Groovy flash table setting navigation - remember work your way inwards - for some tasty receipes over at lunch at noon. One of the things I keep promising myself is to find more time for cooking rather than limiting myself to basics or more normally just heating up pre-packaged stuff, that's what comes of being lazy though. Also I suspect the limited amount of free time I have and living on my own don't help. Some inspiring stuff here though, I could just fancy some steamed garlic shrimp right now, but I'm not venturing out to the shops, it's too snowy outside for that kind of bother [via op-pop].

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It's a tank. It's pink. It's pink tank. That's it.

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Bender Soundboard
This would be the best soundboard ever if it featured "bite my shiny metal ass", it's still a whole heap of bending related fun though [at ebaumsworld].

Update: The updated soundboard does feature "bite my shiny metal ass". Yippee!

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For services to the Empire, arise Sir Bill. WTF?

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I haven't done the Friday Five for ages as to be honest after finding it interesting for a couple of weeks it started to seem like an admission that I couldn't think of anything interesting to say for myself. However I've just seen this week's questions over at chez donut and their simplicity appealed, so here we go:

At this moment, what is your favorite...

  1. Angelica by Lamb - it's the most beautiful piece of "trip-hop" I've heard for sometime - a pure floating piano based instrumental that transports me from Waterloo Station to work most mornings.
  2. Carrots. I've recently become obsessed with the fact that my diet doesn't include enough vegetables (or any for that matter). I'm not a big fan of vegetables, but I love carrots. They might be my saviour. Also if you eat enough apparently you start turning orange which might be fun.
  3. show? I don't know what is with this season's TV schedules, but nothing much seems to appeal at the moment. Having said that I'm sucker for "feel good" shows on a Sunday night, I think it's something to do with an emotional state I get in knowing a full week of work is ahead, and wild horses couldn't make me miss The Midsomer Murders. I'm just not sure why a show where there's always a body count of 3 or higher makes me feel good - something to do with the quaint village scenes I'm hoping.
  4. ...scent? Somebody was toasting Hot Cross Buns in the back room of the barbers I was in yesterday - the smell was heavenly. I'm not sure how well known these are outside the UK, they're an Easter thing, which these days means they're popular from about January to May.
  5. ...quote? "Do you want one?" - from a little Australian girl offering me one of her Smarties, whilst sitting next to me on the train back from Reading today. Not smart or clever, but people aren't normally that nice on trains, and it was rather a nice suprise. She was also kind of cute. You had to be there really.

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Nude cookery is both unhygenic and dangerous, why not compromise with a naked apron? What do you mean you don't want to come around to my flat for dinner?

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Warm And Toasty
Calvin says what I'm thinking [from c&h].

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A bit like Friendster, but for our 4 legged friends. Dogster lets you view and save photos of dogs, search by breed, size, name, hometown and more [for daisy].

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You know use your computer too much but now you can track exactly how much, and get statistics, with the mouse odometer. See how far you've moved your mouse, count the mouse clicks and key presses cumulatively by application, or in total.

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A lot of interesting reading to do within the questions and answers of the Japan SAQ (SAQ = Seldom Asked Questions).

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Presenting website content with stylesheet positioning rather than using a million TABLE, TR and TD tags (not to mention the infamous 1 by 1 transparent 'spacer' gif) is now fashionable, but it's not just a trend, it's actually a more efficient way of doing things. Load times for pages improve, and updating a site's look and feel becomes a much easier task. Whatever, there's a strong likelihood that this is nothing you don't know already.

One of the things I do still use tables for is positioning content in the dead centre of the screen. Getting styles to position horizontally is easy, but I've never really got a handle on how to do the same vertically. So I was pleased to find a simple method of 'dead centre' postioning with styles; use your browser's view source option to see the styles, they're all embeded. I might take a look at retrospectively fitting this into the places where I've used tables before, but I'll certainly give it a go next time the requirement comes up. Hence the bookmark here - so I can find it!

BTW - for what's it's worth here's how to centrally postion text with tables. It's easy, but not fashionable!

  <table width="100%" height="100%" border=0>
      <td align="center" valign="middle">
        I'm in the Middle!
Use at your own risk, you might find the fashion police on your case. I'll say this for it though - it does work, including with older browsers where you'll find the styles don't.

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Hey Ya, Charlie Brown
Go Peanuts for Outkast [at venisproductions].

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