Windows Crash GalleryNot that Windows crashes a lot or anything, but here are a whole heap of examples caught for prosperity. I'm actually seeing a lot less of these myself, shame really the Blue Screen Of Death is like an old friend, all those times it's given me a break in a hectic day, *sigh*. This site reminded me that the cash machine up the road regularly gets a DHCP error which makes it look like you can't get any cash out, but you actually can. You just need to figure out where all the options are behind the error pop up.

Of course the ultimate way to embrace your errors is to wear them; checkout the t-shirts at, including my own personal favourite the NT4 BSOD. Got to love that Hex.

Entry 46, Wednesday, December 4th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Extreme Snow SleddingSnow sledding shananigans with extreme snow sleding. Cool game (if you don't pick sled No.1, which sucks), but why is it sponsered by Nokia? Cool if I could play it on my phone, but lets face it I can't. Having said that I have become addicted to Snow Boarding on it. It's the quickest way I've found of filling the travel time to work.

Entry 45, Tuesday, December 3rd 2002, Filed In Games

The whole Tablet PC thing has seemed like a whole heap of hype, and it's not really interested me before, but I liked what I saw here though. So many aplications spring to mind from seeing this simple idea at work.

Entry 44, Monday, December 2nd 2002, Filed In Stuff

Stunt Moto XA real test of skill this Moto X game. Getting the bablance on the bike can be a tricky at first. Not 100% certiain what language this is in, although bizarrely all the spoken comments seem to be in English, anyway the keys are:
  • [UP CURSOR] : Accelerate
  • [DOWN CUSROR] : Reverse
  • [LEFT CURSOR] : Lean back
  • [RIGHT CURSOR] : Lean Forward
I've heard the 'physics' of this game described as excellent, but they're a lad of pants really. Great fun, but not realistic. Some of the crashes, and slo-mo upside down tumbles you can do, don't seem based on any kind of reality I live in. Very cool though.

Entry 43, Sunday, December 1st 2002, Filed In Games

Work StressThere's seems to be an official report out about stress involved with Tech jobs. This explains a lot. Mind you, with my latest project going live last weekend, things have eased off just a little bit for now, although there seems to be something coming up in the Lloyds Building next which will be more work with Underwriting systems, although for shipping this time. Oooooooooh. One of these days I'll get some really cool client to work on like a film studio or New York based bank. Meantime it looks like financial companies are it for now. Still at least they want some reasonably neat things out of their intranet systems so it's not all bad, and it'll mean I'm not doing support like I have been this last week. Arrrggggggh!

In terms of this web site I've been checking out a few ideas while I should have been finishing (er starting) the search page. I've been seeing weather pixies on a lot of sites, and they have a report from Farnborough which is fairly local. Not sure where to put it though. Doesn't really go on the home page; I was thinking of having some kind of 'control panel' thing on the site though where I might put permanent stuff about the site. For instance I was thinking of linking to my hosts, brinkster, and getting stats from NextGenStats who I've just started to use for the Blackwater Mobility Trust site; the stats aren't much for this yet (report) so I better get doing some promotion on this asap. Looks like Hantsweb will be a good place to start. The other thing I was going to do for this site was sort out some style sheet choices so that you can change text size easily - I just don't like those relative font sizes; they always seem to mess up at some point. Anyway quite a few people are talking about Fast's new text sizing feature (top right); I might do something like this. I suppose I should really finish the search at some point too.

Stangest tech find of the week, well for me, was that Nokia make servers. Not just WLAN/Wi-Fi kit either, there's a whole load of security boxes, which seem to run off their own OS. WTF? When did this happen? Anyway, whatever, their kit still isn't as cool as the Google search appliance which I saw for the first time last week. This bit of kit is so cool you want to find an application to use it for.

Entry 42, Saturday, November 30th 2002, Filed In Diary

One of my personal favourites for technical documentation is the O'Reilly range, and now you have the chance of extending the range yourself with the aide of the O'Reilly book cover generator. Witness the Lazylaces manual:
Lazylaces Book Cover
And you know I've produced one for about every product and project I've worked on.

Entry 41, Saturday, November 30th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Hatt BabyLalalalalalala… limma skinkbit coolgit. The quite frankly bizarre musical tale of a Hat's life. Possibly. As with all the best Flash animations this is surreal to an extreme, with very catchy music, and seemingly no point what so ever. I think it's Swedish, so perhaps it makes sense if you are Scandinavian? All those months of darkness etc.

Update: Thanks to Stefan for finding the Hatt Baby lyrics. We can all sing along now...

Entry 40, Saturday, November 30th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Oddly calming annimations to chill you out. Relax.

Entry 39, Friday, November 29th 2002, Filed In Stuff

This is possibly pretty sexist, but is definitely very addictive. Pick which one is the 'hottie' from the 2 pictures displayed. I just can't stop clicking. You can also pick between guys and couples, as well as girls, which possibly makes this less sexist. Although it defaults to girls, and I just didn't find the other two options entertaining at all, which possibly hints more at the truth of the matter. Anyway, whatever, I'll research this a bit more and get back to you with my conclusions.

Entry 38, Friday, November 29th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Video KillerInternet killed the video star. Great retake on the Buggles 'Classic'. Obviously it's all a bit of joke, and the music is fairly cheesy, but it did make me think about those Internet days-gone-by : Mosaic was a bit before my time, but for a while I was really into IRC and would sit up chatting all night. Nothing beats the slightly surreal experience of meeting up with your chat room irl which I did once; people from all parts of the world meeting up in London just because they liked typing things to each other. Hmmm, maybe it's time to download mIRC again.

Entry 37, Thursday, November 28th 2002, Filed In Stuff

77 reasons, as well as Jar Jar Binks (#9), to hate Star Wars Episode 1.

Entry 36, Wednesday, November 27th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Jamez BondSuper-insane Flash. Japanese anime Bond bounces his way through a new adventure meeting many recognisable faces along the way (Hello Kitty!). Don't know what it means, don't know what the music is, but it is all a thing of goodness. Mental note - must learn Flash, go mad, and then make this kind of thing myself.

Entry 35, Tuesday, November 26th 2002, Filed In Stuff

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