Mountain TimeOk, so just to clear things up, for me as much as anyone else, it looks like Lazylaces is living on server in Pheonix now, after the work I did the other day, which is why the comments now seemed to be timed in Mountain Time, rather than Eastern Time, and why you should use a minimum of SPF15 when adding comments...

Entry 4388, Thursday, July 29th 2010, Filed In Diary

Rose Dungeon
As any good gardener will tell you the absolute best place to grow roses is imprisoned beneath a castle. They love that. Especially if it's really dank, and you manacle them to the wall. They really love that. Hence the rise in popularity of the "Rose Dungeon" within the gardening fraternity [subbed by Sarah].

Entry 4387, Wednesday, July 28th 2010, Filed In Games

A Bonte Escape
A Bonte Escape is a tricky thing 'cause that Bonte fella is a slippery customer... [subbed by palat].

Entry 4386, Tuesday, July 27th 2010, Filed In Games

Dream Machine 1
Way back in time (well February 2009 to be exact) Dream Machine was just a demo, and now finally Dream Machine 1 is... in beta (use the sign up link in the top right)! Why so long? Why still in beta? Well this game is quality is why, it's not every game that's hand crafted out of paper, clay and love, you know? [subbed by charlie].

Entry 4385, Tuesday, July 27th 2010, Filed In Games

Burger Dismantlement
Even though I do say so myself, and trust me I do frequently say so, I grill a pretty awesome burger (please take note US citizenship peeps), but even a grill novice would be able to tell you that something is definitely not quite right when you need a screwdriver to perform a Burger Dismantlement. Normally a set of teeth, and maybe a little barbecue sauce or ketchup to taste is all that is needed... [subbed by anon & f00].

Entry 4384, Tuesday, July 27th 2010, Filed In Games

Tetsuo In The Room
Comparing the science fiction of the late 20th century with the reality outside your window here in the real world 21st century you might, rightly, be disappointed by the fact that we're not all wearing all-in-one jump suits fashioned out of tin foil esque fabrics, not to mention the fact that we're not all driving hover cars, and flying to other galaxies for day trips. But it's not all disappointments folks, as at least Tetsuo In The Room has delivered those 3D isometric stick-men graphics that we dreamed would one day replace plain old 2D stick men graphics. Phew! I jest, but it's actually rather nice looking... [subbed by f00].

Entry 4383, Tuesday, July 27th 2010, Filed In Games

Beauty And The Beast
Many things can be said to describe Minoto's take on Beauty And The Beast, but I think that the fact that it has a Moai smoking a cigar sums up the level of surrealism quite nicely [subbed by Kon & Mordoz Cookie Lord].

Entry 4382, Tuesday, July 27th 2010, Filed In Games

And We're Back.......a little bit earlier than expected (but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for some games posts as we need to step away from the computer right now).

So why have we been away? Well, it's a dull story, even if you're into web development, but the long and the short of it is that we've been away changing all sorts of bit and pieces at the back end of Lazylaces to take advantage of some cheaper web hosting options. Suddenly (after an email reminder) we were one week away from web hosting renewal (it's been a couple of years), and we were facing a $400+ bill for the coming year, and Lazylaces doesn't make a cent to pay for it. So anyway, a few hours worth of recoding later (all around the day job etc), and we're now all renewed for another couple of years, all for about half the price. *Result*. Anyway, as I say, we hope to be back properly tomorrow, and apologies for the unexpected break in service...

Oh and hopefully everything still works (and there's even a new "blasts from the past" feature in the right-hand column to give you a view on what was being posted on the site 5 years ago), and maybe the site will even run a bit faster than before, but please drop me an email (address link in the bottom right of every page) if you do find something that's broken.



Entry 4381, Tuesday, July 27th 2010, Filed In Diary

The Scene Of The Crime: Golden Doll
The Scene Of The Crime: Golden Doll [subbed by Murtaugh & Luna].

Entry 4380, Tuesday, July 20th 2010, Filed In Games

As an Intern your daily coffee brewing chores are only interrupted by having a point'n'click adventure to retrieve the pages of your brilliant article that your colleague has helpfully 'distributed' around the office... what fun [subbed by ryanmalloy].

Entry 4379, Monday, July 19th 2010, Filed In Games

Dharma Doll
Dharma Doll features a chilled out piano soundtrack for a lazy Sunday afternoon [subbed by anon].

Entry 4378, Sunday, July 18th 2010, Filed In Games

As if rescuing two children form the clutches of an evil Witch isn't achievement enough, Witch also has 11 other "achievements" for you to find [subbed by myuhinny & Rae].

Entry 4377, Sunday, July 18th 2010, Filed In Games

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