Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure
Towards the end of the year, when the 2011 point'n'click game awards are announced (otherwise know as "The Clickies"), it won't come as a surprise if the award for "Best Voice Over" goes to Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure. It might also be in the running for the much coveted "Best Graphics" Clicky [subbed by subzero & f00].

Entry 4743, Thursday, May 26th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From The Hexagonal Room
Playing Escape From The Hexagonal Room is one side more difficult than escaping from the world's largest office building, but on the plus side it has better background music. Scroll down the linked page (no, a bit more) to find the game and either select English from the language option in the bottom right at the start of the game, or use the function -> language -> English options once you have started playing [subbed by f00 & fiona].

Entry 4742, Thursday, May 26th 2011, Filed In Games

Vintage Memory
Vintage Memory is a new point'n'click game with style and panache, and also its what you would call 48Kb of RAM [subbed by subzero].

Entry 4741, Wednesday, May 25th 2011, Filed In Games

Jungle Fun
You can either play Jungle Fun on your own, or... toucan play. Cue comedy hi-hat noise... [subbed by subzero].

Entry 4740, Wednesday, May 25th 2011, Filed In Games

The Adventures Of Red
As you play The Adventures Of Red you take part in that most noble of quests, the quest for the chocolate muffin. This aside its also an incredibly cute adventure game that shouldn't overly tax your brain, as long as you don't spend too much time thinking about how Red is actually yellow [subbed by Myuhinny].

Entry 4739, Wednesday, May 25th 2011, Filed In Games

Justin Bieber Saw Game
You don't have to have fabulous hair to play the Justin Bieber Saw Game, but it certainly helps. Fortunately I had mine restyled by Jean-Ralphio just yesterday [subbed by Myuhinny].

Entry 4738, Wednesday, May 25th 2011, Filed In Games

Apartment Escape
If you are looking to give the left click button on your mouse a real workout today then why not try playing Apartment Escape? You will have clicked 2 millions times before you can say "random click fest" [subbed by Aykut].

Entry 4737, Wednesday, May 25th 2011, Filed In Games

Sneaky's Journey 9
Scientific studies have shown that 9 out of 10 sneakies prefer to play Sneaky's Journey 9. Also it gives you minty fresh breath [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 4736, Wednesday, May 25th 2011, Filed In Games

The google translation of the Sakudatu game page strongly suggests that there are four possible ways to play, and escape the room, in this game, so there'll be lots of replay value for the persistent amongst you. What I don't need a translation tool to tell me though, is that all 4 of those ways are likely to be madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's Mr Madman competition [subbed by subzero].

Entry 4735, Tuesday, May 24th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From Kitchen
I'm not saying Escape From Kitchen is easy, but even non-multi-tasking fans can complete the game whilst simultaneously making their morning toast and coffee. Milky coffee that is. If you like black coffee and/or bacon & eggs for breakfast then the game will be much more difficult for you... [subbed by charlie].

Entry 4734, Tuesday, May 24th 2011, Filed In Games

Dark Reality
Dark Reality is best played at night with the lights off... mwahmwahmwah! No, but seriously, turn off the lights, you'll be out in no time at all [subbed by Myuhinny].

Entry 4733, Tuesday, May 24th 2011, Filed In Games

Leo Himura's No Exit 2: The Classroom Escape
With 4 years since part 1 was released, Leo Himura's No Exit 2: The Classroom Escape comes with an endorsement from Duke Nukem [subbed by Steve Lim].

Entry 4732, Monday, May 23rd 2011, Filed In Games

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