After my first real day out in the sun yesterday (thanks to Jules' garden and some freakish English weather) my back went a rather fetching shade of pink but I realise now that I should have only bothered tanning my front so as to accentuate my abs. If only lightly toasted Strong Bad's advice had come one day earlier.

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The latest album from Norweigan pop godesses Ephemera ( see lazylaces passim) is finally out to buy at cdbaby a little mailing-list bird tells me. I've got no money until pay day (actually less than no money thanks to the power of my overdraft) so an actual purchase will have to wait but fortunately the lovely cdbaby - who have the friendliest customer service ever - have some tracks on-line. Eeek.

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Hmmm...a viral short film from Budweiser called "The Best Man"? The script almost writes itself in your head but it's fun none the less - especially for cheering up a Monday - despite feeling like a cheap Four Weddings copy in places.

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Nokia 6600The techie nerdo gadget freak-head inside me (it's hidden deep down) has found THE replacement for my current mobile phone. The Nokia 6600 is a happy combination of the words Polyphonic, GPRS, Bluetooth, integrated digital camera, 65,000 color display, 6MB of internal memory, MMC memory card slot, RealOne Player built-in and all with 10 days of standby and 4 hours of talk time. Gadget heaven. Looks good too. I just need to find some money from somewhere now [found via gizmodo].

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Imagine if all major brands started making their own condoms and kept the same tagline...[thanks to burnt toast ].

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Strong Bad sneaks into MIT and leaves a tribute to Trogdor the Burninator. Another fine use of post-it notes - my personal memory-aid of choice.

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Pooh Bricks

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Maybe I'm just grumpy because it's Monday but not much has caught my eye today. I did however have a little chuckle at gizmodo's retro look at what was new in 1983.

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The technorati are watching you - find out who's saying what about your blog/web site/article/rant with this excellent tool which examines the "cosmos" of links around any given url. I used it to discover that manly enjoyed my spooks rant (how did I miss this before?).

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KozoLarge purple hippo dances to the thong song wearing a thong - obviously. The fact that I find this entertaining probably says something very bad about my psychology. Originally courtesy of Duck Studios [found at Coolio's].

Update: I think Duck Studios have been having bandwidth issues due to the popularity of this flash animation. If you can't download it at the original URL try this link hosted at 3D Festival.

Another Update: Another alternative Kozo post is at sibal design.

Yet Another Update: It looks like Kozo has been pulled from just about everywhere due to copyright reasons. If you manage to find a copy on-line let me know the address and I'll post it (e-mail below).

And Yet Another Update: Thanks to Lisa for spotting Kozo is still available at thebeatmiami.

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I like the idea of a company based in Birmingham that just sells whistles. I like that it's done this for over 130 years. I like that I can hear the whistles on line. But I especially like is that they encourage you to play the dog whistle wav to your dog. This is the kind of web site interaction we need more of (I can't wait to hear how Daisy and Karan get on with this one).

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A good article from the Independent on the business of viral marketing which I normally just appreciate from the receiving end. It's good to get another point of view - on the whole I quite happily play my Nokia games and watch the BMW films (which are fantastic) without really thinking about the bigger picture.

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