Adrian does some neat flash. Try them all especially "insectshop".

Entry 624, Monday, December 8th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Thanks to everyone who took part in the comments vote - as a result I will be coding my own comments system. I'll keep you posted on my progress and hopefully I'll have something working reasonably soon. As a special thankyou everyone who voted will get to beta test when there is something to test - a special big thanks to Jann for supplying some ASP code to get me started.

Having said all that I haven't made a start yet as my office party on Friday night was slightly more awsome than predicted. I need to confirm some of the details with my colleagues when I'm back at work tomorrow, but I can reveal that we ended up in the Roadhouse, at some point several hours later I was ejected from the aforesaid venue, and I didn't actually make it home until 8am on Saturday. I have spent the best part of the weekend asleep. A massive thanks to Jules though for dropping some essential supplies (Dairy Milk) around this evening.

Entry 623, Sunday, December 7th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Strong Bad, Homestar, Coach Z and the brothers Chaps in not one, but two radio interviews. Strong Bad's pretty grouchy in the mornings.

Entry 622, Thursday, December 4th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Barcode Yourself
Barcode yourself or try and scan me.

Entry 621, Wednesday, December 3rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

I accidently stumbled across this site whilst googling for the Tony Blair link in the previous post and it almost caused me to fall off my swivel chair laughing (FOSCL). I quote here:

"Many Americans understand and support Iraqi Freedom because of the leadership provided by Mr. Blair, and many of us would feel much safer if Mr. Blair occupied the White House."

This is either very dark satire or a very twisted real opinion. Having read it through a few times I really haven't decided which yet.

Entry 620, Wednesday, December 3rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

The Blair Book Project. The public's opinion is so much more entertaining than Auntie Beeb's on what books Tony would benefit from this Christmas [found at the ever so tastey burnt toast].

Entry 619, Wednesday, December 3rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

As Christmas approaches the age old question arises of what present to buy for your friend who appears to have everything. I'm no expert but I'm guessing they don't have a digital sundial.

Entry 618, Wednesday, December 3rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

Never Mind The Pollocks
Click to create art with HP.

Entry 617, Tuesday, December 2nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

El Reg smells a rat with the PS3 concept picture that's in circulation and which got me so excited the other day. I don't care if it doesn't exist I still want one.

Entry 616, Tuesday, December 2nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

Wired's Christmas list off 77 geeky gifts to make the life of the geek in your life great. *drool* If I am in your life please remember I am a geek as you read the list. If you don't know me any of the items listed would make a great introductory present. Please....

Entry 615, Tuesday, December 2nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

The popular office meeting game gets a handy web interface with neat print'n'cut out'n'keep technology. "Touch base" with the site before your next meeting so you're not "out of the loop".

Entry 614, Monday, December 1st 2003, Filed In Stuff
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How many do you remember or have you suffered from? Personally the phrase "thin client" still makes me shudder. All the thin client projects I've been near in the past have been, thankfully, canned, but I still meet people trying to implement this architecture.

Having used mainframe dumb terminals (I've even *whispers* done some mainframe programming in the past) I'm not totally sure why you'd want to do this with a PC. PC's work fine as they are. If you want some central control over them this can be done with network software from experienced companies like Novell or Micro$oft. Trust me I've seen it work.

Most of the items in the top 10 that I remember are more than worthy of their place, I'm not sure about VoIP though. Years ago when most connections were modem based VoIP seemed crazy, but now it not only seems more practical, I've actually seen quite a few sucessful installations with some smart looking Cisco kit.

Entry 611, Sunday, November 30th 2003, Filed In Stuff

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