"Bracknell boasts the largest range of shops and services east of Reading and west of Slough".

Entry 563, Monday, October 20th 2003, Filed In Stuff

A photographic trip around San Francisco comparing today's street scenes with those captured 45 years ago in the classic Hitchcock film Vertigo.

Entry 562, Sunday, October 19th 2003, Filed In Stuff
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To the visitor who arrived here looking for the"world's best web browser" : the answer you are looking for is Opera. If pushed I'd put Firebird in second place - a very good browser but it doesn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling Opera does. I find Intenet Explorer very useful at work as I'm developing Micro$oft platform intranets (so it makes things like integrating with NT security easy) but it's such a poor browsing experience compared to Opera, Firebird, and regular Mozilla, that I can't face using it at home. Anyway you came here looking for my opinion and there it is.

Entry 561, Sunday, October 19th 2003, Filed In Stuff

The story behind the typeface Cooper Black from the superb veer.

Entry 560, Sunday, October 19th 2003, Filed In Stuff

If you have a steady hand then cursor love bunny is the game for you. Cute little bunnies and relaxing music with a special B3ta treat if you get to the end.

Entry 559, Sunday, October 19th 2003, Filed In Games

So Long Eddie?Whilst contemplating whether Eddie Izzard is to be the new Doctor Who (IMHO there is no finer contender) I almost missed the other important Eddie story in the news. One of Britain's biggest privately-owned road haulage companies, Eddie Stobart, has been sold. Will this mean corporate re-branding and end to Stobart sightings on the country's motorways? Driving will be a duller prospect without them - it's not everyday that a fleet of trucks has it's own fan club.

Entry 558, Sunday, October 19th 2003, Filed In Stuff

A recent report shows young British women drink more than women anywhere else in Europe. "They drink almost four times more than young Italian women and three times more than the French." Rather than celebrating this achievement though the BBC choose to pursue some "bad for their health" tack. No patriotism - they're meant to be the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation for goodness sake.

Entry 557, Sunday, October 19th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Modem Emulator
Hopefully the first of many special projects, the 56K Modem Emulator is made in memory of internet connections gone by for folks like me who now enjoy the benefits of a broadband connection but miss some of the sights and sounds of dial-up. Apologies to people still on dial-up you'll find the download on the sound file intolerably slow not to mention totally unecessary.

Entry 556, Wednesday, October 15th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Head over to the Tit & Shovel to take part in Manly's pub quiz. Entries close this Friday, or Friday the 14th October, whichever comes first.

Entry 555, Tuesday, October 14th 2003, Filed In Stuff

The Thundercats in the Tomb of Mummra may be a basic little platform game but the fact that you control Lion-O and it has the original Thundercats music elevates it above the rest of the herd. Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats - Ho!!!!!!!! [for Magnus].

Entry 554, Tuesday, October 14th 2003, Filed In Games

Foo Foo BunniesHow can something as a simple as a little cloth bunny make you smile and think "I must have one of those"? Strange. If you could get whatever it is in a bottle and sell it you'd be rich [via Daisy]. Also on the subject(ish) of bunnies the current number one song at the Korean Yahoo! for kids features singing and dancing carrots and is well worth a look.

Entry 553, Tuesday, October 14th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Whatever happened to...?

Entry 552, Tuesday, October 14th 2003, Filed In Stuff

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