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Harry Quantum 2: Unmasked
As those of you that have actually met me may have worked out I'm really a robot in disguise, and you can see me making a cameo appearance in the latest point'n'click detective drama: "Harry Quantum 2: Unmasked" (also see part 1) [subbed by f00].

Entry 5510, Friday, March 23rd 2012, Filed In Games

Point'n'click games are keeping pianists the world over busy this week with background music requests. Enjoy more relaxed piano tinklings as you explore Jupiter [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5509, Thursday, March 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

Escape From The Study
If you study hard you can Escape From The Study [subbed by f00 & subzero].

FOOTNOTES: Scroll down the linked page a little (quite a bit in fact) to find the game. Select Language at the very start (in the bottom right of the game) to change to English and see the opening "story" in English. If you have already started playing and need to change language, select Function > Language > English from the bottom right menu.

Entry 5508, Thursday, March 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

One Scene 2
One Scene 2, testing, testing... [subbed by Awkwardo & subzero].

Entry 5507, Thursday, March 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

In Employer you lock yourself in a basement because it's Christmas Eve, or some-such thing that the story at the beginning of the game, that you didn't read, probably alluded to, and now you must escape again... or something. More importantly, Happy Christmas everyone! [via gotmail].

Entry 5506, Thursday, March 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

Sneaky's Fortunes
In Sneaky's Fortunes Sneaky has finally collected so much treasure that he's started to forget where he's hidden it all. A problem I'm sure we're all familiar with. In the game you help reunite Sneaky with his beloved fortune, and enjoy the relaxing musical stylings of the piano player he has hired to accompany you along the way... [subbed by punon].

Entry 5505, Thursday, March 22nd 2012, Filed In Games

Kabe Escape
All in all Kabe Escape is just another brick in the wall [subbed by Mr. Bailey & Marijan Katic].

Entry 5504, Monday, March 19th 2012, Filed In Games

Japanese Garden Escape 2
Chill out, and relax, with Japanese Garden Escape 2. And if that isn't enough chilloutiness for you, you can also (re)try part 1 too [subbed by Awkwardo & f00].

Entry 5503, Monday, March 19th 2012, Filed In Games

Red Goldfish Room
Red Goldfish Room, because your regular-sized, tank-dwelling, gold, goldfish are just too mainstream... [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5502, Monday, March 19th 2012, Filed In Games

Ludo Room Escape
Chilled out music, and some pleasing graphics, herald the arrival of another quality room escape game from Tomatea: Ludo Room Escape [subbed by f00 & subzero].

Entry 5501, Friday, March 16th 2012, Filed In Games

Find The Escape-Men 30: In The Classroom
Get yer best learning brains out folks, it's time to go back to school for Find The Escape-Men 30: In The Classroom [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5500, Friday, March 16th 2012, Filed In Games

Lost Article
Reading the set-up story at the beginning of Lost Article makes me realize that we ran out of believable explanations of why we might locked in a room in the first place for these games some time ago [via gotmail].

Entry 5499, Thursday, March 15th 2012, Filed In Games

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