Gears Escape
Gears Escape is exactly like Gears Of War except for a few minor differences like concept, style, game play, sound effects, graphics, platform and target audience [subbed by zen].

Entry 4196, Monday, February 22nd 2010, Filed In Games

Space Room
Space Room is the final frontier of room escaping... [via bontegames].

Entry 4195, Monday, February 22nd 2010, Filed In Games

Rescue Baby
Introducing Rescue Baby without using the words "weird" and/or "surreal" is very difficult, but fortunately I think I can do it.... doh! [subbed by Kon].

Entry 4194, Sunday, February 21st 2010, Filed In Games

You Create The Next Level
You Create The Next Level is a puzzle that just grows and grows... and grows, as people submit more and more levels. Some tricky, some not so much, it should work out your brain at least a little though [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 4193, Sunday, February 21st 2010, Filed In Games

Orange Juice Room Escape
Playing Orange Juice Room Escape will fortify your immune system and thus help to prevent you catching a nasty cold or the flu... [subbed by Cyberjar88].

Entry 4192, Sunday, February 21st 2010, Filed In Games

Balloon Escape
Somehow Balloon Escape managed to also shoehorn a balloon into it's "garden escape" plot. It didn't manage to include any cape wearing monkeys though. *shame* [subbed by Sassy].

Entry 4191, Sunday, February 21st 2010, Filed In Games

Bloons Super Monkey
As well as a having a great name, Bloons Super Monkey also features, to be clear, a flying monkey, in a cape, popping balloons... these are the best two things about this otherwise uninvolved arcade game, but quite frankly I'm feeling shallow enough today to not need any more than that [subbed by Cyberjar88].

Entry 4190, Sunday, February 21st 2010, Filed In Games

Design Room Escape
Playing Design Room Escape provides a brief interlude from thinking about how it is Friday tomorrow... unless you can multi-task in which case you can think about Friday whilst playing at the same time. Aren't you the clever one? [subbed by ryanmalloy].

Entry 4189, Thursday, February 18th 2010, Filed In Games

Escape From Tatami Room
Scroll down the linked page to play Escape From Tatami Room.... a little more.... more... no, down a bit... there it is. And your reward for all that scrolling? One of the best soundtracks ever. Evvvvveeeeer [subbed by buji].

Entry 4188, Wednesday, February 17th 2010, Filed In Games

Miley Cyrus Rescue
In Miley Cyrus Rescue the evil wizard Black Hat has kidnapped Miley Cyrus and is holding her prisoner in Pisney amusement park, where all the attractions have came to life due to a spell. You are Cody Jones, nephew of Indiana Jones and a clever detective. You are the person in charge of saving's like I'm randomly making this stuff up, as per normal, except this is the official game description [subbed by buji].

Entry 4187, Wednesday, February 17th 2010, Filed In Games

Kidnapped By Robots
If you buy an iPad you will be Kidnapped By Robots. Is that what you want? 'Cause that's what'll happen... [subbed by zen].

Entry 4186, Tuesday, February 16th 2010, Filed In Games

Olympia Cabin Escape
Sitting on the end of a funny little branch on the District Line, as it does, the rather irregular tube service explains the difficulty involved in performing an Olympia Cabin Escape [subbed by buji].

Entry 4185, Tuesday, February 16th 2010, Filed In Games

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