Record Tripping
Record Tripping [subbed by anon & fairyhedgehog].

Entry 4163, Friday, February 5th 2010, Filed In Games

Escape The Bookstore 2
Escape The Bookstore 2 [subbed by buji].

Entry 4162, Friday, February 5th 2010, Filed In Games

Space Oddity 2
Space Oddity 2 [subbed by Murtaugh].

Entry 4161, Thursday, February 4th 2010, Filed In Games

Escape Game Sasaesan Nursery
My Internet connection is back... yeh! My cold is worse today... boo! Anyway here's some Escape Game Sasaesan Nursery whilst I take some more medication... [subbed by buji].

Entry 4160, Tuesday, February 2nd 2010, Filed In Games

Unfortunately both my Internet connection (which seems to have decided to play up every Monday, which is odd, although the bad weather might have something to do with it again - today it's speed is ranging from very slow down to stopped, with nothing better at all on offer) and I are sick today (I have a lovely cold developing which is making me feel great) so my improbable tale linking EG24 Island Escape: Funky Parrot Redemption and The Funky Chicken will have to wait for some other time, as will me posting anything else, and even the picture for this post will have to wait as it seems to be beyond my current technical limitations; but I seem to remember from earlier that the game looked nice, and the parrot had a pipe, which I'm sure is a good thing. You'll have to visualize from there I'm afraid. Now if you'll excuse me I can hear my bed calling... [subbed by Escaper & buji].

Entry 4159, Monday, February 1st 2010, Filed In Games

Synth Escape
For reasons that totally escape (geddit?) me, Synth Escape doesn't use Axel F as it's soundtrack, forcing you instead to find it on youtube yourself and then leaving it open it in a different tab (or window if you're still doing that) to supply your own soundtrack... [subbed by ryanmalloy].

Entry 4158, Sunday, January 31st 2010, Filed In Games

Choco Valentine 2
Choco Valentine 2 is an improbable tale as you might expect regarding the acquisition of chocolate for valentines day... [subbed by buji & Lenella].

Entry 4157, Saturday, January 30th 2010, Filed In Games

Inspector Kloo 3
As part of Inspector Kloo 3 I seem to be digging an immense number of holes to find something... I think I am anyway, I'm beginning to loose faith that there is anything buried to actually find, as I'm on my millionth hole and I've still found nothing... [subbed by buji].

Entry 4156, Saturday, January 30th 2010, Filed In Games

Escape From Room Of Snowman
As the snow pours down outside of Lazylaces Towers, Escape From Room Of Snowman suddenly seems very apt [subbed by buji].

Entry 4155, Saturday, January 30th 2010, Filed In Games

Milk Room Escape
A plate of cookies would be the perfect accompaniment to Milk Room Escape [subbed by Cyberjar88].

Entry 4154, Saturday, January 30th 2010, Filed In Games

Monotone 3
At the point I have reached whilst playing Monotone 3 I have myself a poor little kitten, with an empty food bowl, that mews adorably whenever I click on it. However reaching the cat food to feed the hungry little fella is a little tricky, since the food is in the fridge, and that's guarded by a ferocious penguin... How's this going to turn out? Well, I don't know yet, I think I have a little more clicking to do yet, but what I do know is that I'm enjoying myself [subbed by buji].

UPDATE: Ahhh... the penguin wasn't ferocious, he was just unhappy because he wasn't cold, but now I have the fridge on he loves everyone. Cute. Got my cat fed to, but that's me done for the day, I'll have to complete this tomorrow. Hope the save option works.

Entry 4153, Thursday, January 28th 2010, Filed In Games

Jinx 3: Escape From Area Fifty-Two
After an inexplicably long break Jinx the ghost returns for some more point'n'click adventures in Jinx 3: Escape From Area Fifty-Two [subbed by Chocoholic].

Entry 4152, Thursday, January 28th 2010, Filed In Games

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