great to see that the first thing in my in-box this morning was the news that he has a new game "A Bark In The Dark" released for the Casual Gameplay Flash Game Design Competition. I need to get off and start playing so here's what Bart has to say about "A Bark In The Dark":

Once again, it's time for a new BONTE game called 'A Bark In The Dark'. It's a point 'n'click adventure starting in a room, but there's more to it than a regular escape the room game...

Eeeeek. I can't wait. I'm going to be "busy" for a while, do not disturb me... [subbed & created by Bart].

Entry 2780, Tuesday, July 17th 2007, Filed In Games

RomZom is a point'n'click game with some zombies and severed limbs thrown in for good measure (just in case you can't detect my subtle subtext what I'm saying is it's not one for the kids or the squeamish). Beyond that we're on the familiar, and hallowed, turf of trying to "escape the room". There's even a video walkthrough if you get stuck [subbed & created by Shi Daniels].

UPDATE: If the original game link isn't working for you when you try to play try this mirror site instead.

Entry 2779, Monday, July 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Orio's Riddle
Orio's Riddle gives url changing puzzle fans another chance to exercise their grey matter, search source code, google and generally tear their hair out [subbed by dosra, Willow & Phil].

Entry 2778, Monday, July 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Temple Of Zoom
Temple Of Zoom is a level based platform game that contains loads of camera references (not surprising as it's promoting Panasonic Cameras), and uses some simple graphics and sounds. So on paper it doesn't sound too exciting, however start to play and it's quite endearing and you'll want to do "just one more level". You can even get some money off a camera (I think this is UK only though) if you complete ten levels [subbed by avs5221].

Entry 2777, Monday, July 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Qwizard 6
The Qwizard Series has been on a break for a while now, but it's returned with Qwizard 6, possibly the hardest set of 100 levels of url changing puzzling in this series. It's time to dust off your best brain, and get googling [subbed and created by greg & lola].

Entry 2776, Sunday, July 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Ast Escape
I've been meaning to post Ast Escape for a while now, but I was convinced that the link didn't work properly. However, there's just a huge pause whilst it's loading, and if you have patience the thing eventually does start working. Anyway, once it actually is loaded you find yourself locked in a recording studio, and despite the language barrier, I think it's safe to assume the goal is to point'n'click our way out of the room [subbed by carm & winniethepooh].

Entry 2775, Sunday, July 15th 2007, Filed In Games

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