Albert the Alien - Escape from Area 51
In Albert the Alien - Escape from Area 51 the aim of the game is to escape being "researched" and to return to your home planet where it's still in fashion to name your children "Albert" [subbed by Sarah].

Entry 4812, Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, Filed In Games

South Pole Unescape
Here in the northern Hemisphere the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and also the official beginning of the summer season officially arrive today. Meanwhile, conversely, in the Southern hemisphere today marks the winter solstice. So really playing South Pole Unescape today makes a load of sense. It still feels weird though playing a snowy game in the middle of June [found via Nordinho].

Entry 4811, Tuesday, June 21st 2011, Filed In Games

Time To Kill
What time is it? It's Time To Kill, that's what time it is. Mwahmwahmwah! Hmmm... quite possibly I'm over doing it on the evil laughs today [found via No.1 Game].

Entry 4810, Tuesday, June 21st 2011, Filed In Games

The Outsider
Due to a mix-up regarding the comparative wattage required for Incandescent vrs. CFL light bulbs, playing The Outsider is a very dark experience [subbed by f00 & subzero].

Entry 4809, Tuesday, June 21st 2011, Filed In Games

Necromancer's Book
Just in case the organ music, thunder sound effects, copious spiders, and necromancy being the art of raising people from the dead, don't give it away for you already, I should warn you that the "Necromancer's Book" is not "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" or "Mr. Bump". Your Necromancer prefers to read "The Famous Five". At night. By torch light. Under the bed covers. Without their parents' permission. Mwahmwahmwah! [subbed by f00 & subzero].

Entry 4808, Tuesday, June 21st 2011, Filed In Games

Rizzoli & Isles - The Masterpiece Murders
I'll tell you what I didn't see coming. I didn't see PastelGames producing a point'n'click murder mystery, that was a tie-in with a network TV series, coming. That's what I didn't see coming. Let's hope my gumshoe skills get a little better when I start playing "Rizzoli & Isles - The Masterpiece Murders". Enjoy... [subbed by Murtaugh].

Entry 4807, Monday, June 20th 2011, Filed In Games

Sneaky Beach
Put on your swimsuit, and pack your bucket and spade, as we head off to the Sneaky Beach [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 4806, Monday, June 20th 2011, Filed In Games

Find Dwarfs Stage 10 #01
Find Dwarfs Stage 10 #01 provides you with 10 levels of dwarf finding fun, which is just the ticket for brightening up a rainy Monday morning [subbed by charlie].

Entry 4805, Monday, June 20th 2011, Filed In Games

Lift For Life
Take your shirt off, and sing-a-long with Iggy, as you play Lift For Life [subbed by sunzero].

Entry 4804, Monday, June 20th 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From Candy Store
Escape From Candy Store is a sweet little game. Geddit? Sweet? [subbed by anon].

Entry 4803, Sunday, June 19th 2011, Filed In Games

Animal Shelter Escape
I found something about the soundtrack and graphics for Animal Shelter Escape entertainingly hilarious. And also a big thumbs up from me for rescuing the dog from the shelter [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 4802, Saturday, June 18th 2011, Filed In Games

Indoor Park
An Indoor Park is exactly like an outdoor park, except it's more awesome on rainy days, and, of course, the soundtrack is always more awesome [subbed by subzero].

Entry 4801, Saturday, June 18th 2011, Filed In Games

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