Music Catch 2
Music Catch 2 refreshes the parts that other games cannot reach... the ears are what I'm talking about by the way... [subbed by c",)].

Entry 3809, Tuesday, May 19th 2009, Filed In Games

Magic Door Escape
Further proof, as if we needed any more, that escape the room games are actually just viral marketing from the wood laminate flooring industry, can be found within Magic Door Escape [subbed by Mystery & anon].

Entry 3808, Monday, May 18th 2009, Filed In Games

Pumpkin Room Escape
Please extinguish all naked flames before playing Pumpkin Room Escape... [subbed by Cyberjar88 & Mystery].

Entry 3807, Monday, May 18th 2009, Filed In Games

The Blue Beanie
I can think of only three words to describe the magic contained within The Blue Beanie: cute, cute & cute [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3806, Saturday, May 16th 2009, Filed In Games

Whilst St.12 might not be the most exciting game (or game name) in the world, especially for a Friday which deserves a little better, it is at least presented largely in shades of gray which is always supremely exciting. Wait, hold on a minute... [subbed by zodiac].

Entry 3805, Friday, May 15th 2009, Filed In Games

Three Child Pigs
No need to huff and puff, Three Child Pigs is here [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3804, Thursday, May 14th 2009, Filed In Games

Nekonote Escape 10 Dream 3
As Nekonote Escape 10 Dream 3 is a quiet and unassuming escape the room game you might assume it couldn't be improved by singing "I Like Square Butts" (and indeed it might be totally inappropriate to do so) whilst you play. Your assumption is incorrect [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3803, Thursday, May 14th 2009, Filed In Games

Mild Escape 2
If you have a musical problem, and you know how to find them, you too can hire the band that supply the music for Mild Escape 2 [subbed by Buji & ryanmalloy].

Entry 3802, Thursday, May 14th 2009, Filed In Games

Smile For Me
Smile For Me is another escape the room game that spurns traditional carpet in favor of wood laminate flooring [subbed by anon].

Entry 3801, Wednesday, May 13th 2009, Filed In Games

D's Hide'n'Seek
On a rainy day you can't beat a bit of the ol' hide'n'seek, this was after all how Narnia was discovered, so D's Hide'n'Seek is a nice little treat for you if you are stuck indoors today [subbed by charlie].

Entry 3800, Wednesday, May 13th 2009, Filed In Games

A Small Favor
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... somebody asked you for A Small Favor [subbed by kelly].

Entry 3799, Tuesday, May 12th 2009, Filed In Games

Escape From Cell 54
Escape From Cell 54 should give you a few useful hints'n'tips for when/if the law ever manages to catch up with you and they manage to gather enough evidence for a jury to convict you. Or at least it's a nice diversion as you ponder whether they'll be changing the extradition laws any time soon [subbed by charlie].

Entry 3798, Tuesday, May 12th 2009, Filed In Games

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