Shadow Of The Killer
And now for something completely a little different... the reason I don't understand what's going on in Shadow Of The Killer isn't because I don't understand Japanese. It's because I don't understand Turkish. Whatever though, I'm happy to see a new point'n'click game, wherever it's from, and if I can learn a little Turkish along the way, all the better (kamera = camera, translation fans!). As far as I can make out Shadow Of The Killer is a point'n'click murder mystery with an exceptionally long intro animation (stick with it). Good luck! Also I can't resist linking to my one bit of Turkish "knowledge" since we're on the subject (and since Musical Friday is on a break): it's Istanbul not Constantinople, folks :) [subbed by handyrman].

Entry 2906, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

Gorilla vrs. Phil Collins vrs. Chocolate
Clearly if you want to promote chocolate the best way of doing it is to use a Gorilla drumming a Phil Collins song. You don't have to be a marketing genius to know that. Unnecessary, random, somewhat silly, but still great.

Entry 2905, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Stuff

The nicely designed, and really rather cute, Cauchemars Series of point'n'click games for kids has resurfaced as "Nightmares", the main difference being that these are English translations of the original French games ("Cauchemars" is French for "Nightmares" translation fans). Anyway, you can play the English episodes here: [subbed by bookie_monster, handyrman & SonicLover].

Entry 2904, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

Face Room
Face Room is a Japanese escape the room game featuring cute little square faces... obviously [subbed by Mystery & Catraven].

Entry 2903, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

Mr Men Pinball
Mr Men Pinball is mindless fun that's pretty much guaranteed to make your fingers go sore as you bash away at the cursor keys. This however is unlikely to stop you playing... [subbed by Canadian Enchantress].

Entry 2902, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

The Impossible Quiz 2
Just in case you finished The Impossible Quiz (er... surely that's impossible?) there's The Impossible Quiz 2. Be warned, it contains (from what I've seen so far) some mild language [subbed by karstenmp, Videocrazy, cyberjar88, Mitchell, Leeny & randomguy].

Entry 2901, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

Legend Room
Legend Room is a promotional Japanese point'n'click game (apparently by the gotmail team) with a nice twist - the action is in video "live" action, which really gives the thing a very nice visual look. Unfortunately that also means the load times are rather long, but it's worth the wait [subbed by Mystery, Werewolf & im4noles2].

Entry 2900, Monday, September 3rd 2007, Filed In Games

Mobai Room 2
Mobai Room 2 is a small (screen size wise) escape the room style point'n'click game originally designed for mobile/cell phones (thus the small screen size I guess). It's a Japanese game, but this is an English translation, which should make things a little (geddit?) easier. If it's all a bit microscopic for you try this alternative link which stretches out the original game to something a bit larger. And if you want more Mobai games try this link [subbed by handyrman, Mystery & im4noles2].

Entry 2899, Monday, September 3rd 2007, Filed In Games

Banana Skin
Banana Skin is a Japanese point'n'click game where your goal is to enter the house (rather than the more traditional escape). I'm told there are multiple endings for you to find, unfortunately I don't have the time to find one of them [subbed by handyrman & Mystery].

Entry 2898, Monday, September 3rd 2007, Filed In Games

Machinarium (Coming Not So Soon)
It's a long way off yet (the second half of '08), but it's great news to hear that the creators of Samorost have a new game in production, and the screenshots of Machinarium make it look like something that is well worth waiting for. It's billed as a "full scale adventure game" so there should be plenty to play, I just hope it isn't only "pay-to-play", and at least some of it goes on-line. That said I'll probably be digging the wallet out for this one if I have to [via nordinho].

Entry 2897, Monday, September 3rd 2007, Filed In Stuff

Wogger Mini 78
Wogger returns from vacation for Wogger Mini 78 [subbed by handyrman].

Entry 2896, Sunday, September 2nd 2007, Filed In Games

5 Beast Pagoda
5 Beast Pagoda would seem to be a follow game to Kaguya as it features the same little flying pixie thing. Anyway, it's fair to say it's another slice of weird Japanese point'n'clickery [subbed by handyrman]

Entry 2895, Sunday, September 2nd 2007, Filed In Games

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