Wogger Mini 98
Wogger and friends should be shortly receiving their telegram from the Queen as we have now reached Wogger Mini 98 [subbed by Underdog10, ambas, some1 & anon].

Entry 3015, Monday, November 19th 2007, Filed In Games

Warbears 3: An Oceanic Problem
Warbears 3: An Oceanic Problem see a return of the great graphics, nice puzzles and fine sounds of the Warbears. This new mission sees you moving out of training into the "real world" and consequently there is an epic amount of storyline at the beginning of the game, but there is a skip feature for the impatient amongst you. Then it's a case of infiltrating an ocean platform whilst keeping the hostages safe whilst your point'n'click brain goes into overdrive [subbed by Letten House & Nicop].

Entry 3014, Thursday, November 15th 2007, Filed In Games

What's The Difference
What's The Difference is a really nice coffee break game, assuming you have really long coffee breaks, in which you must click on the differences between two pictures. Whilst there's no time limit, your clicks are limited so there'll be no random clicking around and hoping for the best in this one [subbed & created by selfdefiant].

Entry 3013, Thursday, November 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Hopping Ham's Thriller
The lovable Hopping Ham returns for another point'n'click adventure in Hopping Ham's Thriller in which you control three cute little hamsters (it's like a rodent Italian Job, at least it is in my warped head) on a spooky(ish) quest. Once again though I find myself singing a song to myself, rather than playing the game... at least whilst I'm waiting for the long load time anyway [subbed by Mantari].

Entry 3012, Thursday, November 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 97
Wogger Mini 97 [subbed by some1].

Entry 3011, Wednesday, November 14th 2007, Filed In Games

ASUE 1: The Horse
ASUE is an abbreviation that stands for the mouthful that is "A Series of Unexpected Escapes" and ASUE 1: The Horse is thus the first in a series of escape the room games, this one unexpectedly involving a horse. Not that unexpectedly though, given that I've just told you, not to mention that it's in the game title. Anyway... The game is a quick one, if more than a little bizarre, and you'll soon taste freedom. Using the counter that triggers when you collect your first object though you can then compete against others to get the best score on the hi-score table. Just remember though, that it's the taking part that counts [subbed & created by Shi Daniels].

Entry 3010, Wednesday, November 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Grolsch Green Light District No.2
In Grolsch Green Light District No.2 you'll need to navigate a little green ball across bar landscapes in much the same way as in the first puzzles, this set promises to be more difficult though. Trickier than it sounds when 90% of your brain is devoted to thinking "I could really do with a beer right now"... er... possibly not a game for the kids by the way, now I think about it [subbed by Meltischa].

Entry 3009, Wednesday, November 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Cubicle Freakout
Vent some of your office stress with a few bouts of Cubicle Freakout. The aim of the game is to trash your dismal office cubicle as much as possible, and then see how far you can hurl your computer screen. Carnage... and not just in the game, your real life mouse and keyboard will take a hammering too [subbed by f00].

Entry 3008, Wednesday, November 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Ambivalence is not so much a point'n'click game where you must "escape the room", but more one where you must "open the door", as you're able to freely travel (in some mysterious way) to both sides of the door making the door opening goal a two sided puzzle [subbed by Mike, Nicole, roko, WeePee, suki, troy & JhInG].

Entry 3007, Tuesday, November 13th 2007, Filed In Games

Return To GH
Now you've escaped the GH terrorists the only logical course of action is to Return To GH [subbed by Jawn, troy, Cyberjar88, Mandee, winniethepooh & JhInG].

Entry 3006, Tuesday, November 13th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 96
Wogger Mini 96 [subbed by Underdog10, anon, handyrman, ambas, Cyberjar88 & some1].

Entry 3005, Tuesday, November 13th 2007, Filed In Games

Twoon Exit
No, that Friday lunch time drink didn't effect your vision that much - Twoon Exit really does have double the point'n'click fun with a distinctive split screen interface in which you must find your way around two rooms at once. Let just hope that drink didn't destroy too many brain cells... [subbed by handyrman & kennymfk].!!!!!!!!

Entry 3004, Friday, November 9th 2007, Filed In Games

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