Cat Of Bubble
Don't let the gritty and dark, docu-drama realism, of Cat Of Bubble put you off, it's still an entertaining point'n'click game. Just don't have nightmares [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3886, Thursday, August 20th 2009, Filed In Games

Icho 4
As even the lowest level peon at NASA will happily tell you, the trickiest part of space travel isn't escaping the grip of earth's gravity, it's not maintaining bone density in a weightless environment, and it's not even finding someone to pay for it all. No, the trickiest part of space travel is building the point'n'click puzzles into everything, and then finding astronauts who can actually manage to solve them. Witness Icho 4 for more details [subbed by anon].

Entry 3885, Wednesday, August 19th 2009, Filed In Games

Hans Hans The Biking Viking: Leaving Loki's Lockup
Did you know that as the Norse god of mischief, Loki, fittingly, not only frequently crops up as a server name in many companies, but he is also the owner of the dungeon in the improbably named "Hans Hans The Biking Viking: Leaving Loki's Lockup", a platform adventure game slash comical entertainment [subbed by Mantari].

Entry 3884, Wednesday, August 19th 2009, Filed In Games

Locked Cabin
Don't wear polka dots whilst playing Locked Cabin as you'll clash horribly with the walls, and commit one of the worst fashion faux pas imaginable... [subbed by Mystery & memph78].

Entry 3883, Monday, August 17th 2009, Filed In Games

Escape From The Bedroom
The goal of "Escape From The Bedroom" is subtly hidden within it's title, I'm not going to tell you what it is though, I'll leave it to you to work it out, as I don't want to spoil the surprise [subbed by Mystery, Buji & Catraven].

Entry 3882, Monday, August 17th 2009, Filed In Games

Escape From Meeting Room
For any of you out there working as office drones Escape From Meeting Room should be a breeze after all those hours of planning you've done for this very scenario. The rest of you though should prepare to be baffled by the shiny surfaces and piped muzak of the office environment. But now, if you'll excuse me, I can't sit here blithering on about games, I have to redo my TPS reports, apparently I didn't get the memo about the new cover sheets... [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3881, Monday, August 17th 2009, Filed In Games

Journeys Of Jay Ziebarth Podcast
For tonight's homework it's time to do a little listening to The Journeys Of Jay Ziebarth Podcast, where NinjaVsPirates interview Jay Ziebart of Journeys Of Reemus fame about game design. I'll expect a 400 word summary, explaining your conclusions, and citing some references, on my desk in the morning [subbed by Mitch (who did not reveal whether he was a ninja or a pirate)].

Entry 3880, Monday, August 17th 2009, Filed In Stuff

Wood Blocks Escape
Wood Blocks Escape gives the humble wooden block the opportunity to make you say "ArrrRgGhHHH!" as you heft your laptop* through the window [subbed by anon].

* : Laptop not included.

Entry 3879, Saturday, August 15th 2009, Filed In Games

Toast Room Escape
Toast Room Escape is best played with melty butter and jam [subbed by Cyberjar88].

Entry 3878, Saturday, August 15th 2009, Filed In Games

Finding My Heart
Sometimes a game really makes you wonder about the game maker, and so it is with "Finding My Heart":

"Learn to express different emotions to get back with your girlfriend in this interactive romantic adventure. You can learn one communication skill from every character you meet in the game, but you have to use skills you already know in the correct order. If you succeed, one more skill is added to your arsenal. Once you learn everything you can, try to get back to your girlfriend and use all this knowledge to convince her to get together again. Let love win again!"

Do I detect troubles at home, perchance? I would say it wasn't going too badly up until the point where you revealed that you think of communication skills as an "arsenal"... [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3877, Friday, August 14th 2009, Filed In Games

Panda Escape 2
Panda Escape 2 is either very weird, or I'm very tired, or both. Dressing pandas in pink mini skirts....? Yup, makes total sense, happens all the time... wtf? [subbed by Buji & victoria].

Entry 3876, Friday, August 14th 2009, Filed In Games

Little Red Riding Hood
When I saw the game name "Little Red Riding Hood" I was expecting one thing, then when I saw the subtitle "a post apocalyptic adventure" I thought maybe I was wrong, but then when I saw it was a "spot the difference" game with manga-esque graphics I gave up, and told myself something about not judging books by their covers, etc [subbed by Buji].

Entry 3875, Friday, August 14th 2009, Filed In Games

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