Duck gives you a series of point'n'click logic puzzles that will send you... wait for it... wait for it... quackers [subbed by Bart, Mystery, Cyberjar88 & HunterThompsonWanabe]

Entry 3437, Saturday, August 2nd 2008, Filed In Games

The Mystery House - Escape From The Beginning Room
One of the biggest mysteries over at The Mystery House - Escape From The Beginning Room is how their interior decorator manages to make a living. What is that carpet? And which decade/century did that wallpaper come from? Oh yes, and why am I finding little mini ghosts everywhere? [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3436, Thursday, July 31st 2008, Filed In Games

Aya Escape
With that weird thing sat on the bed staring at you escaping the room seems like a mighty fine idea in Aya Escape [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3435, Thursday, July 31st 2008, Filed In Games

Let's Go To The Beach!
Let's Go to the Beach! teaches us that if you see mice running around your kitchen, that you need to pause for thought, as you stand on a chair screaming, that they may be just trying to collect items to go to the beach. If you'd only take a few minutes of your time, and use your hard learned point'n'click adventuring skills, to help them, they might leave of their own accord, and a call to pest control would not be necessary [subbed by VictoriaV & VF-99].

Entry 3434, Thursday, July 31st 2008, Filed In Games

The GH Plot
Time for some ill behavior indeed, as we're back once again with the renegade master for The GH Plot [subbed by Mystery, Cyberjar88 & sup-man].

Entry 3433, Tuesday, January 1st 2008, Filed In Games

Escape The Apartment
This is from a while back, but I missed it, anyway it's another opportunity to Escape The Apartment [subbed by winniethepooh, Nick s the hamster, karstenmp & VF-99].

Entry 3432, Wednesday, July 30th 2008, Filed In Games

Beatle Room Escape
If you need any help with Beatle Room Escape just drop a note in the comments. Trying to figure it out might have caused you a hard day's night, but that's no reason to let it be... etc, ad infinitum [subbed by f00].

Entry 3431, Wednesday, July 30th 2008, Filed In Games

Mr Coo: The Spherical Labyrinth
Once Mr Coo has paid his bandwidth bill you can catch up with him at his own web site, but in the meantime you can, fortunately for us, see him on some other sites. This is good as it means you need not miss this funky point'n'click game that mashes up offbeat comic strip graphics with the visual presentation of 24 over a groovy soundtrack to tickle your eardrums. It's a pleasure to play, and hopefully there's more to come. In the meantime just note that this one takes a while to load (it's worth the wait though) and there's an option to play in English on the first screen once loaded so there's no need to be too confused - you should be just the right amount of confused instead [subbed by VictoriaV, grad98cofc & theidiotcircusboy].

Entry 3430, Tuesday, July 29th 2008, Filed In Games

Escape The Apartment
If you are getting bored whilst waiting for Escape The Apartment to load, then I really don't recommend trying to cheat once you start playing [subbed by VictoriaV & Escaper].

Entry 3429, Tuesday, July 29th 2008, Filed In Games

10 Gnomes 7: The Solitude
Carelessly losing your gnomes and then having to hunt around to find the things, as in 10 Gnomes 7: The Solitude, is just the sort of thing I would expect to happen on a Monday [subbed by Murtaugh & VictoriaV].

Entry 3428, Monday, July 28th 2008, Filed In Games

Break A Watermelon
Break A Watermelon might not be a terribly difficult point'n'click game, but it is very cute, and also it does have multiple endings. Although now I come to think of it I've only managed to get one of the endings, so perhaps something in here is a little tricky. See how you get on, and let us know what ending(s) you found. Meanwhile I need to go get some watermelon out of the fridge.... [subbed by Victoria].

Entry 3427, Thursday, July 24th 2008, Filed In Games

Escape From Ball's Room
The first screen of Escape From Ball's Room looks hideously complicated. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I wouldn't know as I only got as far as changing the numbers to 1337 and giggling to myself before I moved onto the next game. Apparently gaming gives you a short attention sp... [subbed by Mystery & Cyberjar88].

Entry 3426, Thursday, July 24th 2008, Filed In Games

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