The series of driver films by BMW is my favourite example of viral advertising. I've seen many arguments against advertising in this way but I personally don't see the harm if it means great entertainment like this gets around for all the see. There is some great independent work out there but production and hosting costs are very limiting factors which commercial money can help with. I especially don't see the harm when I know that it doesn't matter how influencial the work I just can't afford a BMW 5 series ;o) Anyway Who Killed the Idea? is the latest BMW film and it's a departure from the driver series - it's much more tongue in cheek and stars the awsome Harvey Keitel. One bizarre thing though - due to copyright reasons you aren't allowed to watch the film if you are in North America. How do they know and how do they enforce this?

Entry 411, Sunday, June 29th 2003, Filed In Stuff

There's a whole lot of love out there this Friday as not only does lazylaces join the friends of honest john but also the friends of ttr2 which has been a personal favourite for some time now. A great highlight to my favourite day of the week.

Entry 410, Friday, June 27th 2003, Filed In Diary

A catalogue of less fortunate weblogs...cross fingers neither me nor my f r i e n d s will ever be listed (alas poor wastrel).

Entry 409, Friday, June 27th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Leeko 2After enjoying Strong Bad going completely CGN* the other week - in this post - Heather over at leekovision got in touch to see if I knew where the word "leeko" came from. I was none the wiser as my favourite source of Strong Bad news - The Coolest Stuff Ever - seems to have disappeared without a trace. I'd like to think though that Strong Bad got the word from leeko themselves who are causing a certain amount of rocking out at lazylaces towers at the moment especially with the Bracelet Song (~9Mb) my favourite web video of the moment [*CGN : Crazy Go Nuts].

Entry 408, Friday, June 27th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Could geek heaven be where Star Wars meets the Matrix? See sparring program to decide - although I rather think geek heaven has actually quietly appeared elsewhere this week.

Entry 407, Friday, June 27th 2003, Filed In Stuff

What better way to celebrate the wonder that is Friday than with a cocktail or two? If you need receipe ideas the virtual on-line cocktail blender is just the ticket. I love Friday.

Entry 406, Friday, June 27th 2003, Filed In Stuff
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Including incredible bullet time effects The Catrix is the first fully feline remake of The Matrix. See Leo fight Catgent Smith. Mmm...

Entry 405, Thursday, June 26th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Friend Of JohnI'm very proud to announce that lazylaces is now an official friend of that most daper of fellows, the man with all the answers, Honest John. The news was broken to me in an informal ceremony this afternoon as I was taking a breather from intranet development to check my web stats. A shocked Graeme was seen to fall off his swivel chair and exclaim 'blimey!'. When asked for his feelings a be-suited John replied "I'm not quite sure what you meant. The following questions closely match what you asked...". Thanks John.

Entry 404, Thursday, June 26th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Important news for everyone in the UK - scientific research shows that tea is best made with the milk in the cup first. This is the number one news story in the UK today and all the television news programs will be leading with it.

Entry 403, Wednesday, June 25th 2003, Filed In Stuff
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Ninjai's BackThe good news is that Ninjai - the little ninja - one of the best flash animation series around is back after a huge bandwidth usage enforced break. The bad news is that if you were waiting for Chapter 11 it's hard luck as they've started all the way back at the begining and there are weeks to go before they catch up on themselves. So I'm still waiting with baited breath.

Entry 402, Monday, June 23rd 2003, Filed In Stuff
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I'm going to try really hard not to post any more Strong Bad for a while but while I was pre-empting the url for this week's Strong Bad (do all fans do this?) I encountered the Strong Bad 404 which I couldn't resist.

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While I was tinkering with a mini project I've got on the go I came accross this very handy Document Object Model (DOM) reference. Very powerful JavaScript. Nice.

Entry 400, Monday, June 23rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

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