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Entry 660, Wednesday, January 7th 2004, Filed In Stuff

I almost never post any of the stuff I get e-mailed but I often get some pretty good stuff sent to me especially from Hazel. So breaking with tradition here are 3 from my inbox, which being typically Hazelesque are all cat related. Cate haters look away...now. First up, for all you ladies out there, the pussy warmer. For all you real ale aficionados check out Maudling the Beer Critic. And finally for all of you who just like cute pictures of babies and cats why not have a break, have a kit-e-kat?

Entry 659, Wednesday, January 7th 2004, Filed In Diary

There's likely to be a shortage of posts this week as my working day has increased to a ridiculous length because of the rail problems at Clapham Junction. I didn't get home until after nine last night after a 3 hour trip home, not to mention the 2 hour trip into work in the morning. According to the reports this is going to go on until at least Thursday morning so I'm not going to have much blogging time for a while.

Entry 658, Tuesday, January 6th 2004, Filed In Diary

Year Over!
Happy New Year for 2004 everyone [image from woostercollective].

Entry 657, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Other than a short break for Christmas and an even shorter one for New Year I've been working over the holiday period, I've even managed to be quite busy and as usual a quiet office has lead to me getting more done than usual. Combined with half empty trains and tubes, not to mention a good excuse for a few drinks, it's been a laid back time and rather nice. I wish work could retain this atmosphere all year round but I rather suspect it'll be back to the usual grind come Monday morning.

Against all the odds (ie. my amazing laziness) I have also managed to get the comments system for this site up and running, and now it looks like the few teething problems (my shoddy coding) have now all been ironed out.The latest addition is the 'Hot Gossip' board which lets you see all the latest comments in one place. Not much of a feature, and pretty darn hard to make it look visually appealing (I'm still not that happy with it), but I was getting a few posts on older articles which were hard to track. Well when I say hard it just invloved me writing a couple of simple SQL queries on the site database, but I'm far too lazy to do that all the time, so the gossip board was born.

The gossip board gave me the idea that a bulletin board/chat forum wouldn't be that hard to code based on the same structure, but I'm not really sure that's a feature I want to add, as interesting to code as it would be. Maybe my next project will be something like the modem emulator which was one of the big hits for 2003. I just don't have any ideas at the moment. Are there any features or special projects you'd like to see on Lazylaces this year? Leave a comment or drop me a mail and let me know.

For now I'm quite busy at home working on a disturbing project that arrived by post this week. It's on behalf of the SKL Network who are enlisting all the help they can in the hunt for their missing employee Jack Lorski. The key to his disappearance seems to be locked within a mysterious CD Rom (a copy of which was what arrived in my post this week). The trouble is the data is locked using puzzles that can only be solved by searching the internet for clues, and corresponding with other SKL helpers by mail. I'm hoping with my extensive internet knowledge I'm going to be some use in their search, but it's only early days yet, and so far I've only managed to unlock the CD Rom's user interface. I'll post more on this soon as although it is disturbing it is quite fascinating [huh?].

Entry 656, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Diary

The comic book adventures of one boy and his dog [via op-pop].

Entry 655, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff
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Your name in hieroglyphs via the web translator we've all been missing up until now. Here are my own lazy-glyphs.

Entry 654, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff
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New Year 2004
The new year's celebrations started early for me this year as we abandoned work at the office mid afternoon in favour of drinking wine and chatting before de-camping to Clinks bar. A couple more bottles of wine later and I was off on the train to Bid and Bean's house in Basingstoke for part two of the evening. Surprisingly I had enough wits about me to take my camera, but not enough to use it a lot, or indeed very well. Still I did manage to capture the infamous Jules on film, including her and Bid's David Brent impressions, not to mention the extra chin I seemed to acquire somewhere along the way.

Entry 653, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Diary

Suspense, mystery, fighting and victory mixed and remixed to your own specification with the ultrainteractive kungfu-remixer.

Entry 652, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Spend all day drinking coffee at work, and all night drinking beer? Seperate the two no longer with the invention of caffinated beer. The only thing that could be better than this is if it glowed in the dark. But it does! The only thing better than that would be if it was real. Which it's not. Boo!

Entry 651, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

The garden will never seem so dull again once you've visited wheelbarrow freestyle - the home of one wheeled extreme madness. Get your barrows from the shed and learn how to do some of the tricks...

Entry 650, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Why count sheep when the sheep can count for you? The lazy way to a good night's sleep [also see the go 2 sleep sheep].

Entry 649, Saturday, January 3rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

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