Van The Brave Elf
Trying to find the correct path for Van The Brave Elf to follow, whilst trying not to use the magnifying glass hint button, is seemingly impossible, or maybe I'm just weak willed, or maybe the [TAB] key is only partially helpful... [subbed by Phinnaeus].

Entry 4611, Tuesday, April 12th 2011, Filed In Games

Reach The World Cup 2
Having been in US for a while now (er...over 3 years), it wasn't until I opened "Reach The World Cup 2" that I realized that it was the Cricket World Cup that was being referred to. [subbed by anon].

Entry 4610, Tuesday, April 12th 2011, Filed In Games

Ranche House Escape
Set in the town of Punxsutawney, and costarring Bill Murray, Ranche House Escape is very tasty with buffalo wings, although many people would prefer Blue Cheese House Escape [subbed by f00].

FOOTNOTES: You might well experience popup/under windows when playing this game, especially if you are using Internet Explorer (IE). If this bothers you consider using a different web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari all of which have better popup blocking capabilities. Here at Lazylaces we mainly use, and highly recommend, Chrome. At the very least consider using IE in conjunction with anti-adware software.

Entry 4609, Monday, April 11th 2011, Filed In Games

AxEndWith over 90 rooms of crumbling Asylum to explore AxEnd offers a lot to keep point'n'click adventurers, obsessive-compulsive cleaners, and interior decorators busy...

Entry 4608, Monday, April 11th 2011, Filed In Games

P Diver
In P Diver you play the chauffeur pool boy for Sean Combs. Once you escape the P House (remember to search the P Wastepaper Basket, and under the P Sofa Cushion), you'll need to locate the P Bentley P Submarine and drive him away to some music awards. True story, I couldn't make this stuff up you know? [subbed by zippa & subzero]

FOOTNOTES: Once the initial intro "movie" has finished, or you have skipped it, use the yellow "sys" button in the bottom left to switch the language to "English" and turn on "Hints" (don't expect extravagant amounts of help just a little extra description).

Entry 4607, Monday, April 11th 2011, Filed In Games

Steal Gold And Escape 6
Rich people take note of Steal Gold And Escape 6: The best investment for your gold collection is not to hide it around an abandoned bunker. Point'n'click adventurers will steal it from you no matter how cunningly you think you've hidden it. Instead, why not give it to me? I promise to look after it for you... [subbed by f00].

Entry 4606, Monday, April 11th 2011, Filed In Games

Jan's Room: Burger Shop Escape
Jan's Room: Burger Shop Escape doesn't look especially delicious, but it's still going to be tricky if you are particularly hungry... [subbed by Myuhinny & f00].

Entry 4604, Sunday, April 10th 2011, Filed In Games

Building Site Escape
You introduce a little danger back into your life when you play Building Site Escape, because as we all know building sites can be dangerous, especially when you start playing with the dynamite... [subbed by Myuhinny].

Entry 4603, Sunday, April 10th 2011, Filed In Games

Doctor Stanley's House 2
I'm rushing out for the day now (Oh Saturday why is there so much that needs to be done to use you all up?), but if you are stuck indoors today with some free time I highly recommend spending some time in Doctor Stanley's House 2 [subbed by Myuhinny & Jay].

Entry 4602, Saturday, April 9th 2011, Filed In Games

Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood
Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood is more an interactive story than a game, but it does have a trail of blood though, so probably not a good one for younger players/readers [subbed by Myuhinny & Diederik].

Entry 4601, Saturday, April 9th 2011, Filed In Games

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Be careful of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, he has both excellent sharpness, and a slightly strange uncle...

Entry 4600, Friday, April 8th 2011, Filed In Games

Zombie Cats
Zombie... Zombie... Zombie... Zombie Cats! Ho! [subbed by Myuhinny].

Entry 4599, Friday, April 8th 2011, Filed In Games

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