Angle Grinder Man is dedicated to removing wheelclamps; there is no charge for his service [via Hazel].

Entry 507, Wednesday, September 17th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Badgers Badgers Badgers
Mushroom Mushroom!

Entry 506, Wednesday, September 17th 2003, Filed In Stuff

I was very impressed to see that all the commuting woes I had the other week were for the sake of a 1 amp fuse. It's a little worrying that such a small mistake should be able to cause the whole of London to grind to a halt.

On a completely different note the various projects I have been working on outside of work are drawing to a close soon so normal lazylaces service should soon be restored.

Entry 505, Thursday, September 11th 2003, Filed In Diary

Star Wars Helmets are guaranteed to liven up your commute to work...

Entry 504, Thursday, September 4th 2003, Filed In Stuff

God Save the Queen
Anarchy via Milk & Cookies.

Entry 503, Thursday, August 28th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Playing The Getaway on PS2 wasn't enough, they had to do the missions in real life....Mission 1 features Borough Market just round the corner from where I work which just goes to prove it's suitability as a location for evil gangsters.

Entry 502, Thursday, August 28th 2003, Filed In Stuff

What would Homestar look like with a goatee? No need to stretch the imagination any longer thanks to Hairstyle Runner. Now what would Strong Bad look like with a beehive? The Cheat with sideburns?

Entry 501, Thursday, August 28th 2003, Filed In Games

Good news for chocoholics via Hazel (lazylaces' special chocolate and beer correspondent also aka my aunt).

Entry 500, Thursday, August 28th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Finally got home today at 8.30pm after getting trapped in London due to the power cut. Anything the US and Canada can do we can do too! See my exclusive coverage of the event. It was especially cheering to see all the candle lit pubs on the way to the station.

Not as cheering as the vision of my computer screen blanking out and the noise of the servers suddenly dissappearing though. UPS my a*se. The biggest problem was it meant I couldn't finish the technical design I was working late on (er when did I last press save?). Shame. Although it means that I now have to do that and build the system it was for before 3pm tomorrow - doh! A great challenge for a Friday, but at least we're all due to go to the pub after that.

Finally a special shout out to my friend Andy who spent the entire blackout trapped on the tube for 2 hours. He's now in even more need of a beer than I am.

It's off for fish and chips and beer for me now - a very English response to a power cut :o)

Entry 499, Thursday, August 28th 2003, Filed In Diary

Hello viewer, lazylaces has sent you a Message Quest. It is a secret message embedded in a short interactive adventure personalized especially for you by lazylaces. Good luck.

Entry 498, Monday, August 25th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Red Academy
Sick of Orange trying to teach you how to use your moby? Then join Virgin's red academy (.mov 2Mb) - did you know 90% of people use 10% of their friends? [via viralmeister].

Entry 497, Wednesday, August 20th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Twister Duvet CoverFor those of you with a limited imagination (like me) helpful pictures are included to visualise the potential of the Twister duvet cover! Not only officially endorsed by hasbro but also by lazylaces. I just need a lady to play (this) with now.

Entry 496, Wednesday, August 20th 2003, Filed In Stuff

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