Providence - Catacombs Of Despair
Providence - Catacombs Of Despair is a point'n'click game based on a 3D maze (which make the map it produces of where you've been very pretty, but very useless) - the idea, as you might expect, is to escape. I'm told there are 512 rooms in total, but personally I wouldn't know. I'm just wondering around in the dark after my candle ran out, and my greatest achievement so far has been to find the "music off" function. Not to belittle my achievement though - that music really was awful [subbed by im4noles2].

Entry 2822, Wednesday, August 1st 2007, Filed In Games

Orange Box III
Orange Box III gives us another orange box for us to point'n'click our way out of - it's orangey [subbed by Mantari & Nicop].

Entry 2821, Tuesday, July 31st 2007, Filed In Games

TNT Escape
TNT Escape is an escape the room game with a twist - can you guess from the title? Yes, in this game you don't have to just open the door to get out, you have to use your point'n'click skills to find all the components to make a bomb and blow your way out. It's not at all difficult, and you'll soon have it done, but remember, you're only supposed to blow the bl***y doors off [subbed by Gerri, handyrman & Mantari].

Entry 2820, Tuesday, July 31st 2007, Filed In Games

Yuria's Room
Yuria's Room sees you doing a little bit of the old "hunt the pixel" in another Japanese escape the room style point'n'click game. Batteries are included [subbed by Mystery & handyrman].

Entry 2819, Tuesday, July 31st 2007, Filed In Games

Two warnings about Bodilies before you play: 1). The "F" word gets used, although not a lot, but it's still not one for the kids to play (kids obviously do not know, or use, that word), or delicate little flowers who do not like "language". 2). There is loads of text to read (it's called a story) as part of the adventure which a lot of people don't like (it does get a bit irritating when all you want to do is play). Anyway, that's the warnings done with.

Bodilies is a beautifully drawn, and soundtracked, adventure where you control the point'n'click investigations of "Neil". Neil's simple (!) task is to prove the truth about nature of the Bodilie world (you find this out near the beginning - I won't spoil it), and to thus discredit the church and government's stories. It all gets a bit involved, but the sights and sounds along the way will keep you entertained. If you need to quit out and come back to later - use the save game feature which is hidden away in the bottom left of the game screen [subbed by handyrman, Canadian Enchantress, CF, Munch, Helanren, Shadriss & Hammrsgl].

Entry 2818, Monday, July 30th 2007, Filed In Games

It Finds It 4
It's time to break out your best magnifying glass and book an appointment at the optician, yes, It Finds It 4 is here. As always your task is to find, and click on, the object that slowly reveals itself in each picture before the countdown runs out, or you go insane, whichever comes first [subbed & created by selfdefiant].

Entry 2817, Monday, July 30th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 71
Wogger Mini 71 [subbed by Big Bad Dave, Sentinel, Mystery, some1 & vmklover].

Entry 2816, Monday, July 30th 2007, Filed In Games

Esklavos C5
The beautiful graphics, pleasing puzzles and engaging characters of the Esklavos Series return in Esklavos Chapter 5. Your point'n'click investigations on each screen are going to have to be quick though as there's big big guy wondering around after you with a gun... [via esklavos blog].

Entry 2815, Saturday, July 28th 2007, Filed In Games

Escape From Island
Time for an enjoyable point'n'click jaunt around some far away island in Escape From Island. The goal of the game is to firstly find the TV producer, then get them to the turn the whole thing into a reality TV show, before persuading the audience to vote you off the island. Last one to leave gets a cash prize, and regularly appears in gossip magazines, before marrying another Z-list "celebrity". Well it's either that or you have to work out the point'n'click puzzles, I haven't worked out which yet... [subbed by handyrman].

UPDATE: I officially loved this game (my reality TV show theory turned out to be way off the mark - go figure). Anyway having played thru a few times now trying to work out what happens with different combinations of the "unused items" in your inventory (not much, as far as I can tell, although I think there may be very subtle differences in the end movie - I'm not 100% on that though) I'm now going back to play Shinto Shrine again from the same author.

Entry 2814, Saturday, July 28th 2007, Filed In Games

Harold's Escape
Harold's Escape sees you trying to help Harold escape a room that his practical joke playing wife has locked him in (she also seems to have bricked up the wall behind the door - the minx). Thus another point'n'click adventure ensues... There's doesn't seem to be much in the is game to click on at first, and I spent a while just spinning around the room (why does the sofa only appear when I go left I ended up asking myself? A question I am yet to answer) but each new area found unlocks another, and you'll soon find some puzzles to solve. Start at the chest of drawers is my advice, and I'll let y'all take it from there... [subbed by Limbo].

Entry 2813, Saturday, July 28th 2007, Filed In Games

Dassyutu 5
Dassyutu 5 is your regular Japanese escape the room style point'n'click game, i.e. just the sort of thing we like. I tried a google translation of the page and it actually works quite well, if you want to know more about these games [subbed by handyrman].

Entry 2812, Saturday, July 28th 2007, Filed In Games

The Semi-Official Adventures of Captain Helix
The Semi-Official Adventures of Captain Helix is a little arcade game with a big name and a sense of humour. The game is a tie-in to Hyperdrive, the BBC sci-fi comedy, much like Red Dwarf, but different (plus, it has Nick Frost of Shawn of the Dead fame in it). In the game your job is to un-zombify the zombified orphans, be careful not to shoot the orphans, and to finally let the orphans escape without becoming re-zombified. Phew. Use [W], [A] and [D] to move, and your mouse to aim and shoot your dezombification ray [subbed by Yvonne].

Entry 2811, Saturday, July 28th 2007, Filed In Games

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