Cemet'ry Gates
Despite the somewhat grim surroundings Cemet'ry Gates is a fun point'n'click game. It is in no way related to Bill Gates. The name thing is just a coincidence. BTW - if you're still not convinced cemeteries can be fun then try this (that's Lazylaces Post #1 for all you archive and first fans) [subbed by kaylou].

Entry 3159, Thursday, March 20th 2008, Filed In Games

The Final Spell
The Final Spell is a wizard (geddit?) little escape the room game. Here the role of "wastepaper" basket is played by a wastepaper basket (oooh - authentic), and the role of "computer on desk" has no place in a wizard school being run out of an old castle... oh that's no fun... hmmm... it's being played by the coffee cup... that'll do [subbed by kaylou].

Entry 3158, Thursday, March 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Escape From Pink Door
Escape From Pink Door is an escape the room game featuring.. can you guess? Yes, a pink door. Sometimes things really are that simple. Anyway, that's about all I have to say except to note that the role of "wastepaper basket" is played by a vase, and the role of "computer on desk" is played by a teddy bear [subbed by JhInG].

Entry 3157, Thursday, March 20th 2008, Filed In Games

T's Room 3
T's Room 3 is a very very weird point'n'click game, even if you understand Japanese I should imagine, it is however also fairly amusing. Amusing that is if you find dropping things on an injured man's head funny... which of course we don't.. *shameful giggles*... [subbed by kaylou & Crymoon].

Entry 3156, Thursday, March 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Wonderful Sea
Wonderful Sea is a very cute point'n'click game with a seaside theme. There's not much sound, but you can sing your own soundtrack... *ahem*...

Wond-er-ful sea, wond-er-ful sea
Wond-er-ful sea, wond-er-ful sea
Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here naturally
Even the sturgeon and the ray
They get the urge 'n' start to play
We got the spirit, you got to hear it
Wond-er-ful sea

With apologies to The Little Mermaid [subbed by Crymoon].

Entry 3155, Thursday, March 20th 2008, Filed In Games

DIY Escape
In Do-It-Yourself Escape you're not allowed to use any walk-thrus or spoilers, you have to escape the room all on your own with no one else's help... Nah! Just kidding. In DIY Escape you've accidentally dropped your keys into a metal tube whilst doing some DIY work. To get out, you need to retrieve that key by finding, using and combining items. After that it's time for episode two in which you have to avoid being dragged to Home Depot on Saturday morning... that mission is much tougher... [subbed by Mystery & kaylou].

Entry 3154, Wednesday, March 19th 2008, Filed In Games

The Moonvertising web site goes some way to explaining a very confusing conversation I had with Jen the other day about a billboard she had seen, and I totally didn't understand, but it still leaves so many questions... #1: Are you really going to do this? #2 Why won't my comment appear!? [via op-pop].

Entry 3153, Wednesday, March 19th 2008, Filed In Stuff

Elephant Room Escape
Initially Elephant Room Escape might seem like an escape the room game completely devoid of Elephants, which wouldn't be that weird, if it weren't for the game title. A little bit of skilled clicking though (or randomly clicking everywhere like I did) and you'll find your first elephant. Lovely. Hmmm... but what to do next? I think I'll try more random clicking - woohoo! [subbed by f00]

Entry 3152, Wednesday, March 19th 2008, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 117
Wogger Mini 117 [subbed by Hiddenfaceinthecrowd, chacha, Cyberjar88 & Mad Dog].

Entry 3151, Wednesday, March 19th 2008, Filed In Games

Heart Room Escape
Heart Room Escape, or to give it it's full title "The Escape From The Room Which Is Heart", *phew*, is an escape the room game featuring hearts. Lots of hearts. Bucket-loads of hearts. In fact more hearts than Jen would like to decorate our bedroom with... no, on second thoughts, not quite that many, but still lots [subbed by Crymoon & JhInG].

Entry 3150, Tuesday, March 18th 2008, Filed In Games

Questionaut is a really lovely point'n'click game, even if it's not terribly difficult (it is meant for kids - so shame on you if you're struggling with the educational bits), where you are on a quest to recover your friend's hat which you pursue in your knowledge powered balloon. Glory in the fine graphics, and make sure you turn up the volume to get the most atmospheric experience. And where has this fine game come from? Well it's from the same games stable as Samorost (Amanita Design) and was commissioned by The Beeb, so it has some pukka credentials as well as being a joy to play [subbed by Theidiotcircusboy, Carol, Mountain Girl, Erin & Meeker].

Entry 3149, Monday, March 17th 2008, Filed In Games

Riddle School 3
The Riddle School Series continues with Riddle School 3 for some more school escaping point'n'click fun... fun if you turn the volume down that is... *mumble* *music isn't what it used to be* *grumble* *mumble* *just noises* *grumble*... [subbed by Crymoon, teh-ebil-apple & Angelblade].

Entry 3148, Monday, March 17th 2008, Filed In Games

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