SilverSphere is a touch like Bloxorz, but with balls. Silver, shiny, balls that is. Rather than blocks. There's also the additional frustration of a time limit with this one (but no lovely 3D graphics, no matter what my screenshot of the splash screen might suggest), which is nigh on impossible to beat on some levels, even when you have worked out what you are supposed to do [subbed by michael].

Entry 2874, Thursday, August 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

Best Blogs EverJonathan over at Best Blogs Ever (featuring er... the best blogs ever) writes to tell me that he has featured lazylaces on the blog. I like to think this is because he knows quality when he sees it, rather than because he has only been up and running a couple of months and hasn't found the really good blogs yet. In fact I'm sure that's how it is... cheers Jon :)

Entry 2873, Thursday, August 23rd 2007, Filed In Stuff

Keeping those point'n'click fingers of yours exercised and in tip-top shape, there are more Japanese room escaping escapades to be had in Winter [subbed by Catraven].

Entry 2872, Thursday, August 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

Escaping From Her Room
I don't understand what the goal of Escaping From Her Room is at all. I mean it's all in Japanese, there's no clue in the game title, there's a computer on a desk, a waste-paper basket with some sort of collectable item in it, a locked door... oh, hang on a minute, I've played something like this before... [subbed by f00].

Entry 2871, Thursday, August 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

Muselock is a French point'n'click game (you can play in English or French), with a familiar tale: you wake up dazed and confused in unfamiliar surroundings, locked up in a room which is going to require more than just turning a door knob in order to escape. Yes, it's time to escape the room. In fact this room has some very bizarre items scattered around it for you to investigate (puzzles ahoy!), although reassuringly there is a waste paper basket, and it does contain an item for you to collect. Less reassuringly I have already managed to blow myself up, thus having to restart the game. Oops. Be careful out (er, in) there folks... [subbed by saliard].

Entry 2870, Wednesday, August 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

Puzzle Freak
Puzzle Freak is an odd combination of board game and IQ test. Odder still is that there is actually a board and you roll dice to move around it. You can even to choose to play against 3 friends - which creates an odd picture in my head of a group of people huddled around a computer each taking a turn on the mouse. Anyway all of this is certainly different and creates a nice wrapper around what is essentially a series of mini puzzle games [subbed by karstenmp].

Entry 2869, Wednesday, August 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

Haluz 2
Haluz 2 has just landed in my inbox and I need to share even if I am a little busy just now... This follow up to last year's Haluz once again has enough of a whiff of Samorost to get me all excited, even if you can never get as good as the real thing (imho). Anyway enjoy the graphics if nothing else, and let me know if you work out how/if the (paid) downloadable differs from this on-line version. I'll have to wait to investigate it myself until I have some time to play - it's looking good from the screens I've seen so far though [subbed by troy].

Entry 2868, Tuesday, August 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Arcade Escape
As a point'n'click addict even when you are stuck in an arcade you spurn the computer games around you and instead have an escape the room style adventure in Arcade Escape [subbed by handyrman & winniethepooh].

Entry 2867, Tuesday, August 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Mesiria 2
After what I thought was a very unpromising intro Mesiria 2 turns out to be a rather beautiful RPG/adventure game with some great graphics and chilled out music. Controls (keyboard and mouse) and the story are explained at the beginning of the game [subbed by maria, Nihongo no Beasty, Misty & karstenmp].

Entry 2866, Tuesday, August 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Ben's Sister's Room Escape
Ben's Sister's Room Escape pretty much describes it's own escape the room credentials in it's title, but what it can't describe is the cutesy colour and soundtrack of the room you are trying to escape. Arrrrrgh! Let me out of here.... [subbed by handyrman].

Entry 2865, Tuesday, August 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 77
Wogger Mini 77. Note - there'll be a short break until the next episode as Wogger is going on holiday for a while [subbed by f00].

Entry 2864, Monday, August 20th 2007, Filed In Games

Strawberry Tomato
Strawberry Tomato is a victim of it's own success, or rather of the success of the previous Gotmail games. Yes it's got the familiar high quality graphics, yes it has some nice point'n'click puzzles to figure out, yes the "escape the room" goal is one that we know and love. But it's all somewhat overshadowed by the difficulty in loading the thing - it's so popular that if you are lucky enough to get the thing loading you can almost see each byte arriving one by one. So much so that sopdox has sent in a pre-game walkthough which I'm going to include as it's rather accurate and helpful:

Pre-Game Walkthrough:
1. Wake up, do not stop for the bathroom or anything else, go to your computer. Type URL in browser.

2. Get black screen with Japanese writing with Yellow Japanese word in the middle. Don't bother clicking, this is the Server to Busy page. Refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh OOOH! you got a black screen with a red outline in the middle.

3. Go to the bathroom. Come back, if you're lucky you got a picture with a language choice. Cool, make your selection. If not, repeat step #2. Finally get screen with status bar. Oh no! No numbers on the status bar, status bar not moving. Repeat step 2 again. Continue refreshing until your status bar reads 0%.

4. Take your shower, get dressed for work/school/whatever. Have breakfast, drink coffee or tea and read the morning paper. Check your computer screen, oh good you're at 2%.

5. Leave your house, go to work, school, or whatever you had planned for your day.

6. Come home, have dinner, watch television, read, check your e-mail, rent a movie or go out and see one. Come back, get ready for bed. Check your computer screen...90% Maybe tomorrow you can actually play.

And whatever you do don't accidentally shut your game off, or it's back to step 1...

[subbed by Think~Pink, sopdox, handyrman, cyberjar88 & winniethepooh].

Entry 2863, Monday, August 20th 2007, Filed In Games

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