Maybe I'm just grumpy because it's Monday but not much has caught my eye today. I did however have a little chuckle at gizmodo's retro look at what was new in 1983.

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The technorati are watching you - find out who's saying what about your blog/web site/article/rant with this excellent tool which examines the "cosmos" of links around any given url. I used it to discover that manly enjoyed my spooks rant (how did I miss this before?).

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Butch MushroomHelp butch mushroom catch the passing insects. Lush forest background to this surreal game fun from orange gray [via geisha].

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The Observer provides us with a handy test to tell if you're a geezer. It's good to see that I'm not - although I seem to meet a lot. Is it only a matter of time before I attend football matches wearing a Burberry cap? Anyway I laughed when I saw: "Your cocktail of choice is a Turbo Shandy (Smirnoff Ice plus half a lager)" as it reminded me of the evening when Jules txt'ed me to tell me about her fabulous new invention the Turbo Guiness (Smirnoff Ice plus a half of Guiness) which was "the best drink ever". The txt the next afternoon revealed it in a slightly different light as: "the most evil drink ever". I've never actually investigated to find out which is true but I still maintain that the most evil drink in the world is snakebite and black which I drank during my college years for my sins *hic*

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KozoLarge purple hippo dances to the thong song wearing a thong - obviously. The fact that I find this entertaining probably says something very bad about my psychology. Originally courtesy of Duck Studios [found at Coolio's].

Update: I think Duck Studios have been having bandwidth issues due to the popularity of this flash animation. If you can't download it at the original URL try this link hosted at 3D Festival.

Another Update: Another alternative Kozo post is at sibal design.

Yet Another Update: It looks like Kozo has been pulled from just about everywhere due to copyright reasons. If you manage to find a copy on-line let me know the address and I'll post it (e-mail below).

And Yet Another Update: Thanks to Lisa for spotting Kozo is still available at thebeatmiami.

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AquatrisCute pixellated version of Tetris with sea creatures...rather than building blocks. Pixel graphics are great, sound effects are great, but the irritating tune that just won't leave your head for the next 5 days is missing. You decide if this is a good or bad thing. Bad thing - imho.

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I like the idea of a company based in Birmingham that just sells whistles. I like that it's done this for over 130 years. I like that I can hear the whistles on line. But I especially like is that they encourage you to play the dog whistle wav to your dog. This is the kind of web site interaction we need more of (I can't wait to hear how Daisy and Karan get on with this one).

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A good article from the Independent on the business of viral marketing which I normally just appreciate from the receiving end. It's good to get another point of view - on the whole I quite happily play my Nokia games and watch the BMW films (which are fantastic) without really thinking about the bigger picture.

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Mix one part Sonic the Hedgehog to one part pinball. Heat for 15 minutes in a moderate oven. Stand to cool. Voila! Perfect Sonic Spinball. Happy eating/playing.

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After 3 years of total Big Brother addiction why has this year's show completely failed to grab my attention? I must have watched 5 minutes of the show in total - I couldn't even tell you a contestants name. Anyway this didn't stop me having a good old chuckle at Not Very Big Brother - it's better than the real thing. I look forward to some changes in the show's format for next year.

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The best muppet song is now available for the mpeg generation. I'd forgotten how addicitve this was - I can't stop singing it - it's going to take over the world [posted justabouteverywhere].

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SpooksGood news for all espionage techno geeks in the UK this evening as the new series of Spooks started. And for all you hyper-geeks out there of course there was the opportunity to get two episodes for the price of one thanks to the invention of BBC3. Not that this group of people includes it keeps me happy anyway.

For everyone outside the UK I recommend catching up with this fine series as soon as some off-shoot of the BBC makes it available to you. It's kind of a pesudo-James Bond meets what could be real life MI5 (you like to imagine) with a side order of cheese all in series form. It's quite a strange combination but it's very compelling and quite enjoyable. Even in it's more jarring moments. Talking of which the tag-line is: "MI5 not 9 to 5" - which I think tells you succinctly just about everything you need to know about the series and whether you're going to like it.

Anyway what drives me to write is not that it's back on television - which I don't deny is great - but to cover some of the more fanciful & enjoyable 'discoveries' this evening's episodes provided:

1. MI5 shy away from Big Blue technology and it's clones going all out for Mac systems. They're all over MI5 head-quarters - 17 inch wide screen iMacs, Power Macs of all shapes and descriptions, and hoards of Power Books - well I'm assuming this last one as I don't actually remember clocking any notebooks at all - but it's fair to say it was a Mac-fest. Anyway I'd love to think that this was true. The genius. Over 90% of security breeches, virii and worms attack PC systems - so what could be safer for the security services than running Apple networks? This would make the basis of a great switch campaign. What saddens me though is that the BBC probably just decided to use Macs as they seem to have decided that the MI5 building is actually the techie playground of uber-geeks and Macs look "pretty cool" and fit in with that image. Part of me still hopes the first reason is the right one though.

2. On the other hand it wasn't surprising to see that the nasty Serb terrorist used a PC (I actually think it was an IBM) and that the down-at-heal private firm used sub standard PC kit in my favourite shade of systems beige.

3. Finally my favourite event was the previously mentioned Serb terroist bloke typing his secret documents in the Serb embassy. What's the best way to hide what you type? Some sort of book code? Encryption software? No. The best way to hide what you are typing is to know the binary for anything you might want to say and then type it very fast. Hoping of course that there isn't a second computer savant watching over you shoulder. Quite incredible. The typing of the binary was one thing but the fact that he could do it at a fast touch typing speed was another. The real icing on the cake though was the number of keys in use - surely touch typing with all five digits is show-boating if you are only typing out 0's and 1's?

Anyway I eagerly await the rest of the series as it's hugely entertaining despite - and because of - the slight oddities of plot and setting. In the meantime I'm updating my PC wallpaper even though 9 out of 10 intelligence agencies don't recommend it.

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