After Rain
After Rain is the new room escaping adventure game from Tomatea which, with their quality graphics and puzzles, are always a pleasure, and never a chore, to play. Looks like your Tuesday just became un-mediocre [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5402, Tuesday, January 24th 2012, Filed In Games

The Pool
The Pool. Cannonball! [via gotmail].

Entry 5401, Tuesday, January 24th 2012, Filed In Games

Go Stewardess Go
As an antidote to saccharine graphics, music and puzzles when playing Go Stewardess Go you might want to have Exmortis (or something similar) loaded up and ready to play directly afterwards... [subbed by Timefall].

Entry 5400, Tuesday, January 24th 2012, Filed In Games

Calling All Riddlers!Are you the kind of person that people just look at when you are talking, trying to work out what on earth it is that you mean? Do you like posing riddles? Do you have to Google your own thoughts to understand them? Do you own a green jumpsuit covered in question marks? If any/all of the answers to these question is "yes" and you have experience creating on-line riddles (or you'd like to give it a go) you can pop on over to The Gamershood Forums and enter their riddle setting competition and win prizes, rather than derision, for your twisted puzzle setting obsession. The rest of you meanwhile can expect a glut of riddles in the near future... [subbed by EscapeGirl].

Entry 5399, Tuesday, January 24th 2012, Filed In Stuff

Q - Compressing The Heart
Follow your stolen heart when you play "Q - Compressing The Heart", an artful, but brutal (not a game for the kids), point & click adventure [subbed by anon].

Entry 5398, Monday, January 23rd 2012, Filed In Games

Must Escape Ice Cave
Must Escape Ice Cave before Vanilla Ice catches up with you [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 5397, Monday, January 23rd 2012, Filed In Games

Musaic Box
Musaic Box is the hidden object, music playing, tile moving, puzzle solving, music history educating, adventure game combo you never knew you were searching for, but you were (nb: sound most definitely required to play). It sounds (geddit?) a little complicated and clunky, and it is a bit, but the tutorial style leads you through the proceedings, and it's really a rather pleasant and satifying game all in all [subbed by Lucas].

Entry 5396, Monday, January 23rd 2012, Filed In Games

If you are looking for a weird incomprehensible game, to distract you from your weird incomprehensible Monday, then you need look no further than Hennano [subbed by anon].

Entry 5395, Monday, January 23rd 2012, Filed In Games

Underground Catacombs Escape
I've been playing Underground Catacombs Escape for a while now and I haven't seen one cat... *disappointed* [subbed by f00].

Entry 5394, Sunday, January 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

Eerie Asylum
The Eerie Asylum was closed back in the 70s due to unsafe conditions, so one would assume that being left empty and unattended for the best part of 40 years hasn't improved things very much. You, of course, decide to explore... [subbed by anon].

Entry 5393, Friday, January 20th 2012, Filed In Games

Find The Escape-Men 25: In Mr. EM's Room
Find the 10 little green men and escape the room with a strong Tesshi vibe when you play "Find The Escape-Men 25: In Mr. EM's Room" [found via no1game].

FOOTNOTES: At the point at which it looks like the game should have loaded, but nothing has appeared yet, just hang on a little while longer. It should get there in the end. Reload the page if it does not though. Select Language at the very start (in the bottom right of the game) to change to English and see the opening "story" in English. If you have already started playing and need to change language, select Function > Language > English from the bottom right menu.

Entry 5392, Friday, January 20th 2012, Filed In Games

Larva Dream
Help clear a path, and collect parts to build a helicopter along the way, for Marv the Larva (he's part caterpillar, part scientist) in Larva Dream, a simple, but cute, game to waste away a little of your Friday [subbed by anon].

FOOTNOTES: Chrome users will be pleased to know that whatever mismatch of karma and/or flash was stopping Begamer games working on the latest Chrome build seems to have now been resolved.

Entry 5391, Friday, January 20th 2012, Filed In Games

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