Room Of Sound Escape
Trying to find some peace and quiet you make a Room Of Sound Escape [subbed by Dov].

Entry 5028, Tuesday, September 6th 2011, Filed In Games

Homer Simpson Saw Game
Grab some donuts, hmmmm....donuts, pull up a chair, and flex your clicking finger, it's time for a Homer Simpson Saw Game [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5027, Saturday, September 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Play School Escape
How difficult can a Play School Escape be if millions of preschoolers mange it, without a walk-through, every day? [subbed by anon].

Entry 5026, Saturday, September 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Abandoned Castle
With an Abandoned Castle to hand, and hidden treasure to find, it looks like you'll be able to upgrade your living conditions sooner than you thought [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 5025, Friday, September 2nd 2011, Filed In Games

The Tower 73F
The Tower 73F is an ideal game for younger gamers as you play with your mummy... cue comedy hi-hat sound effect [subbed by f00].

Entry 5024, Friday, September 2nd 2011, Filed In Games

Endless Juujiro Stage 1
Do you have control of your life and you know where you are at and what is going on? Well why not try being lost, confused and slightly upset like the rest of us with the aid of Endless Juujiro Stage 1? It's an aMAZEing game that will have you spinning around in circles. Grey tiled square-ish circles that is... [subbed by anon].

Entry 5023, Friday, September 2nd 2011, Filed In Games

Old Pottery Secret
An Old Pottery Secret is to apply the glaze to your pot before firing it in the kiln. Well it's not so much a secret, as just what you are meant to do. Boy do people complain when you do it the wrong way around though... [subbed by Sarah].

Entry 5022, Friday, September 2nd 2011, Filed In Games

Monkey Go Happy 4
Here we come, walking down the street
We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet.

Hey, hey, we're the Monkeys
And people say we Monkey Go Happy 4 around,
But we're too busy singing
To put anybody down.

[apologies to Micky, Davy, Peter & Michael].

Entry 5021, Thursday, September 1st 2011, Filed In Games

Site Updates: New Pages For Links & Hosted GamesI've been working on a couple of site updates for Lazylaces recently which have just gone live:
  • New Pages For Links: Over the years I've lost count of the number of people that have asked me to change the links in posts so that they open in a new page/tab rather than replacing the lazylaces page they are on in the the current page/tab. I always kind of liked it the way it was, but enough people have asked me now that I've bowed to the pressure and made the change, and now I must admit I kind of like it too.

  • Hosted Games: I'm trying out a new thing with hosted games. I'm just trying it out with Little Samurai (from a while back) for now, but you should see at least a few more of these in the future.

That is all. Cheers,

G :o)

UPDATE: One more thing I forgot to mention: The whole "New Pages For Links" thing is retroactively applied to all the existing posts, it's not just for new stuff.

Entry 5020, Thursday, September 1st 2011, Filed In Diary

Collapsed Brick House Escape
Escaping a house after it has already collapsed isn't nearly as good as escaping a house before it collapses, but Collapsed Brick House Escape does have your classic gongtats ending, and that is always a thing of goodness [subbed by charlie].

Entry 5019, Thursday, September 1st 2011, Filed In Games

Escape From Tool Shed
As is traditional in point'n'click circles let us all join hands, and celebrate together, the arrival of September with an Escape From Tool Shed [subbed by zen].

Entry 5018, Thursday, September 1st 2011, Filed In Games

Small Room Escape
Crack open your scanning electron microscope, which I know you keep handy, for this Small Room Escape, which actually isn't that small at all, especially when viewed under your SEM. Who said science wasn't fun? [subbed by zen].

Entry 5017, Thursday, September 1st 2011, Filed In Games

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