Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros [subbed by Kaya].

Entry 2810, Friday, July 27th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Mouse Escape
Time for steady hands and nerves as you get your mouse under control for Mouse Escape [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2809, Friday, July 27th 2007, Filed In Games

A short Musical Friday this week after last week's Compilation as I'm a little short of time this week. So straight into it:

EL is listening to one of my weird favourites The Polyphonic Spree's - Hold Me Now (a great version of the song with puppets). And if you like this you should also check out this video from the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and also for all you p'n'c gamers there's the classic Quest For The Rest which combines Polyphonic Spree style audio goodness with Samorost style gaming goodness.

Jo has sent in Krezip - Plug it in. The band is from Holland where music videos don't get done in black and white, they get made in black and white and pink. Genius.

Finally clairevc sends in internet classic, but still stupidly catchy, Milk And Cereal, which I haven't heard in an age, but it's stuck in my head again now, thank you very much.

Entry 2808, Friday, July 27th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Paper Toilet
Useless web thing #2,389,005: Paper Toilet. I wasn't going to include his one as I thought it was a bit dull, but then I discovered how it worked with the scroll-wheel on your mouse and I attained a new level of useless web toy glee as I unwound the whole thing in seconds, and then wound it all back up again. I can be pretty easy to please sometimes... [subbed by Melina].

Entry 2807, Friday, July 27th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Wogger Mini 70
Wogger Mini goes platinum (if I have my anniversary metals/stones correct) with Wogger Mini 70 [subbed by some1, handyrman, Spanky McPipebomb & helpme].

Entry 2806, Thursday, July 26th 2007, Filed In Games

Mohinder's Office
First up - a warning - and this is going to upset some of you - but I think Mohinder's Office is one of those BBC games that they have restricted to UK only players. I could be wrong, and even if I'm right sometimes it doesn't work out where you are correctly anyway, so it's still worth a try even if you are outside the UK, but apologies from me up front if you can't get this one to work. It's also probably worth trying both the direct game link and the launch page.

Right anyway, so if you can play, what is this all about? Well it's a point'n'click exploration of Mohinder's Office from the TV show Heroes - the TV show that The BBC "discovered" by watching which shows, imported from the US, did well on obscure UK cable channels and then buying the rights for themselves. There are games to be found within the office, and more content is to be added over the coming weeks [subbed by Johnny Falcon].

Entry 2805, Thursday, July 26th 2007, Filed In Games

Switch It Off And On
Switch It Off And On: A well thought out lesson to us all to remind us to save power and the earth's resources, or, a mindless web toy that you will gleefully click for a few seconds. Which is it? You decide [subbed by Masquerade].

Entry 2804, Thursday, July 26th 2007, Filed In Stuff

The Oculus
It's a slow day today, so maybe we've got some time to work out what The Oculus is all about... I'm a sucker for a spinning web thing. No doubt this will tell me more about what on earth is going on and what is being virally promoted, that's if I can stop staring at the spinning ball [subbed by Mike, Bluebear, Videocrazy, sonjita & jas].

Entry 2803, Thursday, July 26th 2007, Filed In Games

DayMare Town
Having clearly learnt the art of never sleeping, and staying up 24 hours a day to design quality point'n'click games, it's no wonder Murtaugh finds himself stuck in DayMare Town (I'm assuming a DayMare is very much like a Nightmare, but, er, during the day), as he must be ultra tired. Anyway, DayMare Town, the latest slice of point'n'click excellent, comes hot on the heels of Covert Front Chapter 1 and the Submachine Series, and I have itchy point'n'click fingers just thinking about it, so I'm off to play now...

You've played Submachine, You've played Covert Front, now it's time for something completely new and unforeseen.

DayMare Town

Sketchy outline-only drawings give a stranger look to the game-play and create a bit of minimal atmosphere. Add creepy sounds and twisted story and you get the picture.

DMT is the hardest puzzle game I've made so far. It's really nasty, so be warned. It's for advanced pnc gamers. There is no cliffhanger at the end, but just try to get to that end.

[subbed and created by Murtaugh].

Entry 2802, Wednesday, July 25th 2007, Filed In Games

Late For Work
In Late For Work you must escape the room as you are... wait for it... wait for it... Late For Work... ahhhhh... How does this work though? Hmmm... *thinks*... you ring your boss:

WorkShyGamer: Sorry, I can't come into work today as I'm stuck in my house which has inexplicably turned into a point'n'click adventure overnight.
Boss: Er.. ok... have you tried pressing [TAB]?
WorkShyGamer: Well I don't normally cheat, or anything like that, as my gaming skillz are so 1337, but I thought you would ask so I checked just in case and no it doesn't work on this one.
Boss: Well, try the waste paper basket then, there's always a clue there.
WorkShyGamer: Nope. Not in this game. I did that and all I saw was lots of Japanese text I didn't understand.
Boss: Dammit. I suppose you'll have to wait until someone posts a walkthru at then...

[subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2801, Wednesday, July 25th 2007, Filed In Games

Heaven Walker
Heaven Walker is a strange point'n'click game where you walk amongst the clouds and see strange cloud creatures and birds along the way. Don't ask me what the goal of the game is though - even if I did understand Japanese I suspect this one might remain a mystery [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2800, Wednesday, July 25th 2007, Filed In Games

Xeno Tactic
Feeding my latest gaming addiction Xeno Tactic is another defence style arcade game... er I mean strategy game - it's all about the tactics and it's not just blowing stuff up. Honest [subbed by Sanara].

Entry 2799, Wednesday, July 25th 2007, Filed In Games

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