Aiye, eye! The Year is 1066 and the question is... war, what is it good for? And the answer is slow strategy games that aren't my cup of tea apparently...[subbed by Yvonne].

Entry 3838, Monday, July 6th 2009, Filed In Games

Being One
In Being One you start the game suspended in a vat of green goop in a science lab, much like any other given Thursday morning. Your first, not too taxing, task is to escape the goop. But then you're going to have to escape the lab too, not to mention finding out who you are and what 'they' have done to you...and who 'they' are of course [subbed by Mystery & Psionic].

Entry 3837, Thursday, July 2nd 2009, Filed In Games

Journeys Of Reemus C3: Know Thy Enemy
Reemus and Liam continue their teen rated adventures in Journeys Of Reemus C3: Know Thy Enemy, which is now out of Beta [subbed by Teeg, Buji , Mark S & Mystery].

Entry 3836, Wednesday, July 1st 2009, Filed In Games

The Freewill Cycle
As you might expect from the name "The Freewill Cycle" has nothing at all to do with breaking Bill's bicycle out of prison, and is all about listening to ethereal music on space stations. Just remember though, that in space no one can hear your progress-bar scream... [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3835, Wednesday, July 1st 2009, Filed In Games

Funfair is a serious point'n'click adventure set around a slightly strange... oh, hang on, *cool*; Bumper cars. You'll have to excuse me for a while I'm afraid :)

Entry 3834, Tuesday, June 30th 2009, Filed In Games

Cat'n'Dog is both a unit measure of rainfall and a point'n'click game [subbed by anon].

Entry 3833, Monday, June 29th 2009, Filed In Games

10 Doors
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Doors, 11, 12 [via bontegames].

Entry 3832, Sunday, June 28th 2009, Filed In Games

YogiPoco reminds me of Pokemon, in that I didn't understand either. I also know that having two different video ads, with sound, on the same page as a game, with sound, is pretty horrid on the old ears. Current status: Grumpy old man [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3831, Sunday, June 28th 2009, Filed In Games

Living Room Escape
Living Room Escape might be a nice "escape the room" game, but there's just nothing interesting to write about it. The puzzles are nice, the graphics are nice, even the musak is nice. It's just, well, nice. Even the wood laminate flooring is nice. Unfortunately this leaves me with very little to say, so instead, I'm going to share a completely unrelated secret with you. Are you ready? You are? So... I am an absolutely massive fan of the "some bad hat Harry" animation at the end of House. I can miss the whole show, and just see that, and it keeps me happy... Thanks for letting me share. Isn't blogging great? [subbed by AHAK].

Entry 3830, Sunday, June 28th 2009, Filed In Games

Kidnapped By Aliens
Back when economic times were good in the universe all you needed to worry about whilst strolling through underpopulated areas of the countryside on Planet Earth, was being abducted by aliens (and possibly a mosquito bite or two), what with there being plenty of money around for various lifeforms to invest in research programs on humans. But these days times are tough, and research grants are thin on the ground. Around Alpha Centauri and beyond, everybody is just looking to make a few bucks where they can, hence the recent phenomena of being Kidnapped By Aliens. So for your sake I hope your family has a few Altairian dollars saved up to pay the ransom... [subbed by Dave].

Entry 3829, Friday, June 26th 2009, Filed In Games

Little Wheel
Little Wheel is a sepia toned, steampunk-esque vision of the future, blended with a soundtrack reminiscent of an old private eye movie, which you weren't expecting, but which makes life just that little bit better [subbed by Derrel, Bender Is Great!, Underdog10, victoria, JPL, AlternativeDave, myuhinny, anticon, Ronberto, Jay Manning & Kyle].

Entry 3828, Friday, June 26th 2009, Filed In Games

The Ballad of Ketinetto 3
The Ballad of Ketinetto 3 is the kind coconut orientated adventure that we haven't seen since that time that someone put the lime in the coconut. It's less limey though, obviously. Unlike me [subbed by Buji].

Ps. Wondering if we got the house? Still, not yet I'm afraid, it's taking an age to get a decision on a loan.

Entry 3827, Friday, June 26th 2009, Filed In Games

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