You might want to make sure sure you are up to date with your shots before you play VirusRoom [subbed by anon].

UPDATE: Here's an alternative link if you need it.

Entry 3846, Thursday, July 9th 2009, Filed In Games

TV House Escape
It's that time of year again when schools are out and parents encourage their children to perform a TV House Escape [subbed by Indrek Luts].

Entry 3845, Thursday, July 9th 2009, Filed In Games

Rice Room Escape
Celebrate the release of Rice Room Escape in a fitting manner by releasing 99 Luft Balons before you play. Go on, you know you want to [subbed by Cyberjar88].

Entry 3844, Thursday, July 9th 2009, Filed In Games

Alkirian: The Nine Pages
You need to hunt for the page nine times in order to escape the room in Alkirian: The Nine Pages [subbed by victoria].

Entry 3843, Wednesday, July 8th 2009, Filed In Games

Mr Ray And The Missing Colours
Mr Ray And The Missing Colours features the music of Mr Ray, and whilst he clearly is not a long lost member of Disaster Area, his game does feature a spaceship in the shape of a guitar.... I mean, maybe I'm just easy to please, but this is the only fact I required to make me want to play [subbed by sassylassie].

Entry 3842, Tuesday, July 7th 2009, Filed In Games

Pirate Peril
I'm pretty much a sucker for anything piratey, in fact I've forgotten how to use Facebook in anything but "English (Pirate)", so mix up pirates and point'n'click gaming, as in Pirate Peril, and I'm sold, even if the graphics aren't up to much [subbed by copperhead].

Entry 3841, Monday, July 6th 2009, Filed In Games

Detained in a large grand house, with only a melancholic piano player for company, it doesn't take a genius to work out that escape is your only option if you are going to retain your sanity. What little sanity you have that is [subbed by Dave].

Entry 3840, Monday, July 6th 2009, Filed In Games

Waiting Room
If you travel out of central London on The Tube to the far reaches of metroland, you could too could end up trapped in a lonely Waiting Room in the middle of nowhere [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3839, Monday, July 6th 2009, Filed In Games

Aiye, eye! The Year is 1066 and the question is... war, what is it good for? And the answer is slow strategy games that aren't my cup of tea apparently...[subbed by Yvonne].

Entry 3838, Monday, July 6th 2009, Filed In Games

Being One
In Being One you start the game suspended in a vat of green goop in a science lab, much like any other given Thursday morning. Your first, not too taxing, task is to escape the goop. But then you're going to have to escape the lab too, not to mention finding out who you are and what 'they' have done to you...and who 'they' are of course [subbed by Mystery & Psionic].

Entry 3837, Thursday, July 2nd 2009, Filed In Games

Journeys Of Reemus C3: Know Thy Enemy
Reemus and Liam continue their teen rated adventures in Journeys Of Reemus C3: Know Thy Enemy, which is now out of Beta [subbed by Teeg, Buji , Mark S & Mystery].

Entry 3836, Wednesday, July 1st 2009, Filed In Games

The Freewill Cycle
As you might expect from the name "The Freewill Cycle" has nothing at all to do with breaking Bill's bicycle out of prison, and is all about listening to ethereal music on space stations. Just remember though, that in space no one can hear your progress-bar scream... [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3835, Wednesday, July 1st 2009, Filed In Games

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