Both Seven the game, and se7en the movie, are pretty unusual, but that's where the similarities end; the music in the game is much jollier than anything in the movie, and in terms of actors I'm afraid there's no Brad Pitt in the game. Unless that's him wearing the square head happy costume, but I'm thinking that's fairly unlikely since Anj has some very strict rules about him doing that kind of thing [subbed by anon].

Entry 3862, Friday, July 31st 2009, Filed In Games

Escape The Black Box
Gotta get up, gotta get up, gotta get up, to play Escape The Black Box.... a point'n'click horror game (so tread carefully with younger players and the squeamish). Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and answer the door, 1989 is here asking if it can have it's puns back... [subbed by victoria].

Entry 3861, Thursday, July 30th 2009, Filed In Games

Sushi Room Escape
Keep your soy sauce, sweet picked ginger and wasabi handy as they are all ideal accompaniments to Sushi Room Escape [subbed by anon].

Entry 3860, Thursday, July 30th 2009, Filed In Games

Loom Custody
The grim concrete surroundings of Loom Custody provide plenty of incentive for you to escape the room [subbed by Nymphaea].

Entry 3859, Wednesday, July 29th 2009, Filed In Games

Alkirian 2: The Seven Scepters
You don't have to walk like an Egyptian to play Alkirian 2: The Seven Scepters, but it helps... [subbed by anon].

Entry 3858, Wednesday, July 29th 2009, Filed In Games

The young, young at heart, squeamish, office bound, and haters of "mini-games", amongst you should probably avoid playing Vorago at all costs. Hopefully everyone else (both of you), enjoys it though... [subbed by Daremaster Spoodle].

Entry 3857, Wednesday, July 29th 2009, Filed In Games

Space Oddity
Space Cowboy Oddity is best played whilst performing some crazy dance moves and wearing your favorite tea cozy [subbed by anon].

Entry 3856, Monday, July 27th 2009, Filed In Games

Closed Office
Even though I might be back from the beach, I'm still officially on vacation, so if anyone asks; you ain't seen me, right? Anyways...

Can you escape the Closed Office before you become a permanent employee of Wernham Hogg and/or Dunder Mifflin [subbed by Ralph].

Entry 3855, Monday, July 27th 2009, Filed In Games

Summer Holiday
After weeks, months even, of an, as yet still, unfruitful house hunt - viewing properties, filling out & submitting multiple financial forms (Self-employed? Tricky), missing out on our dream home, filling out & submitting yet more financial forms (Non-Citizen? Very tricky), moving loan company & finally getting approval on a home loan, filling out & submitting even more financial forms, and even now still viewing properties regularly (and filling out more forms), it's time for a break, and we're off on our summer holiday.

In the meantime if you are looking for new games try the folks listed to right under 'more games', or brace yourself for a historical tour, and use the new Random Game Selecta to tinker around in the LL archives.

That should keep you occupied until the 29th, when we'll be back from OC. And remember - wear sunscreen.

Entry 3854, Friday, July 17th 2009, Filed In Diary

Covert Front 3
Covert Front 3 captures the romance and mystery of the steam age of rail travel, rather than the modern reality of commuter mass transportation [subbed by Cyberjar88].

Entry 3853, Friday, July 17th 2009, Filed In Games

Escapers #05 Space
Escapers #05 Space is a lot like Pigs In Space, but with less pigs, and decidedly more point'click [subbed by memph78 & anticon].

Entry 3852, Friday, July 17th 2009, Filed In Games

The Great Red Herring Chase
The Great Red Herring Chase simultaneously has both the best keyboard game controls ever, and the worst keyboard game controls ever, not to mention keeping a very worried Mavis Beacon up at night [seen @ Bart's & Jay's].

Entry 3851, Monday, July 13th 2009, Filed In Games

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