Blog ClogAn interesting article from Wired about how blogs fair in search result rankings in comparison to "traditional" commercial web sites. When I started this site - and more so as time went on - I was surprised by the quantity of search engine sourced traffic that reached this site. We're not talking huge numbers but somedays my traffic is 99% El Goog originated.

This compares oddly with the commercial sites I've worked on in the past where the referal rate has been pitiful in comparrison and with much more effort on my part to do something about it. The question is could I go back to commercial webmaster work and generate large amounts of site traffic by using blog - or blog-like - content? It would be an interesting experiment - not least as I love web-mastery work. I guess the main sticking point would be generating enough relevent and interesting content. As I've mainly done work with insurance and financial related products and companies it might be a bit of a struggle.

Anyway reading around this subject I found this great article on why Google loves blogs which gives you pretty much the template format you'll need if you want to try out my commercial blog theory. Well I say my theory but I'm sure someone out there is already doing to this. It would be quite interesting to hear about their findings.

While I was at it I also read-up some more on Google bombing/washing which I've found fascinating for some time now although I haven't experimented or participated in any of the schemes I've heard about or seen around. I guess a Google bomb/wash is so effective as Google love blogs so much. I'm sure there's some irony in there somewhere.

Anyway that's enough staring at my own feet for now - I'm sure one of things Google doesn't like about blogs is them being self-referential all the time. Just one more thing to note though - the links marked "popular" in the right hand column of this site (-->) relate to the articles on this site that generate the most search engine traffic - my own examples of the blog clog phenomenon. Although I'm not sure how much commercial traffic I'm taking with search terms like matrix cow and graffiti creator.

Entry 343, Saturday, May 17th 2003, Filed In Stuff

I'm totally at the other end of any scale that measures the need to fake working hard but I did enjoy the Wall Steet Journal's guide: "How to Fake A Hard Day at the Office". Back in the day when I needed this kind of guide I just relied on the old walk around looking important holding a peice of paper routine but using tech for such devious ends really appeals. I don't think I could get away with this now though in an office of 10 people when I've barely got time for lunch let alone slacking.

Entry 342, Saturday, May 17th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Just William
Prince William is to appear in stamp format for his 21st birthday which is the nearest millions of the nation's girlies tongues are going to get to the young gentleman. The question is why can't the monarchy just settle for a massive pub crawl? That's what I did on my 21st and it never did me any harm...[pic from private-eye].

Entry 341, Saturday, May 17th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Hopefully normal service will resume shortly but if you take a quick peek you might still be able to see that Milk And Cookies = Own3d. See my screenshot if you missed it. I can't imagine what "SpikE" has against Milk And Cookies it's one of the best sites around and I hope it's back soon.

Entry 340, Saturday, May 17th 2003, Filed In Stuff

The local paper reports the neighborhood English mother obligingly got naked with quite a few nondescript programmers [via optical poptitude].

Entry 339, Friday, May 16th 2003, Filed In Stuff

This link is of no use what-so-ever if you don't regularly commute through London Waterloo but since I do it's getting posted - the Waterloo departures board is now on-line. No more waiting for hours for delayed trains (hopefully).

Entry 338, Friday, May 16th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Another useful introduction to the basics of Wi-Fi [via gizmodo].

Entry 337, Friday, May 16th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Mix And Max
Not at all what you'd expect from the picture [hosted at subdisc].

Entry 336, Thursday, May 15th 2003, Filed In Stuff

A dysfunctional flash town just waiting to be explored. If it reminds you of your home town my advice is to move out while you can.

Entry 335, Thursday, May 15th 2003, Filed In Stuff

The Matrix meets Futurama courtesy of Neo Bender. Just one of Ross's continuing excellent finds in his new home at Coolio's. RIP Wastrel Division.

Entry 334, Thursday, May 15th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Cows With GunsI've been waiting for ages to find some more insane flash animation and finally the wait has paid off. Mad flash meets mad song in Cows With Guns which incorporates some very dubious rhymes but certainly made me smile. I especially liked the chickens in choppers [hosted at shagrat].

Entry 333, Thursday, May 15th 2003, Filed In Stuff

You know what they say about a guy with big feet? Well here are the hard *snigger* facts. For reference I am UK size 9 - I make no further comment.

Entry 332, Thursday, May 15th 2003, Filed In Stuff

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