Neat little game that has nothing to do with Greeks. Spike the bubbles with your satanic ray-gun thing.

Entry 62, Monday, December 23rd 2002, Filed In Games

Take out all that rage with a virtual slap. That feels better...

Entry 61, Sunday, December 22nd 2002, Filed In Stuff

Christmas WorkingOnly one and a half days of work left to go - but most people have finished already - which means we already have our presents. Really drawn the short straw though as not only am I still at work - I'm even visiting a client tomorrow - fortunately it's only local - and with any luck there'll be the chance for a Christmas drink - can't see the city being very busy tomorrow.

Haven't got much planned for Christmas - just having 5 days off is good enough - but I will be in Newbury doing the family thing on Boxing Day.

As for the site - to make up for being very lazy with posting stuff recently I have now updated the publishing process so I can get stuff onto the site much more easily - even when hungover - which should sort things out a bit. Maybe next I'll look at openning it up so that you can submit links - maybe I'll enjoy Christmas first though.

Entry 60, Sunday, December 22nd 2002, Filed In Diary

Interactive face. Use mouse movements and clicks to change expressions. Slightly spooky and yet at the same time kind of nice - especially when you get a kiss.

Entry 59, Saturday, December 21st 2002, Filed In Stuff

360 degree breakout. Curiously this seems to make the game a lot harder.

Entry 58, Friday, December 20th 2002, Filed In Games

Move the mouse and watch crazy patterns occur. How does this keep me entertained for so long?

Entry 57, Thursday, December 19th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Her!The adventures of girl v pig. Or if you like something slightly darker try killer.

Entry 56, Wednesday, December 18th 2002, Filed In Stuff

News from New York with quite a nice laid back spin. The title seems a bit of a misnomer as there doesn't seem to be new news everyday - and I tend to read it in the afternoon just to add an anarchistic feel - but very engaging none-the-less. Also it is very far from having a subscribe thingumy which is what drives me nuts about the NYTimes site.

Entry 55, Tuesday, December 17th 2002, Filed In Stuff

A great short on what I guess you could call lift surfing. Does this work irl? I'd love to know - but I feel that an express lift must be required - the lift at work is so slow it's almost quicker to walk.

Entry 54, Tuesday, December 17th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Photo(b)logsI've been browsing a few photologs recently and perhaps I'll do something along the same lines when I get my new camera. My particular favourite is and the sister photo site attached to this - especially as some of the recent posts are from a trip to London and feature places just round the corner from where I work everyday. Very inspiring and if I do a job even 1/10 as well when I get going I will be very proud. It does make me stop and think though that I pass ideal subjects everyday so I should never have any problem finding things to photograph - there are so many things around me I would like to record. Anyway I feel like I'm about to digress massively. As well as this photolog I really liked apparently nothing and lightningfield which give a great outlook on somewhere else in the world. I liked seeing New York from a natives point of view especially - perhaps this year I'll finally go to the States.

Entry 53, Monday, December 16th 2002, Filed In Diary

Spank The FrankThe child in me was expected something a lot different from a game called Spank the Frank - but it turns out in it you are an elf and Frank is a penguin. You try and hit/spank Frank with a bat into a flying basket - in this Christmas themed game. Slighty cruel on elves though - which I guess explains who hired the hitman to take out the elves in revenge.

Entry 52, Sunday, December 15th 2002, Filed In Games

Christmas PartiesParty season is upon us and my updates for the site have gone slightly out of the window because of it. Oooops. Last week saw Christmas celebration #1 on Tuesday after work at The Charles Dickens which saw much consumption of the Black Stuff for me. So much so that it saw a long awaited first for me - falling fast asleep on the train - I didn't wake up until Alton. Fortunately the kindly South West Trains staff popped me back to Farnham since it was the last train of the night and that's where the train depot is. A quick lift home from Marcia and Emily and I got home in bed in time for 2am. Getting up at 6am for work was muchos fun.

Party #2 with the office was our proper do on Friday and the explanation for my uselessness at the weekend. Things once again kicked off in The Charles Dickens - more due to geographical convienience than any great attraction on it's part. We soon moved onto the Blackfriars wine-bar - which shockingly had very little in the way of beer - but plenty of wine. Sensibly we shunned wine in the wine bar - drinking beer - and moved onto wine in the restaurant - as well as Tequilla. Some superb Tapas later once again London was our oyster and we moved onto another pub before trying and failing to get further into the West End.

Anyway between struggling to get home and eating healthily Saturday was a bit of a right-off. And Sunday wasn't much better with a very tired vist to see the new James Bond film. I'm just about recovered now - but tomorrow sees another night out in SE1 - which means the next site update is looking very shakey indeed.

Entry 51, Tuesday, December 10th 2002, Filed In Diary

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