Reisen Ep.2
It seems like it was only this time last week (er... because it was) that we started too follow the war time trials & tribulations of Jitter. This week, in Reisen Ep.2, the strangely attired young lady, needs your help to point'n'click her way around a forest [via no1game].

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Sneaky's Paradise
Sneaky's Paradise is much more mellow than a Gangsta's Paradise, with pretty scenery and golden coins to be found. So just chill out, light some incense, pop a little light jazz on the phonograph, and start exploring dude... [subbed by Selfdefiant].

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Farmhouse Secret
Talking about excellent soundtracks we now come to Farmhouse Secret which features on harmonica. Thursday truly is musical treat day [subbed by santos].

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Ground Invaders
I missed Ground Invaders the other day which means I almost missed out on the best. soundtrack. ever. I'm not sure what else I will be doing today, but whatever it is, this will be playing in my head... [subbed by charlie].

Entry 4449, Thursday, February 24th 2011, Filed In Games

Must Escape The Castle
Whether to watch Survivor or Idol tonight is a tough decision, perhaps the toughest of the week, especially for those of us without a DVR, but even if you can decide, you Must Escape The Castle first as it doesn't have a television. And for those of you with more televisual taste than me, those of you outside the US, DVR owners, and those of you who know that there is no way that anyone on Idol is better than Jeff, please just ignore me [subbed by f00 & itsunami].

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Lazy Facebook
Finally you can fulfill your lifelong dream of clicking a little "thumbs up" icon to say you "like" Lazylaces on the fantabulous, all singing, all dancing, brand new, revolutionary Lazylaces Facebook Page! And you thought this would be an uneventful Wednesday evening? Where else can you get exactly the same content as lazylaces, albeit very cut down, and in blue & white, with a "like" button? Ain't technology marvelous? Socialize that network people! Next thing you know there'll be a Lazylaces Twitter Thing that I never update because as far as I can tell twitter is the most useless thing ever.... although referring to LazyTweets might be somewhat satisfying.

Entry 4447, Wednesday, February 23rd 2011, Filed In Diary

Triangle Escape
Triangle Escape manages to feature a lot of triangles in it's simple, yet very stylish, graphics, and there may be just too many triangles for some people. But not for me, as I play from my pyramid, based in Bermuda, whilst I snack on Doritos and Laughing Cow cheese wedges, planning my next non-sustainable business... [via no1game].

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Tis a slow day in the ole lazylaces inbox this morning me hearties (nb: I'm always a bit pirate before my first coffee of the day), so tis time to dig out one from whilst we were away: Starseeker, as the name might suggest, is a quest for stars (think Idol, but with less Randy, dawg) brought you by the irrepressible (no amount of repressing seems to work) Renegade [created & subbed by Renegade]

Entry 4445, Wednesday, February 23rd 2011, Filed In Games

Oasis Escape: The Basement
Even though when you start the game you are locked in a tube of water (erm... okay), which is in turn locked in a basement, which is the kind of bad luck that could make you furious, please don't look back in anger, when you play Oasis Escape: The Basement [subbed by Nicop].

Entry 4444, Tuesday, February 22nd 2011, Filed In Games

Seven Chiled GoatFor a while there I was convinced that Seven Chiled Goat was all about 7 chilled goats (because of the freezer), but on closer examination I think it's meant to be 7 child goats as they all look small & young. But either way it doesn't actually have much (or indeed anything) to do with goats at all, whatever their age, temperature or number. Not in any way I could comprehend at least. But it does have cheese in a clock, and a weight in a pudding, so it's not all bad news [via bontegames].

Entry 4443, Tuesday, February 22nd 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From The Burning Rome
Escape From The Burning Rome contains tricky puzzles, and looks rather nice, but instead of playing I can't help but obsess over what the "the" is doing in the title... [subbed by f00].

Entry 4442, Tuesday, February 22nd 2011, Filed In Games

Lake Puzzle Escape
Lake Puzzle Escape reminds me of the time that I went speed boat racing, and after the inevitable crash, I could only speak Lorum Ipsum for a whole year. No one could understand what I was babbling about, so little did they know I was actually telling them the secret of escaping from any point'n'click game:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi a lectus eget tellus volutpat interdum. Vestibulum rhoncus iaculis enim, eu pulvinar massa facilisis consectetur. Aliquam elit ante, dictum quis suscipit nec, imperdiet at purus. Suspendisse eleifend nisi eu mauris volutpat vel sagittis massa tempor. Sed varius risus eu purus tempus sed lobortis libero rutrum. Aliquam malesuada auctor ante, eu venenatis erat lobortis vel. Vivamus ultricies placerat ullamcorper. Donec convallis porta tempus. Integer in libero a orci fringilla dictum a et ante. Nullam mattis lacus quis est tincidunt sit amet eleifend justo porta. Praesent faucibus, tortor id lacinia mollis, libero lorem lacinia metus, ut hendrerit magna dolor et urna. Maecenas facilisis enim bibendum est pellentesque eu eleifend elit elementum. Ut ut eros mi, sed imperdiet justo. Maecenas vitae nisi sapien, in ultrices sapien.

Which I'm sure you'll agree makes this game a whole lot easier. By the way, I should tell you, that as this is Tuesday, possibly the worst day of the week anyway, and because I had yesterday off work, which makes an early start even more difficult, that possibly, just possibly, I'm spewing random nonsense at this point, and that absolutely none of this post makes any sense whatsoever [subbed by charlie].

Entry 4441, Tuesday, February 22nd 2011, Filed In Games

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