Bear Room Escape
You better... *chuckle*... keep your wits about you... *snigger*... as you play Bear Room Escape... *snortle*... otherwise things could get *splutter*... a bit... wait for it... a bit... grizzly... *guffaw* [subbed by JhInG & Crymoon].

Entry 3211, Wednesday, April 9th 2008, Filed In Games

Roslin Station
If you want to catch the 12.42 to Basingstoke, Roslin Station is not for you, as a). It's the title of a point'n'click game and not a railway station, b). It's actually referring to an unknown facility of the DHARMA Initiative and not a railway station, c). In case you didn't know, that's to do with the television series Lost, which is a fictional story (or is it...oh conspiracy theory) and nothing to do with a very real railway station, and d). You clearly want Waterloo Station you fool.

All of which explanation leaves me with very little time and room to tell point'n'click fans that Roslin Station is a little bit basic in terms of what you can do (other than having a maze like quality), but it does look good, and if you like Lost it's kind of cool. I'd love to see a sequel along the same lines, but with much more actual gameplay [subbed by theidiotcircusboy, Doc & winniethepooh].

Entry 3210, Wednesday, April 9th 2008, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 120
Wogger Mini 120 [subbed by Cyberjar88, Sentinel, Mad Dog, anon & Hiddenfaceinthecrowd].

Entry 3209, Wednesday, April 9th 2008, Filed In Games

Bow Street Runner (Chapter 5)
Oh, it's the point'n'click news I've been waiting for: Bow Street Runner (Chapter 5) is out now... [subbed by Helanren].

Entry 3208, Tuesday, April 8th 2008, Filed In Games

Sniper Escape
Sniper Escape sees you trapped in a room with an empty gun case... [subbed by Crymoon, Mystery & winniethepooh]

Entry 3207, Tuesday, April 8th 2008, Filed In Games

In A Room
The name of the game is "In A Room", the goal of the game is to get out of the room (*) [subbed by Mystery, Crymoon & winniethepooh].

(*): "succinct" is the mot juste for today as I'm still trying to recover from that cold. I'm getting better, but I'm not quite there yet...

Entry 3206, Tuesday, April 8th 2008, Filed In Games

Escape Chestnut Room
You'll have to invent your own meandering totally off-topic game description for Escape Chestnut Room as I'm not feeling up to it today. I have a hectic schedule of coughing and sneezing to cope with as I'm still trying to get better from the cold/cough thing I came down with over the weekend, *achoo* [subbed by Bob, Meeker, Mystery, sopdox & Helanren].

Entry 3205, Monday, April 7th 2008, Filed In Games

Esklavos C15
Well I'm fried from a busy week, but before I head off for a much needed Friday night cold beer, there's just time for Esklavos C15 [subbed by Crymoon & Cyberjar88].

Entry 3204, Friday, April 4th 2008, Filed In Games

Cinderella Escape
Cinderella Escape is another Cinderella themed escape the room game (erm... actually it even has the same name), but this time it's Russian rather than Japanese (although you can choose to play in English) that I in no way forgot all about until I was searching my in-box for the other one. No way. That never happened [subbed by Jadee, Kate, Karin & stephanie].

Entry 3203, Thursday, April 3rd 2008, Filed In Games

Cinderella Escape
Cinderella Escape is a Japanese point'n'click game in which I assume (my Japanese being a bit rusty, but my recollection of Cinderella being passable) that you play Cinderella trying to escape the room your evil step sisters have locked you in [subbed by JhInG].

Entry 3202, Thursday, April 3rd 2008, Filed In Games

Mini Escape 2
When I lived in the UK I used to drive a Mini. Now I'm in the US I drive an Escape. However I believe the title of escape the room game "Mini Escape 2" is not connected in any way with these two facts and it's just an amazing coincidence. Well an amazing coincidence for me perhaps, if not for you. Well, ok then, it's not even that amazing for me. And, fine, it's not even a coincidence but just a tenuous link made up by me so I have something to say. Ho hum. Off to play I think... [subbed by Stacey & JhInG].

Entry 3201, Thursday, April 3rd 2008, Filed In Games

Tiger Room Escape
It's time to ROAR! Tiger Room Escape is here [subbed by f00].

Entry 3200, Thursday, April 3rd 2008, Filed In Games

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