Kid's Escape Game
In Kid's Escape Game you've been childish, so you've been locked in a kid's room. Hardly an effective deterrent/punishment for a point'n'click fanatic [subbed by Underdog10 & eCatalyst].

Entry 3785, Thursday, May 7th 2009, Filed In Games

Mobai Room 3
The claustrophobic tininess of Mobai Room 3 will give you plenty of incentive to try and escape... [subbed by Cyberjar88 & Buji].

Entry 3784, Thursday, May 7th 2009, Filed In Games

Loom Blend
Loom Blend is the perfect game to play whilst you are growing a beard and/or listening to the Polyphonic Spree. Trust me, I'm a doctor [subbed by Scott, Helanren, Cyberjar88 & Evan].

Entry 3783, Thursday, May 7th 2009, Filed In Games

The Great House Escape
I might be super duper busy right now, but even a hectic schedule can be bent to squeeze in The Great House Escape [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3782, Thursday, April 30th 2009, Filed In Games

Sleeping Beauty
Put those point'n'click skills of yours to good use with a spot of princess rescuing in Sleeping Beauty. Go on, you know you want to [subbed by Buji & missperkygoth].

Entry 3781, Tuesday, April 21st 2009, Filed In Games

In Losttt (yes, that's 3 tees) you progress from level to level by searching for (and clicking on) a hidden picture of your destination (the next level) within the current level/picture. Which is just a fancy way of saying there's lots of pixel hunting. Arrrrgh. I'm not sure which hurts most - my strained eyes, or my overly clicked clicking finger... [subbed by poseidon].

Entry 3780, Tuesday, April 21st 2009, Filed In Games

Broccoli Room Escape
Featuring my arch nemesis, broccoli, Broccoli Room Escape makes total sense to me. I mean, why wouldn't you want to escape broccoli? Ugh, nasty [subbed by chester].

Entry 3779, Tuesday, April 21st 2009, Filed In Games

Wings of Freedom
Wings of Freedom is one of those game where just starting to play raises a whole bundle of issues, so maybe you'll want hold off on trying to play until tomorrow, given that Monday isn't exactly anyone's best day. Maybe playing it today and blaming your lack of progress on the 'Monday effect' would work for you though. Either way, for what it's worth (erm.. not very much), my best results were from selecting the 'escape part only' and then '402' [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3778, Monday, April 20th 2009, Filed In Games

Malstrums Mansion
I hope you haven't thrown out that black'n'white monitor yet. It'll come in handy for Malstrums Mansion [subbed by utsuki].

Entry 3777, Monday, April 20th 2009, Filed In Games

D's Sakura
D's Sakura features a capacious cornucopia of color so, I don't care how attached you are to it, it's damn well time for you to throw out that black'n'white monitor and get a brand new color one. And next week we'll address the issue of your steam powered keyboard [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3776, Saturday, April 18th 2009, Filed In Games

Hatchlings is your everyday adventure tale of baby dragons in a cave [subbed by rosedragon & David Newcomb].

Entry 3775, Saturday, April 18th 2009, Filed In Games

Hoppin' At The Avocado Condos
Hoppin' At The Avocado Condos mixes some tricky puzzle play (of the 'find the correct path' variety) with bucket loads of ultra violence, but since it only involves stick men it's ok. At least until the stick men lobbyists find out about it anyway [subbed by Tornado90 & ryanmalloy].

Entry 3774, Saturday, April 18th 2009, Filed In Games

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