Rabbit Room Escape
Rabbit Room Escape: Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run! [via nordinho].

Entry 3352, Thursday, June 12th 2008, Filed In Games

Mesiria 3
RPG games are not really my cup of tea at all but the last time I saw a Mesiria game I thought it was quite cool, so I thought I'd post a link to Mesiria 3 since I have it here, for fans of the genre. There's also a Mesiria 1, as you might except, which I never seem to have posted [subbed by Heather & Misty].

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Escape Pear Room
If you check the incredibly subtle clues hidden within Escape Pear Room you may just detect that I might have originally missed this game and I'm posting it a tiny bit late... [subbed by Myuhinny].

PS: Merry Christmas everyone :)

Entry 3350, Thursday, June 12th 2008, Filed In Games

The Present From Girlfriend
The Present From Girlfriend is a Japanese escape the room that holds an additional puzzle edge over it's brethren... getting the thing to even work is a challenge in itself. Not using Internet Explorer? Then you probably should walk away and have a nice cup of tea now instead of trying to play. You are using Internet Explorer? Well things still aren't plain sailing, you'll probably need to refresh the page at least once to get it to work properly. Good luck. Oh. BTW. Once you get it working, it doesn't look like a bad game, it's just getting to that point that seems to be a bit of a problem [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3349, Wednesday, June 11th 2008, Filed In Games

Dino Run
Dino Run is a mindless arcade game in which you control, and by control I mean bash wildly at a couple of keys on your keyboard, a dinosaur running away from a pyroclastic wall of doom. Sounds unrewarding and dull doesn't it? However, it's all strangely addicting in a "just one more go" kind of way, and I haven't even got around to experimenting with the whole multi-player thing yet [subbed by Charlotte Silver].

Entry 3348, Wednesday, June 11th 2008, Filed In Games

James The Pirate Zebra
As always with the James The Zebra arcade game series the latest episode, "James The Pirate Zebra", is not that great a game to play, but I love the intros on these. And this one is chock full of pirate cliches which is totally my bag [subbed by Nick S The Hamster].

Entry 3347, Wednesday, June 11th 2008, Filed In Games

Crazy Keys
These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights... er, I mean... these are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy keys [subbed by kelly & Mystery].

Entry 3346, Tuesday, June 10th 2008, Filed In Games

3 Attendants
Cute cute cute is the best way to describe 3 Attendants. That was 3 "cute"s see... 3 attendants... cute cute cute... hmmmm.... don't mind me, it's kind of hot here and I might well be losing my sanity [subbed by Buji, Mystery & ~*Mercedes*~].

Entry 3345, Tuesday, June 10th 2008, Filed In Games

Music Catch
Chill out with some laid back piano tinkling in Music Catch, a somewhat mellow arcade game for a Sunday afternoon [subbed by Jade X].

Entry 3344, Sunday, June 8th 2008, Filed In Games

Automaton: Part 2
Automaton: Part 2 is not a point'n'click game that is going to make you happy. The graphics are dark, the music is melancholic, and the puzzles really aren't that difficult to figure out. Yet somehow the game still manages to be great. The graphics might be dark, but they are really well done. The music might be melancholic, but they're produced well and suit the mood of the game. The puzzles might be simple, but are a pleasure to figure out. The net result being that a game which on paper I should hate, is actually one I love to play. Anyway, try to enjoy, and don't get too depressed. Try thinking of sun drenched tropical islands as you play. And also consider catching up with the previous episodes, if you haven't already, they're worth a play too, but you're really going to need a sunny outlook on life to get thru them as well in one sitting [subbed by Ralph & Mystery].

Entry 3343, Friday, June 6th 2008, Filed In Games

Bamba Snack Quest 2
Israeli babies, squirrels and snacks realign for a second time in Bamba Snack Quest 2 for more Israeli baby, squirrel and snack related point'n'click "find a path" goodness. And if you like this one, and you missed the first quest, remember to check that out too [subbed by gal, Kelly, Mystery, Mantari & Lap Kitten].

Entry 3342, Thursday, June 5th 2008, Filed In Games

Esklavos C16
Esklavos C16 is the latest outing in the Esklavos Series and answers the question, "War. What is it good for?". It's not just "absolutely nothing", but also a back drop to point'n'click games, apparently [subbed by ~*Mercedes*~, Mystery & Cyberjar88].

Entry 3341, Thursday, June 5th 2008, Filed In Games

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