After a hectic week of preparations to depart the UK I'm now safe and sound in the US. I'll be back online properly soon to update LL, I still have stuff to do, but I should be back on a normal schedule soon enough. Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes in :)

Entry 2918, Sunday, September 16th 2007, Filed In Diary

Sorry folks but Lazylaces is on a short break whilst I get everything together for the big move to the US on Friday. Peruse the sites under "more games" on the right hand panel to get your gaming fix whilst I'm away, or try looking through the vaults. I'll see you Stateside shortly...

Entry 2917, Monday, September 10th 2007, Filed In Diary

Internet People is a cheesy, but excellent, little Friday tune which name checks a whole load of internet fads - see how many you can spot, and remember. I'm basically just linking it because of the Homestar references though. And talking about internet fad's if you are on fb, there's now a lazylaces group [via op-pop]

Entry 2916, Friday, September 7th 2007, Filed In Stuff

iPhone Mystery
Find the iPhones, and other objects, in the various different scenes in the iPhone Mystery before the countdown runs out and Steve Jobs fires you [subbed by hellervon].

Entry 2915, Friday, September 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Escape Green Room
Escape Magenta Green Room (there seem's to be some confusion over the name, but unless I've gone colour blind it's green) is an escape the room style point'n'click game. The room is Green. You must escape it. You do that by pointing. And clicking. You know sometimes these game descriptions pretty much just write themselves...*takes well deserved break* [subbed by Werewolf].

UPDATE: OK, I don't know what was going on at newgrounds. The game I linked was the green room, the page title said magenta, confusing enough, but then they swapped it back to the magenta room game to match the title. Anyways, I've updated the link now so it goes to the right place.

Entry 2914, Thursday, September 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Gymnasium Escape
Gymnasium Escape is a Japanese point'n'click game that looks great, but unfortunately has quite a large language barrier that makes playing it a little tricky. All I've managed to work out so far is how to turn on the power in the storeroom, and I was quite impressed with that. Perhaps between us we can work out what is going on here... [subbed by f00].

Entry 2913, Thursday, September 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Find The Face
Find The Face is a game with a simple, but different, concept, where you find the cartoon type face in a group of live action videos. Very simple to play, at least for eight of the faces, but I still can't find the ninth face yet [subbed by f00].

Entry 2912, Thursday, September 6th 2007, Filed In Games

In Heist you play a thief intent on stealing the biggest diamond in the world. Collect the objects and avoid the security systems to reach your goal and try not to succumb to crippling RSI as you use the ASWD keys (and [Q] for actions) to move around the isometric layout [subbed by kennymfk].

Entry 2911, Thursday, September 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Locked In
New games blog "Shut.In" (featuring new escape the room games every day) has started it's own series of exclusive point'n'click games called "Locked In" (in which, unsurprisingly, you have to... wait for it... wait for it... escape the room... ahhhh...). I'm assuming this first episode was built by the same people who did the puzzled series as it's very similar to, but not entirely the same as, Puzzled 4 [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 2910, Wednesday, September 5th 2007, Filed In Games

Grow Monster Game
If you like grow style games where you have to click on the right things, in the right order, to "win" (or click on the wrong things, in the wrong order, to see the hilarious consequences) then Grow Monster Game might appeal to you. Personally though I found the whole thing a bit slow and disappointing. The idea with this one is to click the 8 different elements, in the correct order, to grow your monster and defeat the various foes that you face. Note: This is not part of the "official" grow series, and also I could only get the thing to play in Internet Explorer [subbed by K. Engels & Videocrazy].

Entry 2909, Wednesday, September 5th 2007, Filed In Games

Voice: another day, another totally totally incomprehensible Japanese point'n'click game in which I assume I'm aiming to escape the room... One day, I swear to you, these things are going to teach me Japanese. Although, that would have to be after the day that I get round to installing the right character sets/fonts so that the text displays properly... [subbed by Mantari & handyrman].

Entry 2908, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

Inward Hellix
Inward Hellix is your standard url changing, source code viewing, image manipulating, googling answers, type, web puzzle, thing, but with added flash animation, music and bucket loads of atmosphere. And I'm liking the atmosphere, it's spookylicious, even if the puzzles might make my poor little brain melt [subbed by anon].

PS. And make sure you check out the page title (in your title bar/tab) when you load it up. Simple, but I'm loving it.

Entry 2907, Tuesday, September 4th 2007, Filed In Games

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