Gold Raider
Gold Raider is an adventure game type treasure hunt where you must collect gems, find secrets, explore the island, look at Kmart (the sponsor) ads, think "Indy", and try and ignore the fact that once again you're trying to use the cursor keys to move diagonally around the screen. Reading that back I make it sound awful, but I actually really liked it, even if the controls are irritating. And if you like this one, there's also Kmart Haunted House to play [subbed by Brenda].

Entry 2858, Friday, August 17th 2007, Filed In Games

Bloons Tower Defence
Oh dear. I hope you weren't planning on doing any work today. Bloons Tower Defence takes the ridiculously addictive concept of the game Bloons and mixes it up with he ridiculously addictive concept of Tower Defence games. The result is, well, as you might have been able to predict, ridiculously addictive [subbed by Zeta].

Entry 2857, Friday, August 17th 2007, Filed In Games

Once again time pressures (I'm only working full time, selling my flat, packing and shipping my belongings to The States, selling my car, setting up my own company, preparing for a wedding, updating LL, trying to see all my English friends before I leave... I've not got much on really) mean it's just a short Musical Friday this week (featuring only one artist).

EL has sent in 1234 by Feist, an artist that I've been listening to for a while, but I hadn't listened to this track:

EL doesn't rate the video, but rates the song, but my favourite song from Feist is Mushaboom, which, until I youtube'd it for this, I didn't realise has a great video, as well as being a lovely (perfect for a Friday) song:

Entry 2856, Friday, August 17th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Makaimon's Searching 2
A quick keyword guide to Makaimon's Searching 2: waste paper basket, Japanese, computer on a desk, escape the room. I don't even need proper sentences to describe it. One word of warning - I haven't had time to play through it yet, but I'm told there might be a few bugs - hopefully you can still play though [subbed by Catraven].

Entry 2855, Thursday, August 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Escape The Boogeyman
In case you can't guess from the name Escape the Boogeyman is a game that's not suitable for kids: it's a bit scary, but mainly I'm thinking about the pools of blood if/when you get caught. Actually who am I kidding? You will get caught. For the rest of us, crank up the volume, turn down the lights, try to ignore the rather awkward game controls, and do as the game title says: Escape the Boogeyman. My top tip? Avoid any doors that are moving... [subbed by Mr. Box & ...].

Entry 2854, Thursday, August 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Inanimate Alice
Inanimate Alice is a (slightly) interactive tale of Alice, a girl who seems to be always losing her parents. The stories are told through a mix of text, sounds and images with some interaction (more so as the chapters progress). Check out the site for chapters 1 & 2, I found chapter 3 here... interesting, and I could see it eventually becoming a completely interactive game [subbed by troy].

Entry 2853, Thursday, August 16th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Good luck to Lenella (thanks for the reminder) and any other Lazylaces visitors who will be getting their UK A-Level Examination results today. I hope the endless hours of point and click gaming cause only a positive effect on your grades. At least you'll have no worries about escaping school/college :)

Entry 2852, Thursday, August 16th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Colors is a point'n'click game involving colours (with, or without, the "u", depending on where you are)... and there you have the full extent of my knowledge about this game. You'll see what I mean... [subbed by handyrman & Sanara].

UPDATE: If the direct link doesn't work then go to the homepage and then click "flash", then "colors".

Entry 2851, Wednesday, August 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Cop Baby
Due to the random nature of the timings/existence of my trains into London this morning I'm a bit short of time so pressing quickly on....

Cop Baby is a very strange point'n'click game with an even odder premise: someone has left a baby on your doorstep and it's your job to bring it into your home and raise it to be a good cop (hence cop baby). So far I have fed it liquidized doughnuts, naturellment, (it might be a stereotype, but no word of lie, I went into one, and only one, Dunkin' Dounuts in the US, and the customer next to me was a cop), some milk, and then made myself endless cups of coffee. In fact I'm now stuck in a coffee making/drinking loop to the point where I think there might be a glitch in the game. Or maybe it's art imitating life (ok, maybe art is a bit strong, but you know what I mean). Anyway perhaps you can get further than that point and raise your Cop Baby. Good luck [subbed by Jessica].

Entry 2850, Wednesday, August 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Titei is a somewhat tricky Japanese point'n'click adventure game, based in an underground cave system in which you collect and use coins and other items to progress and open doors. Use the map at the bottom left (click on it) to see your current location. I'm guessing the goal is to get into the large cavern that is blocked off [subbed by Mystery & Sanara].

Entry 2849, Tuesday, August 14th 2007, Filed In Games

The Paradox Trials 2
The Paradox Trials 2 is a flash puzzle quiz with some tricky little questions for you where nothing is as it first appears. My top tip: while all the questions have four multi-choice answers one of these is not necessarily the thing you click on the answer every question. Also I'm loving the cheesy soundtrack which sounds like some kind of remixed 80's TV show theme tune [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 2848, Tuesday, August 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Papa's Pizza
Take a break from the mind numbing boredom of you daily work by playing Papa's Pizza (a sort of Sim-Pizzeria) and pretend you make pizzas for a living! Takes orders! Distribute toppings! Bake pizzas! Don't forget to slice! Collect your tips! This really shouldn't be entertaining, but I ended up really getting into it, but that probably says more about my love of pizza than anything else... [subbed by Tony].

Entry 2847, Tuesday, August 14th 2007, Filed In Games

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