Riddle Transfer
In Riddle Transfer you are trying to escape a secret US government complex, so be prepared to puzzle your way through some federal level riddles, which are somewhat more difficult than state level riddles [subbed by fiona].

Entry 4775, Tuesday, June 7th 2011, Filed In Games

Let's Go Pitt
Let's Go Pitt is the old tale of boy sees girl, boy falls in love with girl, monster demon creature kidnaps girl, boy tries to rescue girl, boy is captured in castle. Cue room escaping, princess rescuing, type game play [subbed by Myuhinny].

Entry 4774, Tuesday, June 7th 2011, Filed In Games

Ikkyu San
If you have a problem (like a tiger trapped in a painting), if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Ikkyu San... A (very) short game based on, I think, one of the adventures of Ikkyu-san.

Entry 4773, Monday, June 6th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From The Room With A Glass Door
Playing "Escape From The Room With A Glass Door" requires the use of either your brain, or a largish hammer... [subbed by f00 & subzero].

Entry 4772, Sunday, June 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape Tour Episode 0
Escape Tour Episode 0 has a rather nice game style even if it's name is a bit of a mess [subbed by f00].

Entry 4771, Sunday, June 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From Livingroom
Playing Escape From Livingroom it pays to check for hidden screens off the edge of the main room views [subbed by zeek].

Entry 4770, Sunday, June 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape In A Rainy Day
It's a beautiful day here today, with a high of 76F, so in many ways I've already totally succeeded at "Escape In A Rainy Day". Catch up people [subbed by charlie & subzero].

Entry 4769, Saturday, June 4th 2011, Filed In Games

Sweet Dog House Escape
Cute graphics and chilled out background music make Sweet Dog House Escape a relaxing room escaping puzzle game to wind down with on a Friday [subbed by subzero & f00].

EXTRA HELP: Click on one of the three links in bold further down the linked page to start the game.

Entry 4768, Friday, June 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From Room No. 110
Playing Escape From Room No. 110 is slightly less Orwellian than escaping from Room 101 [subbed by f00].

Entry 4767, Friday, June 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Hungry Sumo
Sometimes it's best not to over-think why games exist and their contents. The point at which you spend your coffee break force feeding the bouncing sumo wrestlers as they float around your screen in Hungry Sumo is one of those times [found via jayisgames].

Entry 4766, Friday, June 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Royal Gold Escape
You're indestructible, always believe in Royal Gold Escape [subbed by f00].

Entry 4765, Friday, June 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Detective Dick: Small Town
In Detective Dick: Small Town the aim of the game is to find the small town murderer (which should be slightly easier than finding a big town murderer) despite having a ridiculous name and a theme tune that wants to be Bond, but isn't [subbed by anon].

Entry 4764, Friday, June 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

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