Stamp It OutTo celebrate my 423rd post the Royal Mail have done me the honour of issuing the lazylaces stamp. A press statement revealed "this is the most important stamp release this year, possibly more so than the Prince William edition". Unlike William I welcome everyone to now lick my backside ;o)

Create your own first class stamps with stamp-it-out by freedom matters [via geisha].

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After Daisy mentioned Ghostzilla yesterday I downloaded a copy straight away. This is a neat way of browsing sneakily - not something I really need to do - but I'm impressed with the way it does it none the less.

The browser runs quitely in the background while you get on with your work. As soon as you want to do some browsing you make a mouse gesture - moving the pointer from the very edge of the screen and back again - and up pops Ghostzilla. Not as a new application though - it appears in a space within the application you already have open. So for example if you had Outlook open it might appear in the inbox list.

Nice. Also it renders in soft monochrome so it doesn't stand out - and pictures only appear (in B&W) when you hover over them.

To top it all off the browser disappears as soon as you move your mouse out of it - returning you to stealth mode. At this point the other developers at work and I were very very impressed. Even if you don't have a need for this much secrecy it's worth using just to see it in action.

There's more though. If you buy the CD version rather than using the free download it doesn't even install (other than a few encrypted config files) it runs off of the CD so no-one will even be able to see you were using it when you leave your PC (as long as you remember to take the CD with you!).

Quoting myself on the topic of Ghostzilla yesterday - "this is the best thing since sliced cheese" - I was a bit drunk so forgive an element of nonsense but this really is an awsome piece of software to see in action.

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I've found this great text editor for code development. It has loads of highlighting stylesheets but most importantly for me it handles CSS, JavaScript and HTML very well, although I haven't managed to find one for ASP. It's also free which is a great bonus. I've tried a few editors like this but this is the first one I've found that supports so many programming languages for free.

Update: Tell a lie there is a highlighter for ASP but having using ConTEXT for a few days now I've found that the JavaScript highlighter is actually much better for ASP than the ASP specific one. At least it is if you use server side JavaScript like me - I haven't tried it out with VBScript yet (and I'm not likely to). You still get that server side vrs. client side JavaScript confusion but if you code this way you're probably over that anyway (I am finally-ish).

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Not much news and not much found today - but I am now posting at Commuterland about the trials and tribulations of my trips to work.

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Ming The Merciless
Multimedia insanity [via barnski].

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What to do with all those snaps from your new camera enabled mobile phone? None of your friends have upgraded their phone yet so you have no-one to send them to. Well fear no more - PhoneBin gives you the chance to share those moby-pics with the world at large (NB. Not safe for work/kids/people of a nervous disposition - evidently early adopters are total exhibitionists).

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Reality gets one step closer to science fiction with the AirSho - "Hitachi's new AirSho imaging system projects dynamic pictures onto nearly invisible glass surfaces, such as a storefront window". I'm really holding on for Minority Report style 3D projection technology though [via gizmodo].

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I've had a hard day traveling the South East installing systems so I can't be bothered to post much (I want to go to bed!) but it made me smile to see Pete has revealed his secret 2nd blog. A blog devoted to commuting woes? Finally somewhere to vent my anger and share my tales of London commuting. I've signed up and I suggest the same to you if you have a commuting bone in your body.

Entry 416, Tuesday, July 1st 2003, Filed In Diary

Catproof your computer with PawSense - I await a report from Daisy on whether this is dog compatible [via op-pop].

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A neat follow on to the Little Goth Girl post from yesterday - a guide on how to dance gothic. Personally though I'm now of an age where I prefer a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

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Little Goth Girl
"Little Goth Girl and the Space Hopper" @ Matazone

Entry 413, Sunday, June 29th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Star Wars on space hoppers! The first of two space hopper links today...

Entry 412, Sunday, June 29th 2003, Filed In Stuff

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