Escape of Cancer
More star sign related room escaping in Escape of Cancer for those of you whose horoscope said you'd get locked in a room today [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3369, Tuesday, June 24th 2008, Filed In Games

Inanimate Alice 4: Hometown
The interactive(ish) tale of Inanimate Alice continues in Inanimate Alice 4: Hometown which I hasten to add is a story, and not a game, before I get 50 comments telling me how rubbish the game-play is [subbed by Minxxo, Ian & Esteban].

Entry 3368, Tuesday, June 24th 2008, Filed In Stuff

Wogger Mini 128
Wogger Mini 128 [subbed by Viv, Mystery & Cyberjar88].

Entry 3367, Monday, June 23rd 2008, Filed In Games

Monkey Room Escape
The animal themed escape rooms finally reach Monkey Room Escape meaning I get to revisit one of my favourite songs for any day of the week, but especially for a Musical Friday... *ahem*...

Look at the monkey, funny monkey
Little red monkey, acting so fidgety

Look at the monkey, funny monkey
Little red monkey, cute as can be

Where is his mama, papa, sister,
brother, cousin, rest-of-the-family?
Little red monkey, on his own,
some very lonesome monkey is he

Ahhhh.... now I feel better, time to enjoy the weekend. Have a good one everybody [subbed by Mystery].

NOTE: If you get a 'temporarily unavailable' message on the game link leave it a minute, and then try refreshing the page - this worked for me after getting the unavailable message a couple of times.

Entry 3366, Friday, June 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Spit It Out Adventure
Spit It Out Adventure is a "RPG based on extracting gum from gum chewers", this bizarre premise being connected to the fact that it's a viral game promoting chewing gum. Nice. And as far as I can tell 'rpg' actually means a series of mini arcade games connected together with some really difficult to control walking around. The graphics are lush though. Even if they do make even the speediest internet connection perform like an asthmatic ant. Hmmm... I'm a little bit overly grumpy from being super busy today, can you tell? Try and enjoy the game, and I'll go try and chill out, it is Friday evening now after all [subbed by Leo].

Entry 3365, Friday, June 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Darth Thriller
Don't you just hate it when you are way busier than you thought you were going to be, especially when it's Friday? The subtext being that I don't have much time here, but is that going to stop me posting Darth Thriller for Musical Friday? No way... [via op-pop].

Entry 3364, Friday, June 20th 2008, Filed In Stuff

D's Room Escape 4 - Tyasitu
More Japanese point'n'click antics in D's Room Escape 4 - Tyasitu. Anyone fancy a cup of tea whilst we play? [subbed by Catraven & Mystery].

Entry 3363, Thursday, June 19th 2008, Filed In Games

Escape of Kitten Narsa
Escape of Kitten Narsa has cute graphics anyway, but add a kitten into the mix as well, and the cute quotient rockets. Prepare to say 'ahhhh' people [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3362, Thursday, June 19th 2008, Filed In Games

Treasure Of Ogre
I'm late posting today. I've been busy applying for my US social security number, which is as exciting as it sounds. And now I can apply for a state driving license too, but for that one I get to do another driving test, as well as sit in a boring office for a couple of hours. Woohoo! Anyway... meanwhile, now I'm back at home, I see there are a pile of games to post, but very little time to do it... so which shall I pick... Ooooo.... the cutest, I think, which has to be Treasure Of Ogre. Even with the ogre. Hurrah! [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3361, Wednesday, June 18th 2008, Filed In Games

Doctor Ku: The Kitchen
Point'n'click cookery madness abounds with Doctor Ku: The Kitchen [subbed by Mystery, GossipGirl, Gemini, Abby, winniethepooh & Scott].

Entry 3360, Tuesday, June 17th 2008, Filed In Games

Dirk Dagger
Dirk Dagger might sound like a point'n'click game about a sleazy pr0n star (you're thinking of this, if that rings a bell) but it's actually a point'n'click game about a couple of sleazy detectives. Hmmm.... sleazy [subbed by Mystery, Myuhinny & winniethepooh].

Entry 3358, Tuesday, June 17th 2008, Filed In Games

Phantom Mansion 8: The Black Sanctum
The popular Phantom Mansion Series concludes with Phantom Mansion 8: The Black Sanctum - press 'play' on the linked page to start [subbed by Mystery, Scott & geek.girl].

Entry 3357, Tuesday, June 17th 2008, Filed In Games

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